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    • Staff Communication: Educational Partnerships

      Course ID: CCEI960Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 1

      This course provides directors, administrators, and aspiring directors with a greater understanding of the value of good communication skills, as well as various techniques for listening and responding appropriately to staff, parents, and children. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able list key phrases to remember when communicating, identify ways to improve their communication skills, define active listening and explain methods to be used by staff members to effectively communicate among each other.

    • Stages of Development, Ages 12 to 14

      Course ID: SCH102Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 3

      This course focuses on the developmental stages and characteristics of children ages 12 to 14, the typical age of early adolescence, as well as recommended strategies and practices for supporting children’s developmental needs. Emphasis is on the afterschool and other out-of-school care environments, but the content is appropriate for anyone who works with school-age children.

    • STEAM: Enhancing STEM Education with the Arts

      Course ID: CUR113Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 2

      This course provides early childhood educators with the tools and insights necessary to enhance STEM related learning outcomes through the integration of a wide variety of art activities.

    • STEAM: Mejorar la Educación STEM con las Artes

      Course ID: ESP_CUR113Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 2

      Este curso proporciona a los educadores las herramientas y conocimientos necesarios para mejorar los resultados de aprendizaje relacionados con STEM a través de la integración de una amplia variedad de actividades de arte. Los niños se benefician de un programa poderoso que soporta el pensamiento crítico, fomenta el uso del método científico, e integra el pensamiento matemático. Tanto en la primera infancia y ambientes fuera de la escuela, las actividades de arte proporcionan una excelente plataforma para la introducción de los conceptos de STEM y el desarrollo de habilidades relacionadas con STEM.

    • STEM en la educación infantil

      Course ID: ESP_CUR106Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 2

      Este curso proporciona información básica sobre la educación STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas) para que los educadores de la primera infancia puedan promover el desarrollo de las habilidades fundamentales de la ciencia y las matemáticas en los niños pequeños.

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