April 2022 Newsletter – Nature-Based Learning

Nature-Based Learning

Outdoor play is an exciting part of the routine in most early learning programs. You can sense a change in the air as playground time approaches. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is?  What is it about the outdoors that inspires such interest and engagement?  Is it the sliding board or the tricycles?  Perhaps it is the freedom to run and jump and roll around.  Or maybe it is the opportunity to discover, observe, and interact with nature.  Whatever the reason, children get really excited when it is time to go outside, and where there is excitement, there is the opportunity for learning.

Being mindful of not stripping away the child-led, free-play nature of outdoor time, there are ways that programs can adopt a nature-based learning approach: According to an article by Childhood by Nature.

Nature-based learning includes learning about the natural world but extends to engagement in any subject, skill or interest while in natural surroundings.

It’s more than bringing items from nature into the classroom, which should be a normal practice.  It is about creating engaging learning experiences outdoors. In this month’s newsletter, we will explore how this can be accomplished.

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