An Introduction to Inclusion and Children with Special Needs

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As a result of completing this course, participants will be able to identify important laws and current “best practices” regarding the inclusion of children with special needs in the classroom. Participants will also become familiar with different types of special needs and begin to formulate a “vision for inclusion” to support children of all abilities and their families.  This course is a relaunch of CCEI968: Inclusion and Children with Special Needs.  We have updated the content of the course and added 1 hour of new information.

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138 reviews for An Introduction to Inclusion and Children with Special Needs

  1. Natalia RALEIGH, NC

    The material was interesting and quite easy to understand


    The training was amazing

  3. Maria TAYLOR, TX

    much needed information!


    it was a very good training

  5. marayah DANBURY, CT

    The content of the courses are very easy to understand and it’s very knowledgeable

  6. Cassandra CLARKSVILLE, TN

    I liked this training

  7. Vera HORN LAKE, MS

    the course increased my knowledge on the disability

  8. Vickie GAFFNEY, SC

    Very helpful information. Excellent


    overall great

  10. Maria ITHACA, NY

    Very helpful

  11. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Everything was good


    wonderful course!! It helped me greatly.

  13. Lois DETROIT, MI

    I was satisfied with this training

  14. Christanya TEEC NOS POS, AZ

    it was great!


    It was easy to follow and I like that you give notes to write down.

  16. Ricardo NAUGATUCK, CT

    Great course

  17. Alba BRADFORD, MA

    I’m so happy with what I am learning with this course and I am sure that my work with the children will be more efficient.

  18. ruth STRATFORD, CT

    good information

  19. Jennifer S WEYMOUTH, MA

    This course was wonderful!

  20. Esperanza RICHMOND, TX

    Thank You! I did learn very important things.

  21. Mirely ATLANTA, GA

    It was excellent the course

  22. Maria SAN BENITO, TX

    i really enjoyed it


    very good


    Excellent training

  25. Sarahe COMBES, TX

    all courses were very informative

  26. Brenda PHARR, TX

    great course

  27. Sylvia SEBASTIAN, TX

    great course


    Excellent training.

  29. Maria HARLINGEN, TX

    I enjoy doing trinings with CCEI i learn on my own pace, i would recommended to my co-workers

  30. Michelle SILVER SPRING, MD

    Very good

  31. Angelina KATY, TX

    I loved this course

  32. Vivian BALTIMORE, MD


  33. Julie RIVERVIEW, MI

    The course is very informative!

  34. April BEACON, NY

    This is very helpful to learn while at home

  35. Clare COLUMBUS, GA

    Giving teachers the tools they need to help children

  36. Ashley SAUK RAPIDS, MN

    Very helpful with learning about special needs.

  37. Marshall AHOSKIE, NC

    I nreally enjoy my classes

  38. Mayra SCRANTON, PA

    Love this site

  39. Susan HOMER CITY, PA

    Great training!

  40. Naomi AUSTIN, TX

    very informative

  41. Kaelia OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    Great training

  42. Katie POTOSI, MO

    it was very educational


    great information

  44. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    Great course!

  45. Brendan WOODSIDE, NY

    Very well provided

  46. Betty VENICE, FL

    Excellent refresher course. Lot of great information

  47. Tesla WYOMING, MI

    Thank you for providing this course.

  48. Jennifer SAINT LOUIS, MO

    I loved this one. My son was born with profound hearing loss and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. I found this helpful!

  49. Greg CHAMPAIGN, IL

    This was a very informative course.

  50. Naheed ALPHARETTA, GA

    Excellent Course

  51. Emily GRAND RAPIDS, MI

    All good! Fantastic balance of knowledge and practical advice.


    This was a very helpful refresher course. Thank you!

  53. Denise WAYCROSS, GA

    great training

  54. Claudia PLANTATION, FL

    i am always happy with the courses you offer, they help me a lot in my work.

  55. Melanie AMARILLO, TX

    Lots of useful information that has taught me and that I can use in my career.

  56. Melanie AMARILLO, TX

    Lots of useful information that has taught me and that I can use in my career.

  57. Melanie AMARILLO, TX

    Lots of useful information that has taught me and that I can use in my career.

  58. Mary SPRING, TX

    Great course!

  59. Alexa HARLINGEN, TX

    Great training

  60. Maria BRENHAM, TX

    It’s Very good information.

  61. Ryan O’FALLON, MO

    I learned quite a bit about inclusion and as a childcare provider I think I will be walking away with valuable information.

  62. Melissa BRYAN, TX

    Great information

  63. Deborah TAYLOR, MI

    I have learned about these three laws. !. Reasonable Modifications. Readily Achievable standard for barrier removal.

  64. Lizbeth MINNEAPOLIS, MN

    Thanks for having these courses, they are very helpful for me

  65. Adriana MADISONVILLE, TX

    the course was well explained and easy to understand.


    I found it all really interesting.

  67. Alvareen OAK PARK, MI

    These courses are well thought out and to the point.

  68. Evens NEWARK, NJ

    It was a tremendous learning experience. Thank you.

  69. Glenda MIRAMAR, FL

    Great information

  70. Veronica POMPANO, FL

    Extremely informative

  71. Paulette TAMARAC, FL

    The coursewas very informative and interesting.




    very informitative


    Good course to learn from.

  75. Paula PLANTATION, FL

    Excellent Training Module

  76. Melva NEWARK, NJ

    Very good training

  77. Nancy WATERBURY, CT

    I gained a lot of knowledge and perspective by taking this course online. I’m very happy that these programs are available to Childcare Workers.
    It’s a win-win for everyone!!!

  78. Erica L ELKHART, IN

    I really enjoyed the course and topics covered in this session

  79. Maria DENVER, CO

    I enjoyed learning about special need childen i Learned a bit Considering I don’t work with special needs children

  80. Jeanette HUMBLE, TX

    Awesome course.



  82. Carmen RADCLIFF, KY

    i loved it

  83. Rosemarie FORT MILL, SC

    it was an interesting learning experience

  84. Rebecca LAVONIA, GA

    Great courses!!!

  85. Yvette NEW YORK, NY

    this course was very good

  86. Martha GREENCASTLE, IN

    Clear, concise and helpful applications

  87. Mariamnays APOPKA, FL

    Excellent topic

  88. carmen FORT WORTH, TX

    Good helpful for me learning new skills

  89. Jennifer LAS VEGAS, NV

    Lots of information!

  90. Janice DUNCAN, OK

    Enjoyed the course

  91. Clarissa GLEN BURNIE, MD

    I am using all the information that I learned on this study . It is very helpful .


    Very informative

  93. Nora NEW YORK, NY

    Amaizing trainning

  94. Kaycea EAST HARTFORD, CT

    Great information that can help me understand more about disabilities and the inpact it as on them and how i can help to make they life better.

  95. Debbie WOODRUFF, SC

    I will highly recommend this course to others at my school.

  96. Kathy BURLINGTON, CT

    I enjoyed this class, helped & gave good ideas for setting up class room better.

  97. Maggie OAK CREEK, CO

    I enjoyed this course

  98. Julie HONOLULU, HI

    Excellent course.

  99. Janice NEW HAVEN, CT

    This was a great course because I have a special needs child who will be 40 years of age on June 29, 2020. It gave me the opportunity to refresh my memory and to get informed on the updates of the laws and services. Thank you so very much.

  100. Mercedes JAMAICA, NY

    I enjoyed this course because I learned some things I wasnt familiar with.


    excellent presentation of the course

  102. Christine CANAAN, CT

    CCEI is very user friendly and informative. I found it very easy to follow and take notes

  103. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    This course was very interesting and informative.

  104. Crystal PHOENIX, AZ

    I really enjoyed this lesson, this lesson gave me a better outlook on the different disabilities out there that I would like to learn more about. Thank You

  105. Andria MCKINNEY, TX

    I can’t think of anything else at this time yet. But I have learned a lot by taking the courses so far.

  106. Barbara DETROIT, MI

    I received a lot of good information from this course I will be able to use in my classroom dealing with a child with disabilities.

  107. Mary HENDERSON, KY

    i took many helpful and informative notes!

  108. irma HARTFORD, CT

    I enjoy very much the training because I have learn more about special needs children that I didn’t know.

  109. Heidi LAPLUME, PA

    CCEI offers a great range of training topics and levels. Lots to choose from.

  110. Karla WILLIMANTIC, CT

    Great training, full of great information and well develop.

  111. Mercedes PHOENIX, AZ

    Recommend for everyone.

  112. Maria PHOENIX, AZ

    Enjoyed the class

  113. Jennifer DONIPHAN, AR

    Love this course

  114. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was interesting.

  115. Kelly BALTIMORE, MD

    Loved training very informative

  116. Candida HARTFORD, CT

    I learned a lot from the course.

  117. elia BEDMINSTER, NJ

    Great website

  118. Brittney NORTH HAVEN, CT

    I work in a preschool program and we intorgrate from the special Education program and I think its great for children to have that inclusion so they can have romodels.

  119. Sharon CASTLE ROCK, CO

    I feel like this course will be extremely useful for me. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I did not know.

  120. paula EAST HARTFORD, CT

    the course was very great thank you

  121. Genevieve HARTFORD, CT

    Although I have knowledge about special need children some information was very new and i appreciate the new knowledge.

  122. Imelda MIDDLETOWN, CT

    Highly recommended.

  123. Jackie TEMPLE, TX

    Very helpful

  124. Mary GERMANTOWN, MD

    This course provide me all ideas which I don’t know. very useful course for all the teachers.

  125. Shirley HARTFORD, CT

    This course was very informative.

  126. Mylea CHARLOTTE, NC

    this course was very informative

  127. Carol CHESHIRE, CT

    Very comprehensive

  128. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Great information

  129. Louise STRATFORD, CT

    good course very informative

  130. King CHICAGO, IL

    Awesome training!

  131. Saranada BALTIMORE, MD

    It was a great informative course

  132. Tammy RIVERDALE, IL

    I enjoy it

  133. Staci OAK LAWN, IL

    I absolutely love this course. As a mom of special needs, this was a great refresher for me to make sure I’m up to date on my laws.

  134. Melinda PADUCAH, KY

    I thought this particular training (SPN 106) offered useful information with a test that was clear and reasonable without try to be tricky.

  135. Kerry WAUKEHSA, WI

    I learned a lot and learned about stuff I dint know

  136. Mary PHX, AZ

    I greatly appreciate this subject because I didn’t really know too much about it

  137. Lindsey DOYLESTOWN, OH

    Great course I’ve learned so much.

  138. Cynthia PORTLAND, OR

    I really enjoyed the course

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