August 2021 Newsletter – Shifting How we Manage Challenging Behaviors

Shifting How we Manage Challenging Behaviors

Welcome to the August 2021 CCEI Newsletter!  It is the time of year when most programs wrap up summer events and transition into a new school year.  Each year at this time, we try to provide our readers with some meaningful content that they will be able to use over the first few weeks of the school year. If you are interested, you can find past issues of this newsletter here.

This year is no different! In this issue of the newsletter, we are going to explore ways that teachers can shift their perceptions of children’s challenging behaviors; starting with the words we use to label the common actions children take to communicate their needs.

Courses on challenging behavior are some of the most frequently requested topics on CCEI post-course survey responses (yep, we read them). So much so, that we recently revamped our positive guidance series, the first of which is available as the August trial course for people who are new to CCEI.  For those of you who are already subscribed, check out the series by enrolling in the following courses today!

Our intention is to provide different perspectives for you to consider and encourage you to step out of the comfort zone of how things have always been done.  Be sure to share this newsletter with colleagues to create consistency across your program.

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