August 2018 Student Spotlight – Jasharondra Mitchell

My very first job as a teenager was at a local early childhood center. I remember being in awe of the teachers who were able to engage toddlers for a full 8 plus hours daily. They made it look effortless and fun.  Hearing the laughter of children is what drew me to the field. Children’s laughter is therapeutic, as it does not simply indicate happiness. It also signifies safety, security, and normal development. It means that they are learning to feel comfortable in their own skin. Their self-concept and esteem are growing. They are learning that they possess a unique place in the universe.

I absolutely adore activities that are science, creative arts and literacy based. Older toddlers and early preschoolers love cause and effect experiments. They adore looking at nature and asking why questions. Creative arts cause children to think critically about how they perceive the world. The world is colorful, abstract, unaligned and theirs for the taking. Process is more important than finished product. Seeing their proud expressions as they present a finished work is priceless. I have a tendency to incorporate literacy in every aspect of the day. Receptive and expressive language skills can be encouraged throughout the day.

In my opinion, my job is the best job in the world. Each day, I have the opportunity to change a child’s world view, to introduce new concepts and to scaffold knowledge. Additionally, I have the opportunity to help develop the character of children. Human beings are natural change agents, and most of what we become and believe begins in early childhood.

I currently reside in Forest Park, GA.  My free time is full of family, fun, advocacy for women, children and animals. I love studying religions, playing word games, trivia, reading, music and numerous outdoor activities. I love living.

In the future, I’d like to work as an early childhood consultant because the need for quality early childhood professionals is critical. The trainings I’ve received from CCEI have fueled my desire to train other professionals. The trainings have challenged my previously held beliefs and broadened my knowledge base. They are always based on time tested research which ensures relevancy. I would recommend CCEI to anyone interested in the field of early childhood education.