Alumni Spotlight – Sharnea Roush

I began my career in early childhood education working as a daycare teacher and department leader, but was promoted to daycare director earlier this year. I am a mother to four children and I have always enjoyed being around children. I spent a little time homeschooling and a lot of time with other moms and their children. As a former stay at home mom, children were my entire life and it’s no different, now! I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been an exciting ride!

I grew up in Ohio, so now that I’m in Utah, I love to spend time seeing all of the amazing places here. The mountains are beautiful any time of year and I’d like to start hiking more often. I really enjoy road trips, reading, cooking, and fishing. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my kids and family.

As a daycare director, my direct work with the kids is limited, but I love visiting the rooms around lunch time and I try to sneak in to feed a baby every so often, too! I also enjoy spending time with classes when they are outside on the playgrounds. I think “Fun and Fitness” (the tumbling room upstairs in our arts academy) or being outside is a favorite of every child at our center!

What motivates me to work with children? My own children, really! It’s always been on my heart to know that I am making a difference in our younger generations. People need to feel loved, validated, and cared for through every stage of life, and that starts at birth!

What I enjoy most about my job and educating young children is the fact that I made a child smile, made them feel important, or had a positive impact in their day in any way. It is the most rewarding feeling. I’d like to stay a daycare director FOREVER, but I am open to advancement opportunities in the future once I finish my degree.

The CCEI National Administrator Credential (NAC) helped me so much, professionally and personally, I know there are other classes offered that would benefit me and the people I work with. I am working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Elementary Education. After that, a Master’s Degree is definitely on my radar. I absolutely plan on receiving further CCEI coursework or credentials! I would recommend CCEI to anyone…100% YES!