April 2023 Newsletter – Employee Relations: Encouraging Effective Communication

Encouraging Effective Communication

It is important for all staff members to feel seen and heard for a program to function properly. Each person needs to feel that they have value and that their input is appreciated. Improving staff communication skills can help programs reach this goal.

Penn State offers these tips for speakers:

  • Decide if the purpose of your message is to obtain information, initiate action, or persuade.
  • Clearly state your idea.
  • Consider the environment to maximize understanding.
  • Check your tone and body language. These can easily turn the listener off, which means whatever you are trying to communicate is lost.
  • Verify that the message you intended to convey is the message received by the listener.

Mind Tools shares these active listening techniques for listeners:

  1. Pay attention: The speaker should have your full attention.
  2. Show that you are listening: Use body language to show you are listening.
  3. Provide feedback: Paraphrase what the speaker said to clarify their meaning. Use, “What I hear you saying is…” or “Sounds like you are saying…”
  4. Defer judgment: Do not interrupt.
  5. Respond Appropriately: State your opinions respectfully.

Another strategy that can help improve communication between team members is learning their personality types.

The most common personality type tests are:

Additionally, Teambuilding.com offers 24 free personality tests for team building.


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