April 2019 Newsletter – Creating a Professional Portfolio

One of the ways that we assess young children’s learning is through the use of portfolios.  These are collections of work that we can analyze to identify current skills, tracking progress, and recognize areas of growth.  Children’s portfolios typically include a wide range of images, work samples, descriptions, and dictations that provide a clear picture of a child’s abilities.  It is a compilation of work that continues to grow as children move through the first years of their lives. 

A portfolio can serve a similar purpose for teachers, who often have to demonstrate their skills for accrediting and credentialing agencies. Portfolios can also come in handy as teachers pursue new career opportunities within the field. Creating a portfolio is an excellent way of providing a clear picture of your strengths and skills to other professionals in the field.

In this month’s newsletter, we will explore the benefits of creating a professional portfolio and strategies for organizing its contents in order to present the best picture of your professional experience.

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