August 2017 Newsletter: Student Spotlight – John Krantz

I began my career in early childhood at the age of 12, working as a counselor in training at a church camp during the summer. I left the field until about the age of 21 when I started cooking in the kitchen for a medium-sized childcare facility. After about 5 months, I was asked to work in the classrooms after my time in the kitchen and I agreed. After about 2 months of that, I was asked to work all day in the classrooms and I made the switch. I have worked ever since in the classrooms until recently when I moved over to a managerial role.

The smiles, laughs and hugs motivates me to work with children. Those moments when you can literally see the light bulb go off in their head as they grasp a new idea or concept. The times when they take what you’ve given/planned for them and go off on a completely random and wonderful direction.

Being around them and seeing them learn is what I enjoy most about my job and educating young children. The questions, the mistakes, the accomplishments. Seeing them succeed because of who and what they are and knowing I helped give them the tools they needed to succeed. For most of my groups they seem to enjoy free choice and story time the most from my perspective.

I currently reside in Pensacola, Florida. In my free time, I read when I get a chance or surf the web, watch TV with my kids and hang out with my wife.

I plan on eventually being a Director and encouraging more teachers to grow to their full potential. Teachers are my kids now and I hope to eventually be as good a teacher for them as I was for the little gals and guys in my classroom. I have received my CDA and renewed it twice. I’m currently working on my AA and want to get at least my BS and maybe go higher.

I have taken about 30 or so professional development courses from CCEI. CCEI has some of the more interesting online coursework available while at the same time being challenging enough that you have to take notes and pay attention. I recommend CCEI to all my staff when they are looking for a specific type of training.

For every male ECE teacher out there, keep working hard and never take the negative attitudes to heart. As for everybody, remember every day you make a memory for a child, please make it a happy one!