Testimonial Childcare Network

Testimonial from Childcare Network

ChildCare Education Institute has been a training resource for Child Development Schools for many years now. We recently decided to expand our training content outside of the stellar CCEI course catalog that is traditionally offered. The team at CCEI has been a key partner for us in building our employee professional  development through various custom CDS courses. Not only have we able to create those custom courses within the platform, but we also have created custom onboarding certificates which combine multiple custom courses and key CCEI courses into a seamless onboarding program for our new hires! Ensuring new  employees received the proper information from the very beginning was a daunting task for us. However, with CCEI we can get the employees the tools they need to be successful from day one, while still be able to offer a vast ECE course catalog for our longer term employees.

The entire team at CCEI has ensured that we feel supported as we ventured into customizing their platform, including automating our employee enrollment via an API directly from ADP, customizing coursework and certificates, as well as streamlining training completions! They truly have been a key partner in our goal to elevate training and development at CDS.

Melissa Blotter
Director Training & Development