Multiage Training Improves Overall Child Care Experience

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ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI), an accredited, online training institution is proud to announce the addition of CLM100: Teaching Multiage Groups to the online child care training course catalog.

Child care programs comprised of children of different ages are more common than many people realize, and could include a wide variety of programs. CCEI’s Teaching Multiage Groups course provides a guide to managing a multiage environment, in which students of different ages and skill levels share a classroom as well as a basic curriculum. The multiage classroom is not simply a miniature school in which various children work independently at different grade levels within one room. Rather, multiage education encourages children of different ages and skill levels to share in aspects of the learning environment. This three-hour course provides a comprehensive examination of the potential benefits of multiage education, plus recommended activities and strategies for organizing, managing, and continuously improving the multiage environment.

“This course can be valuable for any teacher in the preschool or school-age environment, and it’s not just for teachers in a dedicated multiage program,” says Maria C. Taylor, ChildCare Education Institute President and CEO. “These strategies are useful for many professionals in mixed-age after-school programs, private and parochial schools, Montessori schools, home-schools, and family child care programs.”

CLM100 is available anytime through online enrollment for individuals who do not have an active, annual training subscription, and awards 0.3 IACET CEUs upon successful completion.