August 2023 Newsletter – Family Engagement Strategies

Family Engagement Strategies

As teachers prepare for the upcoming school year, classrooms will be rearranged, materials will be restocked, and the space will be made ready for a new group of children. Teachers will make plans for the first weeks of school and organize their assessment materials to learn about their new students. Each of these tasks will be completed with reflection and intention, as teachers have been trained to do!

In this month’s newsletter, we will explore ways that teachers can bring both reflection and intentionality to their interactions with families. The goal of these interactions should be to increase the level of family engagement, which has been shown to have a positive influence on child outcomes in many studies.

According to Mallary Swartz, Former Director of Family Engagement Research at Start Early,

“Family engagement is about seeing families as an inextricable part of their child’s early childhood education and treating them as partners and experts in their child’s learning and wellbeing. Years of research show that engaging families goes far beyond raising test scores – it is about preparing children and families for success in life.”

Continue reading to learn how programs can create environments that support high levels of family engagement.


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