Attention Deficit Disorders

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This course presents basic facts about attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), including characteristics of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and recommended classroom accommodations and guidance strategies.

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79 reviews for Attention Deficit Disorders

  1. Missy LITTLETON, CO

    I love all the classes I have taken so far

  2. alexis LANCASTER, VA

    Really easy to follow and simple to use. Very happy with the program


    This is my 1st course through CCEI, I have previously used KCCTO. I LOVE your format so much more and look forward to taking many more classes!

  4. colette BRIDGEPORT, CT

    Than You for helping me to understand and how to work with children with this disoder.

  5. darlene SOUTHINGTON, CT

    I really enjoyed this courses it had some good ideas to help a classroom move must smoother



  7. Ashley ARLINGTON, TX

    Great learning more about this subject.

  8. Victoria SPARKS, NV

    I really got a lot of useful information from this class that I intend to use or change some of my former responses

  9. Sharon LOUISVILLE, KY

    This was a particularly interesting, educational well put together course. Thank you.

  10. kayla SPRINGTOWN, TX

    Great course!

  11. Laura OLATHE, KS

    I appreciated the details listed in this course. It helps me to better evaluate my classroom and give better care for my students.

  12. Patricia BIRMINGHAM, AL



    There were good idea’s offered in this course to helps with children’s success.

  14. Rosa HARLINGEN, TX


  15. Sarah DULUTH, GA

    Excellent information and strategies that can be easily implemented.

  16. Elsa CONROE, TX

    Everything was great, the course was very interesting and informative, God bless 🙂


    First time using your platform and I really enjoyed it. The content was excellent.

  18. Maria BUFFALO, TX

    Really like all the information giving and i will use some skill in a daily class.

  19. Alondra BUFFALO, TX

    todo esta muy bien explicado gracias


    This is a very interesting and rewarding course! Thank you.

  21. Adriana MADISONVILLE, TX

    Very interesting and educational topic.


    Good course to learn from.


    Found it very informative and ways to implement in classroom.

  24. Pamela RENO, NV

    Great classes!

  25. Kristin PARKER, CO

    good quick course with ideas


    great course, very interesting and educational

  27. Dione DECATUR, AL

    Loved this course!!

  28. Angel RAPID CITY, SD

    Very good program will recommend it to others

  29. Alavareen OAK PARK, MI

    These courses are very in depth. They are great for learning.

  30. Sharon LAKE MARY, FL

    This was one of my favorite courses! many good ideas.

  31. Lakshmi MADISON, MS

    The course was very useful.

  32. Denise BEDFORD, PA

    This was a very interesting training!

  33. rachelle LISBON, CT

    I really enjoyed doing all of these trainings. While most of these trainings were things that we already know as educators, it was a good refresher and reminder as to what we should be doing.

  34. Vanessa WINSTON-SALEM, NC

    I wish, I had taken this course before my first year of teaching in the public school, and when I was raising my middle daughter. This could have helped me tremendously.

  35. Dara NEW YORK, NY


  36. Megan BINGHAMTON, NY

    I enjoyed this course. It was a great refresher.

  37. Stephanie KALAMAZOO, MI

    I really like this course. I was interested with what you had to asy as I have a form of ADD

  38. Tynesha OXON HILL, MD

    I really enjoyed this class!

  39. Aimee TERRYVILLE, CT

    Very informative class. I am walking away with a lot of new information.

  40. Lisa NUTLEY, NJ

    Very Interesting


    Excellent course.

  42. Norhmedy HOLLY SPRINGS, GA

    great and helpful information

  43. Sherita CLINTON, MD

    Attentive Deficit is near to me because I have a family member with it. This course gave me insight as to how to understand and work with him.

  44. Cindy DULUTH, MN

    I have always found the courses to be informational and helpful for my day to day interaction with the children.

  45. Kim WESTON, OR

    Easy to navigate throughout the course

  46. Kecia GREAT NECK, NY

    very interesting and useful course, information was explained very clearly and precise

  47. Mercedes ARLINGTON, VA

    I LOVE THIS COURSE Thank you!

  48. Lindsey DOYLESTOWN, OH

    I learned so much I didn’t know before.

  49. Juliet DETROIT, MI

    learning new strategies was a plus

  50. Virgen UNION, NJ

    A very interesting course.

  51. Anagil LAUREL, MD

    I am very happy with this training, very organized and helpful. thank you:)

  52. Celeste RENO, NV

    I really enjoyed this course. It confirmed many of the things I already instinctually do with students, encouraging to continue with my approach. It also gave me some new ideas to try, such as, creating social stories; helping child learn organizational skills requiring not only a place for “stuff”, but also a system and the development of habits or routines; and always focusing on the “five positive comments for every reprimand” rule. Thank you for recognizing the great needs children of ADD/ADHD have and including this course at CCEI.

  53. Stephanie EAU CLAIRE, MI

    was easy to use and good content to apply in my classroom

  54. Gloria GREENVILLE, SC

    I realized I learned a lot more about ADD and ADHD. I got more understanding about them.

  55. Debbie LAGRANGE, KY

    This was very informative.

  56. Alicia GREENWOOD, SC

    CCEI has very good information

  57. Leslie DANVILLE, KY

    glad to have this course

  58. Julie BROCKTON, MA

    Informative and easy to follow along

  59. Lakshmi MADISON, MS

    The course was wonderful. I learned a lot


    I look forward to taking more of your intermediate courses.

  61. Martha TAMPA, FL

    I like the way the course is set up. The course gave me some facts and strategies that I can implement in my classroom

  62. Donna BELCAMP, MD

    Excellent information and strategies to usefor children with attention deficit disorders

  63. Tamika COVINGTON, GA

    I love this course

  64. Victoria TULSA, OK

    I gained a lot of information from this course

  65. Michelle KENANSVILLE, NC

    The attention disorder course was a refresher course that will help me better serve children with attention disorders.


    Thank you for this!!

  67. nebeska NEW BRITAIN, CT

    Great information.

  68. Brittney SUMMERVILLE, SC

    Very informative

  69. Alicia WILLOW SPRING, NC

    Great class

  70. molly TRION, GA

    Excellent course

  71. Tekya FAIRVIEW, NC

    This is a good class to take and can benefit anyone.

  72. Deloris PHOENIX, AZ

    thanks for your insights

  73. Ann HAMDEN, CT

    I enjoyed these facts on this top[ic

  74. Kathy LAKE CHARLES, LA

    Loved getting the information about ADD and ADHD. There are not a lot of classes out there about this.

  75. Fabiola GUSTINE, CA

    I learn a lot from this course

  76. Hasania STOCKBRIDGE, GA

    I loved the reflective question at the end of the lesson where it asks for suggestions to give a coworker if they ask for advice. It helped me to reflect on the lesson presented and made me think of how I can apply it in my school.

  77. Jennifer HENDERSON, NV

    very nice class


    great course

  79. Brenda BALTIMORE, MD

    Good course

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