CCEI Announces New Online ‘Adult Learning’ Professional Development Course

Duluth, GA/ August 10, 2011 – ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI), an IACET approved, nationally accredited distance training institution dedicated exclusively to the child care industry, is proud to announce the addition of a new course, PROF101: Adult Learning Theories and Strategies.

In the early care industry, many professional development instructors evolve from administrative positions and have little or no formal training in how to teach adults. Adult learners require different educational strategies and methodologies than children and need to have their differing needs met in order to maintain interest in their studies and accomplish their goals. Adult Learning provides instructors of adults with the ability to identify how teachings should differ for adult instruction and how to implement strategies to satisfy individual adult needs and preferences. Multiple intelligences, learning styles, and adult learning theorists are also covered within this course.

“CCEI is a leader when it comes to continuing education for early care professionals. We are pleased to introduce this course to help practitioners who may be engaged in adult education, but have little or no formal training, become familiar with some of the basics,” said Maria C. Taylor, ChildCare Education Institute President and CEO. “The better informed an instructor is about the varying needs of adult learners, the more accommodating that instructor can be to meeting those needs.”

Students may register for PROF101 through their CCEI account. CCEI account holders or new users who do not have an active, annual individual or center-based subscription may purchase this one-hour 0.1 IACET CEU course through online enrollment.