August 2020 Newsletter – Remembering the Principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Reflecting on Development and Relationships

Restrictions to activities and social distancing protocols may have a big impact on your program. Teachers need to ensure that children are provided a balanced curriculum within the context of strong supportive relationships.

Here are some things to think about to ensure that children are receiving high-quality early learning experiences despite the restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • All areas of development and learning are important.
    1. How can we create a learning environment that promotes development across all domains of learning?
    2. Children have been at home for months. How might we intentionally plan activities that encourage children to practice social skills?
    3. Many children and families are under a greater amount of stress than usual. What steps can we take to help children identify, communicate, and manage strong emotions?
    4. Now that sensory tables are temporarily closed to prevent the spread of germs, how could safer sensory activities be made available to children?
  • Children develop best when they have secure relationships.
    1. What steps do we need to take to build strong relationships with children from a distance?
    2. How will we manage our own frustration and stress, to prevent them from getting in the way of relationship building?
    3. If we are wearing masks, how will children perceive our facial expressions? Are there ways we can be more expressive with our eyes, tone of voice, or body language?
    4. Are there any rituals or routines I can put in place that will help build relationships and trust in the classroom?
    5. What is the safest way to greet children each day, celebrate successes, or comfort them when necessary?

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