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    • Constructivist Learning Theory and Approaches to Hands-On Learning

      Course ID: CUR112Course Hours: 3Course Level: Intermediate

      This course features examination of “hands-on learning” in the context of constructivist learning theory, including the theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, and Bruner and the teaching methods established by Maria Montessori and the Reggio Emilia community.

    • Crear entornos de aprendizaje temprano que sean respetuosos de la comunidad LGBTQ+

      Course ID: ESP_PROF106Course Hours: 2Course Level: Intermediate

      Este curso está diseñado para ayudar a los profesionales en el campo de la educación de la primera infancia a crear espacios de bienvenida e inclusión para todos los niños y las familias, específicamente las familias de la comunidad LGBTQ+. El curso lo introducirá a la terminología común y los datos de investigación relacionados con padres que son LGBTQ+ y sus experiencias en las escuelas. Los participantes tendrán un mejor entendimiento de las experiencias de los padres que son LGBTQ+, asimismo, podrán identificar maneras de adaptar sus propios programas para crear espacios de bienvenida para todos los niños y las familias.

    • Creating Early Learning Environments that are LGBTQ+ Friendly

      Course ID: PROF106Course Hours: 2Course Level: Intermediate

      This course is designed to help professionals in the field of early childhood education create welcoming and affirming spaces for all children and families, specifically families from the LGBTQ+ community. The course will introduce common terminology and research data related to parents who are LGBTQ+ and their experiences in schools. Participants will better understand the experiences of parents who are LGBTQ+ and be able to identify ways to adapt their own programs to create more welcoming spaces for all children and families.

    • Critical Thinking Skills in the Preschool Environment

      Course ID: COG101Course Hours: 1Course Level: Intermediate

      Critical thinking skills are essential for good decision-making and long-term academic and professional success. This course examines critical thinking skills through the lens of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which categorizes the different ways humans interact with knowledge. Participants will explore basic, practical classroom strategies that support the development of critical thinking skills in young children.

    • Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education

      Course ID: PROF108Course Hours: 2Course Level: Intermediate

      This course is an introduction to concepts related to the ever-evolving field of cultural competence.  The course will explore the history of multicultural approaches to education to help participants understand the fluid nature of these practices. The course contains recommendations for how early childhood educators can strengthen their cultural competence and introduce these concepts to the children in their care.

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