August 2021 Student Spotlight – Deepmala Garg

My name is Deepmala Garg and I was born and raised in India. I have a Bachelor’s in Education and Masters in Accounting from India.  I currently live in Alpharetta, Georgia with family. 


I have been teaching in early childhood since 2019.  I choose this career because I enjoy working with small children and watching them grow.  It is the most rewarding aspect of my life. 


My favorite time of day to spend with the children is snack time because of their stories and conversations.  It is such a  joy to listen to their thoughts, ideas and opinions.  It gives me a little window into their life and soul.  I absolutely enjoy circle time with them too. This is a time when we sing together, read books together and discuss what we are going to do throughout the day. 


On my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends outdoors in nature. I enjoy going on trails for a long walk.  I love gardening and spend lot of time outside.


This month, I successfully completed my CDA coursework training from ChildCare Education Institute. I have had a great learning experience with CCEI because of the program’s convenience and flexibility.  I plan to continue further education courses or certifications through CCEI in future. And a special thanks to my Education Coach for encouraging me to stay on track to complete the training.  I sincerely appreciate her dedication and time she invested in me.  I highly recommend CCEI to my colleagues and friends.  I ook forward to obtaining my CDA Credential from the Council for Professional Recognition soon.