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ChildCare Education Institute partners with BAM! Radio Network to bring you Body, Mind and Child with Rae Pica or One’s, Two’s, & Three’s with Jackie Silberg. New topics are available every month at Click the links below to listen to archived radio programs.

Many Teachers Discouraged, Many Not, The Difference Is… with Rae Pica, Robert L. Fried, Michelle Malvey, and Shannon McClintock Miller
Reading and Responding to The Emotions of Infants and Toddlers with Jackie Silberg and J. Ronald Lally
Fitting Fitness Into the Curriculum with Rae Pica, Nikki Steven, Diane H. Craft, Ph.D., Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.
Power Struggles: When Young Children Become Defiant with Jackie Silberg and Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
Teaching Children to Listen with Rae Pica and Kathleen Hayes
Devastation: Helping Children Deal with Disaster with Jackie Silberg and Cathy Grace
Helping Parents Develop Appropriate Expectations for Their Children with Rae Pica, Jody Martin, Emma S. McDonald, and Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.
Measuring Infant Mental Health with Jackie Silberg and Kathryn E. Barnard
Keeping Up with the Pace of Education Technology with Rae Pica, Neil Charness, Dr. Kathy King, Maria Kne, and Vicki Davis
Is Staying Connected the Solution to Teacher Discouragement? with Rae Pica, Robert L. Fried, and Valerie Strauss
Why Children Stutter and How to Help Them with Jackie Silberg, Jane Fraser, and Ann Douglas
Children Playing With Toy Guns and Imaginary Assault Weapons In School, Problem? with Rae Pica, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Jane Katch, Peter DeWitt, Ed.D, and Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.
Recognizing Autism in Infants and Toddlers with Jackie Silberg, Clarissa Willis, and Valerie Plowman
Dealing with Difficult, Negative, Toxic Peers with Rae Pica, Todd Whitaker, Elizabeth Holloway, Lisa Dabbs, and Nancy Blair
Teaching Kids to Think Critically in the Age of Standardized Testing with Rae Pica, Frank Keil, Dr. Linda Elder and Maureen Kelleher
Giving “Time Out” a Time Out with Rae Pica, Dr. Peter E. Haiman, Jody Johnston Pawel, & Amy McCready
Understanding the Teacher/Parent Communications Gap with Rae Pica, Jennifer Prior, Laurie Linblad & Deborah Stewart, M.Ed.
At What Age Should Young Children be Exposed to Classroom Competition? with Rae Pica, Terry Orlick, Ph.D., Marc Warnke & Catherine Holecko
3 Myths About Gender Based Learning with Rae Pica, Dr. Cordelia Fine, Abigail James & Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.
Should You Have a Bachelors Degree to Work With Young Children? Maybe, Maybe Not with Rae Pica, Dr. Valora Washington, Marcy Whitebook, Ph.D., & Sarah Garland
Are Children Smarter, Learning More, Sooner, Faster? with Rae Pica, Dr. Marcy Guddemi, Fran Simon and Dr. Susan A. Gelman
Is Standardized Testing Producing a Creativity Crisis? with Rae Pica, Paul Reville, Jay Mathews, Richard P. Phelps, Ph.D. and Cheri Sterman.
When Parents and Teachers Disagree About Developmentally Appropriate Practices with Rae Pica, Maureen Gerard, Ph.D., and Anne Henderson
Touching Children in the Classroom is Essential with Rae Pica, Frances M. Carlson, M.A.Ed. and Lisa B. Fiore, Ph.D.
Nation of Wimps: How We’re Creating Psychologically Fragile Children with Rae Pica, Hara Estroff Marano, Lenore Skenazy and Susan Davis
Fear of Men in Early Childhood Education with Rae Pica, Lylah Alphonse, Ron McGuckin, and Bryan Nelson
In Pursuit of the Perfect Child with Rae Pica and Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld
Dangerous Parents, Safer Kids with Rae Pica and Lenore Skenazy
Managing Aggressive Children with Rae Pica, Jane Nelson and T. Atilla Ceranoglu
When and How to Say NO! with Rae Pica, Dr. Cary S. Chugh and Cynthia Whitman
Are You Teaching Your Child Fear or Safety? with Rae Pica, Lenore Skenazy and Deborah Johnston
Are You Mislabeling Your Intuitive Child? with Rae Pica and Caron B. Goode, Ed.D., NCC, DAPA
11 Critical Mega Skills with Rae Pica and Dorothy Rich, Ed.D