August 2019 Newsletter – Creating Vision Statements: Vision Setting with Families

Work with families to create their very own vision statements.  Host a series of events where families are encouraged to create and commit to a family vision.  Begin by sharing information about what vision statements are and how they are developed.  Invite families to reflect on the following questions:

  • What do we do to take care of each other?
  • How do we show that we love one another?
  • What actions of behaviors can we take to show we care about each other?
  • What actions and behaviors can we take to show we care about people outside of our family?
  • What do we believe the word “family” means?
  • How do we want to feel when we are spending time together?
  • How do we want to feel when we are in our home?

Guide families to use the answers to their questions to form unique vision statements. 

Use the tools at your disposal to pass along this practice to families who are unable to attend the family involvement events in person.  Share resources with families, including feedback from families in attendance.  Ask families to share their vision statements with other families who may need examples for inspiration.  You could highlight one family each month in your program newsletter or share stories on social media, with permission. 

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