April 2018 Student Spotlight – Selah Kneubuhl

I was a single mother of three young boys, two of which were in daycare and had two to three years left in early childcare before they could get into public schools. At this time I was starting my career as a real estate agent for charter schools. I had been doing site selection and micro school development consulting. As I gained more knowledge of America’s Public School System and the lack of attention and funding for Early Childcare, I saw an opportunity to spend more time with my children while developing a micro program that would allow me to incorporate things I longed to see in the early childcare industry. As I contemplated my path, the only things that came to mind were, “why can’t my children benefit from having mommy be their teacher?” So in November of 2015 I opened EDUS Primary Prep in South Austin.

My favorite time of day to spend with the children is Table Time. This is during lunch time when children are eating and getting the lesson of the day. Whether it’s about the new leaves on the trees or the new decorations we have up to celebrate the new season. It is our one on one time, where the kids learn good table manners, family bonding time, and whatever they wish to know about. I think the children truly enjoy table time as much as I do. They always seem to be truly involved and attentive.

My motivation to work with children surrounds our world and its future. If we can’t foster healthy beginnings then no one will have a chance. I enjoy seeing my work through their work. When a child starts displaying the behaviors or lessons we have shown and taught them, it fills my heart. I would like to expand in the future. I feel I have created something unique and special that has shown significant success from the children who have moved on to primary school. I will do this until I am able to retire but for now this is where I belong.

I currently live in Austin, TX.  In my free time, I spend every chance I get with my three sons, whether it be coaching their t-ball games or golfing together. They are so much fun and my world would be boring without them.

I just renewed my CDA with coursework from CCEI.  I plan on pursuing my education in the future and through educational programs like those that CCEI has to offer it has allowed me the opportunity to be a mom, business owner and student.   Because of CCEI’s convenience and flexibility, I feel I can do any future continuing education courses or certifications through them.  The staff, including my Education Coach, Laura, have always shown and displayed a true concern for my progress and success in the program. This truly is motivating and goes a long way.  I have always appreciated this program and will continue to support and refer the programs CCEI has to offer to others.