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    • Critical Thinking Skills in the Preschool Environment

      Course ID: COG101Course Hours: 1Course Level: Intermediate

      Critical thinking skills are essential for good decision-making and long-term academic and professional success. This course examines critical thinking skills through the lens of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which categorizes the different ways humans interact with knowledge. Participants will explore basic, practical classroom strategies that support the development of critical thinking skills in young children.

    • Curriculum: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

      Course ID: CCEI1001Course Hours: 1Course Level: Beginner

      This course examines the benefits of implementing a well-planned curriculum in an early childhood program. As a result of completing this course, participants should be able to identify the basic steps involved in selecting, planning, and evaluating an effective early childhood curriculum.

    • Customer Service for the Center Administrator

      Course ID: CCEI980Course Hours: 1Course Level: Beginner

      This course examines practical tips for excellent customer service methods in child care programs and provides strategies for training staff in client service. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to define customer service, identify guidelines for excellent customer relations and identify strategies for implementing customer service methods in a child care program.

    • Del caos a la tranquilidad: Como manejar el estrés en la clase

      Course ID: ESP_SOC102Course Hours: 1Course Level: Beginner

      El objetivo de este curso es proporcionar herramientas y técnicas para manejar el inevitable estrés en la vida de los niños, para ayudar a los niños para que puedan ser más resistentes, y a la larga para crear un ambiente más positivo en la clase. Los maestros pueden beneficiarse personalmente utilizando estas mismas técnicas durante el dÍa para controlar su propio estrés.

    • Developmental Domains in Early Childhood Development

      Course ID: CCEI891Course Hours: 1Course Level: Beginner

      This course provides an overview of growth and development during early childhood and the factors that effect classroom practices. Participants will learn about developmental domains (physical, cognitive, social, and emotional), and associated principles and theories, such as attachment, stranger anxiety, and maternal deprivation.

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