CCEI Announces New Online Courses Authored by Rae Pica

CCEI is proud to offer two new professional development courses authored by Rae Pica, an expert in bringing movement and activity into the early childhood classroom. Rae has authored 17 books, including the award-winning Great Games for Young Children. Rae has specialized in children’s physical activity for 27 years and brings her expertise to CCEI. Start learning today how to bring physical fitness and active learning to your classroom!

CCEI121: Motor Development and Physical Fitness in Early Childhood provides an understanding of the importance of motor development and physical fitness in the early childhood years. Students will learn to define physical fitness as it applies to young children, identify five health related fitness factors, physical activity recommendations for young children and fundamental motor skills. Upon successful course completion, teachers will have the skills to incorporate motor development and physical fitness into daily curriculum.

CCEI122: Active Learning in Early Childhood illustrates ways in which movement and active involvement can be used as tools in exploring and understanding art, language arts, mathematics, music, science, and social studies. Upon completion, students will successfully be able to recognize the difference between authentic, active learning and rote learning, identify what research findings say about the role of active learning and brain development and describe the role of active learning in cognitive and social/emotional development.

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