April 2019 Newsletter – Creating a Professional Portfolio: Benefits of Developing a Professional Portfolio

The first and most evident benefit to creating a portfolio is the fact that it will help you illustrate your skills and abilities to future employers and other professionals in the field.  It is an excellent way to highlight your skills and show evidence of the experience you have acquired throughout your career.

More importantly, pulling together your portfolio provides you an opportunity to reflect on your experience, identify strong practices, and recognize opportunities for growth. Gathering evidence of your skills is an opportunity to think critically about how your experience compares to best practices in the field of ECE.  You also have a chance to reflect on what you have learned throughout your career and determine how you use new information in your professional practice. 

Here are a few additional benefits according to a 2017 post in Forbes Community VoiceTM entitled, Nine Advantages of Developing Your Own Professional Portfolio:

  • Generates credibility
  • Offers a reminder of your outstanding achievements
  • Helps people visualize working with you
  • Sets you apart from other candidates
  • Gives you a chance to show creativity
  • Shows consistency between what you say and what you do

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