August 2019 Student Spotlight – Paula Clark

My facility is a 3 Star Texas Rising Star Center in Deer Park, Texas. We strive daily to improve our program to benefit our children, parents and staff. Laura called one day, explained who she was and what scholarship was available for our staff and how it would benefit our center. The program was CCEI’s Texas Child Care Administration and Business Practices Certificate Program. I was excited that it was all online, at my pace, I could access the program 24 hours, and I had one year to complete the course. I was hesitant at first, but I jumped in and went for it! With a lot on my plate, I knew I could do it. With my husband being in and out of the hospital, CCEI was an asset to me meeting my goals in continuing my education.

When I opened the program and reviewed the syllabus and the modules, I was not overwhelmed. It was divided into sections and the certificate course was self-explanatory. If I had questions, I called Laura, she was my Education Coach and she was awesome in explaining to me what I needed to know.

With CCEI I am able to work, spend time with my grandchildren and my children. CCEI offers many classes for child development, business management and you can get your CDA as well. If you don’t like adult learning in the traditional classroom environment, then CCEI is for you. I would recommend their program to everyone! As I mentioned before, my Education Coach Laura, was a huge asset to me completing my certificate program. Even though I am a strong, positive individual, she kept very positive and that helped me stay positive to meet my goal by completing the program. I love to teach and make a difference in children’s lives. I want to continue to gain knowledge on child development in order to make a difference in a child’s life. The more experiences I have in early childhood activities and education, the more I can introduce to children.

I grew up in Prairieton, Indiana. It was a little town and out in the country. I now live in Deer Park, Texas. It’s an awesome city to live in. I just have never liked the city life, but I have adapted and one day will be back in the country. I have dedicated the past 2 years to my husband, for he came before anything and anyone. I love going to conferences and trainings. Meeting new people in the childcare industry and learning new ideas. We can never stop learning and CCEI gives everyone the opportunity to continue their education and have a well-balanced life.