CCEI Adds New Professional Development Course Authored by Rae Pica

ChildCare Education Institute has added CHD100: Music in Early Childhood, written by known author and trainer, Rae Pica, to it’s catalog of online professional development courses. Rae is a children’s movement specialist and author of 14 books, including Experiences in Movement: Birth to Age Eight, Moving & Learning Across the Curriculum, and Your Active Child. Rae speaks regularly on early childhood issues throughout North America.

Register for this beginner level course today and learn the importance of music in the early childhood years and the ways in which it can become a part of the curriculum and of children’s lives. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to define the role of music in a child’s development, define the role of both quality and variety in the selection of music for children, and identify the developmental stages of musical experiences for young children.

Through an articulation agreement with Ashford University, CCEI students can articulate completed professional development courses to Ashford University. Under the terms of the Ashford University transfer credit policy, fifteen (15) clock hours of completed CCEI professional development coursework translates to one (1) unit of elective credit at Ashford University. Contact CCEI for complete details!

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Courses are $15 each and individual professional development subscriptions are just $99.