April 2023 Student Spotlight – Chaitanya Ravipati


I started my career in early childhood education as a parent volunteer when my children were attending preschool.  I enjoyed my experience working with early learners and their families.  It was rewarding and fulfilling.  The ability to help instill a lifelong love of learning was very satisfying.

My favorite time of the day to spend with the children is morning greeting circle. It provides a welcoming environment to the classroom and I interact with students to know their thoughts and ideas about the upcoming day’s schedule and on various other topics . I also enjoy reading a book related to the week’s theme during the greeting circle.  We update the classroom calendar, talk about the weather, make our daily commitments and share any important upcoming school events.  I also love playing outside with my students. When the children play outdoors, they have fun and benefit from running, playing and chasing each other which helps to develop their gross motor skills.

It is fun to know how curious children are at observing their surroundings, how they think and what catches their attention. Every child brings their own perception. The love deeply and the attention they give me in return is very rewarding.  Working with children reminds me of how amazing and exciting the world can be.  You’ll love seeing things from their eyes.  It makes me a happier and a more positive person in my day-to-day life. Children also encourage me to use my imagination and find new creative ways to do things.  Being an ECE professional is an opportunity to watch children grow and develop into confident, self-sufficient learners.

I currently reside in Sterling, VA.  In my free time I like to cook and watch TV shows and movies with my family.  I love reading and also spend time listening to music.

I earned my Self-Study CDA Preschool Certification from ChildCare Education Institute.  CCEI’s CDA program was offered at my place of employment.  CCEI’s CDA Certification program helped me to improve my skills in providing high-quality education and care services to young children.  CCEI’s online CDA Certification program also helped me to better learn how to plan for a safe and healthy learning environment and how to nurture and advance the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development of children as well as how to form productive relationships with families.  In addition, the program helped me to improve skills in planning stimulating and interesting activities for children, to observe and assess children, to understand and resolve challenges in the classroom, and interact and form relationships with children and families of different cultures.  I am very thankful to my Education Coach for guiding, supporting and helping me to work towards my goal of completing my online CDA Certification program.

CCEI’s CDA Certification program content and format was clear and very well organized for me to study at my own pace.  Lessons and handouts helped me prepare for assessments and provide a solid understanding of the course material.  The course goals and format were clear, interactive, and collaborative to enhance engagement and improve knowledge retention.  Completing CCEI’s online CDA Certification program gives me personal satisfaction and confidence at work and strengthens my professional capabilities. Our center encourages CDA Credentials and incentivizes staff to pursue CDA Certification through pay increases once the program is completed.

I see myself continuing to work with children.  I am in the process of applying for the CDA Credential from the Council for Professional Recognition.  I highly recommend CCEI to anyone in ECE!