Literacy Gains Momentum through Family Reinforcement

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI), an accredited, online training institution, offers new users the opportunity to try online learning by taking the trial course CCEI3024: Supporting Family Literacy at no cost in August, in recognition of Family Fun Month.

The basis of Family Literacy is simple: outcomes improve when families work together to improve literacy and reading proficiency. Attaining a high level of reading proficiency, as well as highly developed speaking and listening skills, requires exposure to many kinds of learning experiences. The road to “literacy” is a long, complex process, and teachers cannot carry children down that road alone. Outside the classroom, a child’s home environment must also offer experiences that promote the development of early literacy skills.

This course explains the benefits of Family Literacy and presents ways that parents and teachers can work together to promote reading and writing skills. Course participants will learn ways to help parents establish developmentally appropriate practices at home in order to build a lifelong love of reading and knowledge. Phonemic awareness, verbal communication skills, vocabulary building, and reading fluency are among the major topics covered in this one-hour course. CCEI3024 is available to new CCEI users as a trial course during August, and users who do not have an active, annual training subscription may purchase this course through online enrollment.

“Literacy and language skills open doors for learning and are absolutely indispensable,” said Maria C. Taylor, President and CEO of CCEI. “This course will help early childhood professionals understand the importance of involving parents directly in the curriculum.”