April 2023 Newsletter – Employee Relations: Boosting Motivation

Boosting Motivation

Burnout plagues the child care industry across the nation, and improving morale is one way to combat burnout which improves motivation. It is worth noting that when it comes to employee motivation, no two individuals are exactly the same. So it is important to take time to learn what motivates the center staff members.

Motivators can be broken into two main categories:

  • Intrinsic motivation is driven by the personal satisfaction of doing the task (internal). Someone who climbs a mountain or completes a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle does it simply for internal feelings of accomplishment and pride.
    • Other examples of intrinsic motivation include:
    • Positive feelings about contributing to a cause.
    • Making a difference in the lives of others.
    • Collaborating with others.
  • Extrinsic motivation comes from outside (external). It can result in receiving something positive or avoiding something negative. In the workplace, money is the most familiar extrinsic motivator. Rewards and recognition are examples of extrinsic motivation. Fear is another: fear of punishment or losing one′s job.

If you are interested in using a questionnaire to find out more about what motivates your employees, here are some suggested questions from Indeed:

  1. Are any outside factors impacting your motivation or ability to complete your work by deadlines?
  2. What makes you excited to work at this company and complete your tasks?
  3. What improvements would you make about this company or your role?
  4. Which company values do you believe align well with your values?
  5. Do any of your responsibilities feel too difficult or time-consuming to complete?
  6. Do you completely understand your role and what is expected of you?
  7. What inspires you to be successful in your role every day?
  8. What do you enjoy the most about our company culture?
  9. Do you feel comfortable speaking your mind at this company?
  10. What are your career goals? Do you believe we are helping you achieve those goals?
  11. Do you feel I support you as a manager?
  12. What career advice can I give you?

Finding what motivates staff members can help leaders boost morale, build a team environment, and improve communication.


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