Complete Online Training In Celebration of National Distance Learning Week

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) encourages all professionals in the child care industry to complete quality, online child care professional development training in celebration of National Distance Learning Week, a nationwide event to promote and appreciate the exponential growth of distance learning programs and the many standards of quality they are able to uphold.

CCEI’s online child care training course catalog includes over 100 self-paced, user-friendly courses in English and Spanish, covering topics such as: Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Guidance and Discipline, Health and Safety, Administration and Management, Inclusion and Special Needs, and other essential child care and education topics. Certificates of documentation are available online immediately upon course completion and students can easily access their own certificates at anytime.

All coursework offered by CCEI is available for online purchase by course hour, or through enrollment with an annual individual or center-based subscription; both of which provide unlimited access to the entire course catalog for one full year.

“CCEI is proud to provide online training that is high quality, research-based, affordable, and convenient for our hardworking educators,” said Maria C. Taylor, President and CEO of CCEI. “We always provide new users a useful course as a no-cost trial, and hope that our existing students share that benefit with other child care professionals and parents.”