CDA Child Development Associate Credential


Gold Standard℠ Child Development Associate (CDA) Program

CDA certification Gold Standard Comprehensive seal

The Comprehensive CDA Gold Standard℠ was awarded to ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) following a quality review of their training and student services by the Council for Professional Recognition (the Council). The CDA Gold Standard℠ is part of the Council’s early childhood education effort to help CDA course students find the high-quality training and student services they need in preparation for the CDA exam and a career as early childhood educators.

As a participant in the CDA Gold Standard℠ pilot, ChildCare Education Institute successfully demonstrated that its early childhood education training is based on the Council’s three industry-leading principles:

  • Alignment with the Child Development Association (CDA) formal early childhood education coursework found in the CDA’s Eight Subject Areas.
  • Sound business policies and practices.
  • Quality student services that meet their educational and professional needs.

“We believe that our new CDA Gold Standard℠ adds value and integrity to the early childhood profession by verifying connections between the Council’s proven teacher competencies and the quality of training resources available to CDA Certification students,” said Valora Washington, former chief executive officer, Council for Professional Recognition.

In addition to offering high-quality training, CDA Gold Standard applicants must provide evidence that they serve the CDA course student community with excellence, which includes professional development courses that prepares students for successful completion of their program.

CCEI continues to demonstrate their worthy of the CDA Gold Standard designation and that they’re committed to providing CDA candidates the high-quality training they deserve.”

Dr. Calvin Moore Jr., CEO, Council for Professional Recognition

“It’s exciting to think about the many young children, families, and communities that will benefit from the high-quality education and training students will receive from ChildCare Education Institute, a CDA Gold Standard℠ organization.”

Dr. Valora Washington, Former CEO, Council for Professional Recognition

CDA Gold Standard℠ training organizations are committed to providing the highest quality training to CDA® candidates that fully align with the competencies required to become a CDA credentialed professional. As a Gold Standard organization, ChildCare Education Institute has demonstrated they have ethical business practices and are dedicated to supporting students throughout the training process. It is vital that all CDA candidates receive training from a verified and approved Gold Standard organization, such as ChildCare Education Institute. The superior training that Gold Standard organizations provide ensures each educator receives the tools and expertise to make a difference in the lives of many young children.”

Dr. Calvin Moore Jr., CEO, Council for Professional Recognition

What is a CDA Credential?

In childcare, CDA stands for Child Development Associate. The Child Development Associate Credential is the most widely known and valued credential in early childhood education. It is an opportunity for educators working with children from birth to age 5 to demonstrate and strengthen their knowledge, understanding, and practices when teaching in early education. Not only is the CDA Credential a key part of advancing within early childhood education, but it is also a major professional development learning experience and essential resource moving into the field.

The Child Development Associate Credential is based on a core set of standards set to evaluate and prepare early childhood educators as they work to enter the professional world. Not only is it valuable for professional development, but it can also be a key piece of becoming a qualified, exceptional teacher to young children.

Those who earn their Child Development Associate Credential have mastered the CDA certification standards and have a deep understanding of why these learned practices will help children move more successfully and smoothly from one developmental stage to the next. Child Development Associates have a grasp on each aspect of a child’s development, including emotional, social, physical, and intellectual, and strive to help them grow through the stages of development more effortlessly.

While earning a CDA Credential isn’t always easy, it is overwhelmingly rewarding to personally evolve and professionally prepare to be the best early childhood educator possible.

How do I get a CDA Credential?

The Council for Professional Recognition is the agency that awards the CDA Credential, but with CCEI, completing the required training needed to apply for your CDA Credential is a simple and efficient process and will effectively prepare you and jump-start your career in early childhood education.

You can take advantage of any one of our many Child Development Associate Credential training programs, as seen listed below, which includes preparing to apply for your initial CDA Credential or renewing an existing Credential. And if you aren’t sure if online child care training is right for you, you can take a trial course on us! At the end of the day, CCEI offers online CDA certification training programs to make the personal and professional development you need available right at your fingertips.

What can I do with
a CDA Credential?

There are limitless possibilities and advancement opportunities that come with obtaining a Child Development Associate Credential. It will open opportunities on the job horizon, it will better prepare you for your future and your career, and it will allow you to continuously stay on the cutting edge of all early childhood education advancements and practices. With a CDA Certification, you can learn and grow alongside the young children you teach.

Benefits of CDA Credential

There are many benefits of going through the process to apply for and earn a CDA Credential. These benefits are not only professional, however. There are also many personal benefits of earning a CDA Credential. A few of the many benefits can be seen listed below.

  • Entrance and exposure to a large community of qualified, hard-working early childhood educators and professionals.
  • Advancement of your career both personally and professionally.
  • Increases personal confidence and capabilities as an early childhood educator.
  • Helps to meet and often surpass job requirements.
  • Shows hard-work, persistence, and dedication to the early childhood profession.
  • Increases trust and confidence within parents who entrust their children with you.
  • Gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of developmentally essential practices and teachings
  • And so much more!

Child Development Associate Credential Training with CCEI

Practices and understandings within the early childhood education realm are constantly evolving and improving. With the Child Development Associate Credential training program with CCEI, you can build a professional foundation and strengthen your personal capabilities to prepare you for a career in early childhood education and continue to guide you moving forward. The CCEI Child Development Associate Credential Certification Program was awarded the Gold Standard℠ by The Council for Professional Recognition – meaning you will undoubtedly be prepared educationally, professionally, personally, and in any other means to provide and implement quality early childhood education practices and teachings.


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