What are CCEI Students Saying? Take a Look!

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI), an online child care training course and certificate program provider, has received the testimonials below from child care professionals in a variety of roles. Please know that CCEI fully appreciates you all and your feedback!

CCEI has made a huge difference for me and allowed me the opportunity to obtain a credential that I had wanted for many years. The courses were always too far away and required me to travel. CCEI’s online program allowed me to study at my own pace from the convenience of my own home…Thank you!!

~Budd Lake, NJ

CCEI gave me the flexibility to complete my CDA on my schedule. My education coach was fantastic and helped me every step of the way! Thank You CCEI! I will be back to take more classes.

~Granby, CT

As assigned online administrator of the CCEI system, I am able to closely monitor the progress and work completed for each and every team member. This affords me the ability to ensure selected topics are done and that over time, the learning anticipated begins to unfold. With the knowledge most appropriate to the teacher’s designated age group, its specific challenges and with great accuracy, I am now able to deliberately and carefully plan professional development at this very high level. I am confident that this new system for the staff will considerably improve the outcomes and delivery of our program.

~Tucker, GA

This program was a good and rich experience because it refreshed so many things that we studied long ago, like the theorists and brain development, which is information that we don’t use in our day-to-day routines.

~Humacao, PR

I really enjoyed my experience with CCEI. I am able to bring more knowledge into the child care field. I feel better prepared to handle conflicts with peers and parents. I definitely enjoyed taking advantage of this program and I will be referring my friends to CCEI.

~Baltimore, MD

I am so happy that I found this. CCEI thank you for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a director and I am so proud of myself. Thank you.

~Nolanville, TX

My experience with CCEI was wonderful! My instructor was phenomenal, always available, and extremely supportive. The compliance department was always there to let my director know of any documentation that was needed. I was very happy with my coursework and I would recommend this institution to all my friends in the field. Thank you!

~Boca Raton, FL

I had an excellent experience. I learned a lot of new and interesting things about childcare that I did not know before. I have shared a lot of it with my parents in my classroom and they were thankful to know these things. I would definitely recommend this course to someone who wanted to work with children.

~Derby, NY

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