Coping With Crises and Traumatic Events

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Emergencies and natural disasters can happen suddenly with little or no warning. This course provides essential information on recommended practices and strategies and other important resources to help guide the process of planning to survive and recover from disasters, emergencies, and other types of potentially traumatic events.

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244 reviews for Coping With Crises and Traumatic Events

  1. Frances TUCSON, AZ

    happy to learn of new topics that need an emergency plan in place

  2. Larissa FOREST HILL, MD

    great training

  3. Kaitlyn TUCSON, AZ

    Loved it!

  4. Julie CAVE CREEK, AZ

    great info but some not pertinent to our location

  5. Kalandra MESQUITE, TX

    very helpful

  6. Heaven GLENDALE, AZ

    Great Course!


    comprehensive, useful

  8. Erin RISING SUN, MD

    I enjoyed this class.

  9. Kaitlyn METAIRIE, LA

    it was great

  10. Rachael GLENDALE, AZ

    Enjoy on knowing what. To do in other natural disasters

  11. Teresa MCDONOUGH, GA

    Everything was good

  12. Brianna SAN ANGELO, TX

    very educational

  13. Ana CHANDLER, AZ

    it was vey helpful

  14. Casey PHOENIX, AZ

    This was really beneficial!

  15. Cynthia TAWAS, MI

    Great course

  16. Emma PHOENIX, AZ

    It was great!

  17. Tammy STERLING, MI

    great training

  18. valerie AUGUSTA, GA

    this was a very good course

  19. Julia C PLANTATION, FL

    I love the content of this course.

  20. Tina ORLANDO, FL

    Good information


    Thank you for this training


    Great information, and learned alot.

  23. Jessica LAKE GROVE, NY

    Great course

  24. Adelina NAPLES, FL

    Very good training

  25. Yolanda TUCSON, AZ

    Good Course

  26. Amanda PHOENIX, AZ

    i really enjoyed the information i gained

  27. Dominique QUEEN CREEK, AZ

    Great program!

  28. Priscilla CHANDLER, AZ

    very well organized and easy to follow

  29. Madison CHANDLER, AZ

    It is very well organized

  30. Stacy GILBERT, AZ

    great course

  31. Anna QUEEN CREEK, AZ

    good course

  32. Sarah TUCSON, AZ

    i liked the course

  33. Anna GILBERT, AZ

    very informative

  34. Rebecca PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you for the training!

  35. Destiny POMONA, CA

    It was good classes that I took

  36. Donna LOUISVILLE, KY

    this one was well done

  37. Pam AUBREY, TX



    great courses

  39. Lauren KATY, TX

    Great course!

  40. Erika FLAGSTAFF, AZ

    Great training!

  41. Rena FLORENCE, AZ

    A good review on all pertinent information

  42. Melissa KINGMAN, AZ

    enjoyed course, appreciate understanding this course can bring some stress and assuring us we dont need to be worried

  43. Vanessa COTTONWOOD, AZ

    great lesson

  44. Halina BROOKLYN, NY


  45. Christine SUGAR HILL, GA

    I learn a lot from all the courses that I had taken from CCEI

  46. Savita Mi Mi NOKOMIS, FL

    very knowledgeable course

  47. Alexis CHANDLER, AZ

    Great course.

  48. Jacques STOCKBRIDGE, GA

    Thanks for helping us help the vulnerable; the children. Shalom

  49. Madelynn YUMA, AZ

    this taught me a lot!

  50. Sulinda PEACH SPRINGS, AZ

    was very good

  51. Shanique PHOENIX, AZ

    course was quite practical and informative

  52. Pricila PHOENIX, AZ

    great course !

  53. Linda GULFPORT, FL

    enjoyed the course



  55. Sandy BROKEN ARROW, OK

    Great information!

  56. Imelda RIO RICO, AZ

    this is an excellent course for keeping children safe during an emergency thank you

  57. Maria RIO RICO, AZ

    this was a great and informative course

  58. Veronica RIO RICO, AZ

    this course was very important for the safety and welfare of children

  59. Sheila SAGINAW, MI

    Everything was set up very well.

  60. Becky KATY, TX


  61. Rose MEDINA, OH

    this was a very interesting class and provided alot of great information

  62. Karen PORTLAND, OR

    Thank you!

  63. Susan ROANOKE, VA

    excellent program


    very informational course for dealing with trauma and disasters.

  65. Nancy BROOKLYN, NY

    Was an interesting training, learned a lot.

  66. Mildred BROOKLYN, NY

    very satisfice with the curse

  67. Cynthia AVONDALE, AZ

    I was satisfied with the course

  68. Vanessa BROOKLYN, NY

    good overall

  69. Kirsten KINGMAN, AZ

    It was great!

  70. Faaofo AIEA, HI

    Thank you for providing information on the given topic on how to cope with different disasters and emergency.

  71. Brendell RICHBURG, SC

    I really appreciate the opportunity to complete these training courses at my own pace.

  72. Patti WEBSTER, MN

    really great course

  73. Tonji LANCASTER, SC

    such a informative course

  74. Joel CHICAGO, IL

    Great concepts

  75. jannie WEST HAVEN, CT

    Everything is great

  76. Alba HAVERHILL, MA

    Thank you for all information provided in this course.

  77. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    this was a very informative course. Everyone needs to take this course often.

  78. Amanda ALMONT, MI

    Loved this course!

  79. Aimee MEDFORD, NY

    Very informative and helpful course

  80. Sheila CEDARBROOK, PA

    very good content

  81. Anna OVIEDO, FL

    Great course

  82. Sheila STRATFORD, CT

    Very comprehensive course-lots of valuable information!

  83. Brittany LAKE CITY, FL

    Very informative course

  84. Irina CRESTVIEW, FL

    Appreciate the chance to take the course.

  85. Jearline LIVONIA, MI

    This course was very informative it help me to be more prepared for different disaster.

  86. Angel SYLACAUGA, AL

    Good lesson. Very informative.

  87. Octavia BRONX, NY

    broaden my understanding of disaster

  88. Elisapeta LAS VEGAS, NV

    Thank you for the refresher!

  89. Elisapeta LAS VEGAS, NV

    Thank you for the refresher!

  90. Elisapeta LAS VEGAS, NV

    Thank you for the refresher!

  91. Maria TUCSON, AZ

    It has been a vry satisfying experience

  92. Teresa TUCSON, AZ

    Very very informative

  93. Christie YUKON, OK

    When I was selecting I was thinking brain trauma but it was not. I still really enjoyed the course though.


    very easy to use!

  95. Kaelia OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    Great Training


    Excellent course, learned a lot

  97. Guadalupe BROWNSVILLE, TX


  98. dawn OLD LYME, CT

    Thank you- A great start to creating an emergency prepardness plan for my facility

  99. Trisel AVONDALE, AZ

    Very interesting and helpful topics and very detailed explanations

  100. Crystel BORGER, TX

    Very pleased with this very thorough training

  101. Crystel BORGER, TX

    Very pleased with this very thorough training

  102. Crystel BORGER, TX

    Very pleased with this very thorough training

  103. Harry BROWNSVILLE, TX

    Great Course

  104. Alexa HARLINGEN, TX

    Great training


    This course was very informative

  106. Kiara COLUMBIA, MD

    Great course, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this course. Very informative.

  107. Sandra LAREDO, TX

    Really enjoyed this course.

  108. Audrey CUSHING, OK

    It was a great course

  109. Betsie ORLANDO, FL

    Fantastic course, it made me reflect on policies and how during staff meetings I can bring up situations and teachers can role play .

  110. Harriett JACKSONVILLE, FL

    I believe I have some work to do to make sure our Center is prepared for Any Emergency. A Great Study.

  111. Mary Louise ENID, OK

    I appreciate the chance to complete my classes this way. Even for someone computer illiterate, I was able to finish.

  112. Roteesea BRIDGEPORT, CT

    I received helpful information

  113. Jenifer HAMDEN, CT

    THIS COURSE WAS AMAZING! All those working with children and in school buildings school take this course!


    Excellent informations

  115. Catherine ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL

    Covid has been one of the most stressful times for all of us. This course brought me back to correct planning for myself, staff and children

  116. Cary HOGANSBURG, NY

    Very Good. It was tough but i did it.

  117. Lou KINGSLAND, GA

    Very thorough!

  118. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoyed the course.

  119. Francine MARICOPA, AZ

    I’ve enjoyed taking these classes.

  120. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    Great course!

  121. Melvina HIGHLANDS, TX

    Good training. Very valuable information. Easy to navigate.

  122. Adrian HUMBLE, TX

    I liked taking a poll. Also, the course was very organized, and straight forward.

  123. Mary HUMBLE, TX

    There are lots of good information on how to help both children and adult copy with crises and traumatic event. The training was very informative. Thanks

  124. Kim HOUSTON, TX

    I enjoyed the training the information was very informative.

  125. Veronica LOS ANGELES, CA

    Great content and easy to follow course!

  126. Rita STAMFORD, CT

    I really enjoy your course it helped me . loved handouts

  127. David PORTLAND, OR

    I liked the video – a bit of change from reading format was nice. i also liked the written answers best.

  128. Lori DE SOTO, IL

    This was great. Full of information and steps for us to think about when planning for disasters

  129. Colleen NEW YORK, NY

    Loved the layout of the content for its ease of use. Especially, loved the assessment questions along the way to check my understanding.

  130. Kazi ARLINGTON, VA

    I like ccei courses because they explain every detail of the topic.

  131. Devin BRONX, NY

    This was very organized and informative. Thank you

  132. Emmanuel HATTIESBURG, MS

    Excellent lesson!

  133. Kate KYLE, TX

    i have learned so much with this !

  134. Victoria SAN ANGELO, TX

    Great Session. Learned a lot

  135. Ann Marie FORT LAUDERDALE, FL

    The course was very interesting and informative

  136. Riley BROOKLYN, NY

    Very well done – i liked how we got quized after each section. It helped me retain the information better

  137. Fabiola PICO RIVERA, CA

    Excellent course

  138. Lucia ROCKAWAY PARK, NY

    The training was excelent I really recommended the training

  139. Gerald BATON ROUGE, LA

    The online program is easy to navigate and understand!

  140. Yanira LEWISTON, ME

    Really like the handouts option to keep notes for future references.

  141. Melissa LANCASTER, OH

    I liked that it was self paced. I also liked that when I got an answer wrong it took me back to review the information.

  142. renee CHATTANOOGA, TN

    this course was very educational and that i have learned a lot from it

  143. Julie MONSON, MA

    I found the information easy to navigate.

  144. Mary NEW HAVEN, CT

    Great training!

  145. Janet LONE TREE, CO

    I thought this course was put together in a logical format and was very informative.

  146. Lorraine FLEMINGTON, NJ

    Once again I am impressed with the professional, thorough handling of a complicated, emotional topic. Thank you for all the information and helpful references.


    Muchas gracias por permitir nuestra superacion

  148. Gloria CHICAGO, IL

    Really made me think about the program and do we have a toxic chemical procedure because I feel like I haven’t seen one

  149. Cara CARY, NC

    I had fun and it was informative

  150. Lucero HAMDEN, CT

    EXCELLENT TRAINING! I learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

  151. Shannon NORTH CLARENDON, VT

    This course was very well organized and covered lots of useful material.

  152. megan FALLS VILLAGE, CT

    Clear, well thought out course with lots of information that pertains to my child care setting

  153. Wanda TATE, GA

    This course was very informative.

  154. Megan LORTON, VA

    I enjoyed this course, thank you for sharing such wonderful information.

  155. monica WASHINGTON, IL

    I enjoyed this training

  156. Ruben JACKSON, NJ

    Excelente program.

  157. Deletha SOUTH HOLLAND, IL

    The course was very informative. I makes you really see and know how much one is really prepared for emergencies and disasters. Thank you!!!

  158. Carrie WISE, VA

    This was an excellent course!! I enjoyed it!!

  159. Virginia SILVER SPRING, MD

    In this course I learned some new things about different crises and how to be prepare at school and at home.

  160. elena WEST PALM BEACH, FL

    Very informational and helpful training!

  161. Kimberlee BEAVERTON, OR

    Organized and thorough training.


    It was great, I learned some new things I didn’t know before I took the course. Also that there are many ways to find out more information on these topics if I or anybody else I know, needs them

  163. Evangeline JERSEY CITY, NJ

    Very informative and i have learned a lot and gain a lot of knowledge with regards to my job as a caregiver.

  164. Marisabel ATLANTA, GA

    Very good information!

  165. Judith BROWNSTOWN, MI

    Interesting course! This course or a similar course should be mandatory for all employees.

  166. Jackie NOVICE, TX

    I LOVED this course! Very informative!!!

  167. Maria HICKORY, NC

    thank you for providing a wonderful training

  168. Kerry WAUKEHSA, WI

    I learned a lot about the course Coping with Crisis & Traumatic Events. Things I didn’t know and did know.

  169. Crystal PHOENIX, AZ

    I really enjoyed this course. It definitely opened my eyes more and to be more aware of my surroundings in my classroom.

  170. Maranda LA GRANGE, KY

    Excellent and very informative Course!!!!!!!

  171. Lisa COLUMBUS, OH

    Very informational course

  172. Laura SAN FRANCISCO, CA

    This course had an overload of good information but it is a lot to process at once. It was excellent comprehensive information for this course. I do appreciate the handouts to take notes and highlights. I wish that it was a little shorter in scope of traumatic events.

  173. Kasandra CALLAHAN, FL

    This course helped me learn things about myself that make a lot of sense when it comes to my actions. Also gave me an insight to my children’s mindset about the divorce I’m currently going through.

  174. Sharon TALLAHASSEE, FL

    The material was very interesting and informative. Some things I knew but I learned some things too.

  175. Ann CHESHIRE, CT

    great current advice

  176. marisol FORT MYERS, FL

    we are going through a crises right know so this was helpful thank you

  177. Jennifer DONIPHAN, MO

    course is easy to take

  178. William SALISBURY, MD

    I found this course very informative, even though I felt it was more for an administrator than for a teacher.

  179. Lisa NUTLEY, NJ

    Very Interesting

  180. Sharon CASTLE ROCK, CO

    It made me realize how unfamiliar I am with emergency procedures in our facility

  181. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Very informative

  182. Auria NEW HAVEN, CT

    This training is informative and it will help staff understand how important know that we are experincing the pandamic .

  183. Lily TRAFFORD, PA

    All of the courses I have taken thus far are wonderful. All information is organized into easy to follow sections. It is very thorough and informative. I really enjoy furthering my education with CCEI.

  184. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was interesting

  185. Vera NEW HAVEN, CT

    The course was not only informative but helpful on how to ease the stress of my Center, families and myself during this pandemic crisis we are now in as a World.

  186. Deidre CLAIREMORE, OK

    enjoyed the training very informative

  187. Kelly BALTIMORE, MD

    I love CCEI its so navigation friendly throughout the whole course

  188. King CHICAGO, IL

    Great training!

  189. Vaso ASTORIA, NY

    everything was extremely helpful

  190. Sirmin WOODSIDE, NY

    I learned a lot from the course.

  191. Nancy JAMAICA PLAIN, MA

    The subject content was presented in a clear, organized manner. The reviews at the end of each section was helpful.

  192. Breanna WICHITA, KS

    good course thank you

  193. Maria BROCKTON, MA

    Very important training.

  194. migdaly NEW HAVEN, CT

    The course was very informational and full of additional resources.


    The courses are excellent

  196. Angela GREENWOOD, SC

    I really enjoy taking these classes

  197. Teresa LANCASTER, PA

    Excellent training

  198. Kirk LOUISVILLE, KY

    very well organized

  199. Nivin PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you so much for the very important knowledge included in this course.

  200. shamika HARTFORD, CT

    I think online courses are very very helpful. It is a benefit for those who have to work and are unable to actually attend classses

  201. Saranada BALTIMORE, MD

    truly learned alot

  202. Kelsey SHERWOOD, AR

    I learned a lot.

  203. Haylie ALLEN, TX

    It was very helpful

  204. JiJi LIVONIA, MI

    I learned a lot

  205. Cynthia SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ

    well done!

  206. beatriz PHOENIX, AZ

    Great information

  207. Jacqueline MARIETTA, GA

    Great course very informative

  208. Mary ALTHA, FL

    Very informative


    I enjoyed this course.

  210. Jane C. LAS VEGAS, NV

    I found the handout to be very helpful.

  211. Tasleem LUBBOCK, TX

    Very well explained

  212. Brandon LAVEEN, AZ

    Great information

  213. Karen BRATTLEBORO, VT

    I appreciated the clear format and presentation of this training, and look forward to completing other courses in the near future.

  214. Silvia GERMANTOWN, MD

    The information provided in this class was very clear and understandable.


    great class and valued information

  216. carol SUPPLY, NC

    Great course

  217. Cathy SAVANNAH, TN


  218. Veronica PHOENIX, AZ

    The course was very easy to access and understand.

  219. Luisa ORLANDO, FL


  220. Patrica CLAREMORE, OK

    i leared alot

  221. Margaret PHOENIX, AZ

    This course had a lot of information to cover. All good and valuable information.

  222. Michelle DOWNERS GROVE, IL

    Many children, who have never previously attended a professional childcare setting, display separation anxiety and cry when parents drop them off and I think it would be helpful to have a few practical ideas, the right actions or words to offer to soothe them.

  223. Russell MESA, AZ

    good learning experience

  224. Pattie WATERTOWN, WI

    I enjoyed this course selection

  225. mary RADCLIFF, KY

    It was awsome

  226. Mary TUCSON, AZ

    Thank you for the opportunity to take all the trainings I needed.

  227. Angie TALLAHASSEE, FL

    Very informative

  228. Kathryn OCALA, FL

    This was very informative and though provoking for me

  229. Renee POTOMAC, MD

    CCEI is a very valuable resource for me.

  230. Betty GREENSBORO, MD

    I will use this training information in my classroom.

  231. Irina AUSTIN, TX

    great course

  232. Mary PHX, AZ

    Very helpful for me and how to teach a kid how to cope with their feelings

  233. carmen RADCLIFF, KY

    I liked it

  234. Elizabeth NEW YORK, NY


  235. Marcia INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    Good job! in learned a lot of helpful information.

  236. Sharon SOUTH WINDSOR, CT

    Thank you for such an amazing educational interesting and convenient way to earn required professional development hours.

  237. Leslie LONGIVIEW, TX

    This was a long courses, but had lot’s of important information. So very helpful.

  238. Leslie LONGIVIEW, TX

    This was a long courses, but had lot’s of important information. So very helpful.

  239. Tabitha CROOKSTON, MN

    Thank you for making it easy to understand and know where to find everything!!

  240. Ashley COON RAPIDS, MN


  241. Jordan SPRINGDALE, AR

    interesting course

  242. Ruth ODENTON, MD

    I also enjoy taking the emergency preparedness courses.

  243. Kristin ISLIP, NY

    learned a lot and reinforced tactics i already knew

  244. Leslie DANVILLE, KY

    this is an excellent course

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