Food Allergies in the Early Care Setting

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This course provides an overview of food allergies and basic food allergy safety principles to employ in the early care setting. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to identify the occurrence of food allergies in the United States, identify the program’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for children and staff who suffer from food allergies, identify the eight major food allergens, identify contact and airborne sensitivity, list the theories associated with the rise in food allergies, identify the importance of food labeling and packaging and define epinephrine.

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217 reviews for Food Allergies in the Early Care Setting

  1. Shirlee GRASONVILLE, MD

    very informative


    trainng has good information


    Excellent course to understand!

  4. William SALISBURY, MD

    very informative

  5. Jordan ROXBORO, NC

    I learned a lot of information!

  6. Jennifer TALLAHASEE, FL

    Very useful information I will use.

  7. Samantha PLYMOUTH, MI

    I thought this course was very helpful

  8. Emma HOUSTON, TX

    Course was great, I love CCEI!


    I liked how CPR instructions were incuded.

  10. Rocio BEAVERTON, OR

    love the courses, super easy to understand the meterials!

  11. Beth MORRIS, CT

    The way that question are make it easy to understand

  12. Martha SAN ANTONIO, TX

    Thank you
    Good information


    I really like the drop and drag activities

  14. Tunisia LAFAYETTE, AL

    This lesson was very detailed

  15. Blanca DOUGLAS, AZ

    A wonderful courses for my development as a caregiver

  16. Guadalupe TEMPE, AZ

    I really liked the course it was straight forward.

  17. Monica SAN ANTONIO, TX

    Great course. Thank you

  18. Mayia NEWNAN, GA

    I really enjoyed this course and thought it was worth my time to actually read all the information

  19. Abby OZARK, AR

    Everything was great!

  20. Katherine WESTMINSTER, CO

    This training was informative.


    Excellent course!

  22. Yadira PHOENIX, AZ

    Very good information

  23. Jessica LAKE GROVE, NY

    Great training!

  24. Cheryl MORTON GROVE, IL

    I enjoyed this course and learned a lot.


    Excelente tranneing

  26. Madelyn OZARK, AR

    I really enjoyed this course. It was clear and to the point. I do not feel comfortable with computers but I was able to work with this. Thank you so much!

  27. Denise PASADENA, MD

    Thank you for providing this important course.

  28. marcus DENVER, CO

    loved it

  29. Trisel AVONDALE, AZ

    Very informative training subject

  30. Mauricio BUDA, TX

    A great course, thank you.

  31. Patricia JANESVILLE, WI

    Thanks for your wonderful selection of courses.

  32. Patricia JANESVILLE, WI

    Thanks for your wonderful selection of courses.

  33. Patricia JANESVILLE, WI

    Thanks for your wonderful selection of courses.

  34. Sabrina HOUSTON, TX

    The training was very helpful

  35. Sabrina HOUSTON, TX

    The training was very helpful

  36. Sabrina HOUSTON, TX

    The training was very helpful

  37. Rosalia HOUSTON, TX

    This course helped me understand about epinephrine injector to treat symptoms of severe allergies.

  38. Sonja HOUSTON, TX

    I would recommend to a friend

  39. Naomi BROOKLYN, NY

    The course was very educational and enjoyable.

  40. Denise BRANFORD, CT

    Ithink this was a great course to take.

  41. Gloria HEREFORD, TX

    All the information is really helpful.

  42. Yolanda CHAMPAIGN, IL

    Great training


    excellent training

  44. Anthony PLACERVILLE, CA

    very informative and interesting to read

  45. Sandi HENDERSON, TX

    It was a good study

  46. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    I have enjoyed this course very much.

  47. Diana CANTON, MI

    Enjoyed this course

  48. Gael DUBUQUE, IA

    great training material

  49. Margo BROOKLYN, NY

    Very clear and concise! Friendly.

  50. Louise CHAMBERLAIN, SD

    Learned some new things about the emergency procedures during an allergic reaction.

  51. Shirlee GRASONVILLE, MD

    information is good for
    parent and staff training

  52. Olga HOUSTON, TX

    In my opinion everything was covered.

  53. Darlene CAMBRIDGE, MD

    Great training

  54. William SALISBURY, MD

    This course was very informative.

  55. Beatriz ASTORIA, NY

    great and very informative course

  56. Jayla EULESS, TX

    Very good information !

  57. Jeanette HUMBLE, TX

    Awesome course.

  58. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoyed this course

  59. Martha HOUSTON, TX

    It was a very good review about the matter.

  60. Kim HOUSTON, TX

    this course was helpful for me to use next year in the classroom .

  61. Yani BROOKLYN, NY

    The course was well interpreted.

  62. Sarah CHICKASHA, OK

    great information to know

  63. Denise BROOKLYN, NY

    I enjoyed this training. It was very informative.

  64. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Very informative

  65. Chelsea CORTEZ, CO

    great information

  66. Dwight WLADORF, MD

    I learn something new about signs of an allergic reactions and how to do them properly

  67. Julie HONOLULU, HI

    Excellent course !

  68. Sheryl LAVONIA, GA

    i was enlightened by some information and is very confident now that if I should have to use any of this i have learned i will be able to successfully do so.

  69. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I feel much more knowledgeable about dealing with allergies in the early childhood setting. I also feel more confident with how to handle a student who has had an allergic reaction in my classroom.


    Great Course, very important information!

  71. Debra HARTWELL, GA

    i enjoyed taking the course

  72. Twyjane CHICAGO, IL


  73. Darla SACRAMENTO, CA

    I loved this course. I received information that I didn’t know about.

  74. Marie HOLBROOK, NY

    This course was very interesting n informative and taught me alot

  75. Joyce 06708, CT

    Session was informative

  76. Carolyn EASLEY, SC

    Course was very well organized

  77. Andrea CLINTON, UT

    Great course!

  78. Mary STAMFORD, CT

    This course is so informational. “I know i am fully equipped to handle situations at my center”.


    It enhances my knowledge of allergic reactions in early childhood.


    I thought the class was very informative and showed me what to look for in a child with food allergies. It also showed me to explain to the children the reason for not sharing and touching each others food and drink.

  81. Lillian BATESVILLE, AR


  82. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was interesting

  83. estrella EAST HARTFORD, CT

    I really learned more about children’s allergies because the main thing is to keep our children safe.

  84. Allison SAGAMORE, MA

    great training tool


    At my schol we have several children with allergies and this information will help me a lot. Great course.

  86. Erika DANBURY, CT

    I liked these courses one learns a lot

  87. Megan BINGHAMTON, NY

    It is always nice to have a refresher and to continue on with the learning. I also like to learn new things and the courses provided is very helpful.

  88. Michelle GEORGETOWN, SC

    great course

  89. Brenda LAKE CITY, SC

    I course was a very good course because I have allergy problems too.

  90. Darlene CHAMPION, PA

    Very informative


    This course was very well helpful.


    I love taking all your informative courses!!!

  93. Evangeline JERSEY CITY, NJ

    It is very informative and very simple to understand. I enjoyed taking the course.

  94. Lynda LELAND, NC

    I did not know that tree nuts were a major food allergen if handled

  95. Brian SCOTTSDALE, AZ

    Everything explained in the course was thorough.

  96. King CHICAGO, IL

    Great training!

  97. Sherita CLINTON, MD

    Great Course

  98. Padmaja ACTON, MA

    its a good information for people work with children.

  99. Lindsey DOYLESTOWN, OH

    I’ve learned so much about allergies by taking this course learned so much I didn’t know before.

  100. Maria PORT CHESTER, NY

    excellent program

  101. KyeongHee GLENDALE, AZ

    It was helpful.

  102. Kerry WAUKEHSA, WI

    I learned a lot and want to counite learning more about allergies in young children

  103. Kerry WAUKEHSA, WI

    I learned a lot and want to counite learning more about allergies in young children

  104. Shire LAFAYETTE, LA

    video was helpful

  105. Joselen LAVEEN, AZ

    I love how this program gives hands out so that you can note down things you may not catch when you take the exam.

  106. Lora EARLETON, FL


  107. Rebecca MERIDEN, CT

    They covered it perfectly

  108. Cecelia MURPHYSBORO, IL


  109. Stefanie RALEIGH, NC

    Great topic to learn about

  110. Patricia TURNER, OR

    Great information and right to the point

  111. Meghaben STOCKBRIDGE, GA



    I learn many important things to prevent food allergies for my center.

  113. Desirae BROKEN ARROW, OK

    Love the training on this site!

  114. Marsha CANTON, NY

    This was a helpful topic for today’s children.

  115. Robin LUXEMBURG, IA

    Great topics

  116. Katelyn KEARNS, UT

    It was a great course!

  117. Caitlynn DALLAS, TX

    Informative course, very good review as well.

  118. Nighat ALLEN, TX

    It helped a lot in increasing my awareness about food allergens and dispelled many myths about food allergies.

  119. Sonya BALSAM LAKE, WI

    great overview

  120. Amanda WEST MONROE, LA

    All was very helpful

  121. Deborah CANTON, GA

    satisfied with this course training

  122. Neshawn MOUNT PLEASANT, SC


  123. Hunter WESTBROOK, ME


  124. Kay MONROE, GA

    Very good course and enjoyed it

  125. Nivin PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you so much for the precious knowledge.

  126. Pauline DUBUQUE, IA

    The allergy course was very informative.

  127. Chantel COLUMBUS, OH

    Nice course

  128. Karen SACRAMENTO, CA

    Thank you, your online classes help me with training without having to take time off of work. I’m glad I found your website! Have a great Thanksgiving ( :

  129. Claudia PLANTATION, FL

    Your courses always support my work as a teacher

  130. Kyara MESA, AZ

    It was perfect

  131. Cynthia SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ

    thank you great topics

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    This program was very helpful. I am a cook for a daycare.

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  154. Shelia DALLAS, TX

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    This is a great learning tool

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  157. Denise GERMANTOWN, MD

    Very informative. I learned a lot!

  158. Jacqueline TUCSON, AZ

    Everything was good

  159. Sheila HERNDON, VA

    this year we have many students with allergies. this information has been so helpful.

  160. Judith BROWNSTOWN, MI

    Interesting course. I have a child starting Monday with a severe allergy to nuts. This course was very helpful.

  161. Barbara TRUMBULL, CT

    course was very informative and very good information

  162. janice NORDHEIM, TX

    these class have helped alot

  163. Irene SAN ANTONIO, TX

    Excellent information and very useful


    Great start on learning more about food allergies

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    I think that the courses were really helpful and understandable.

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    great course

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    I enjoy the trainings offered

  168. Karen WATERFORD, CT

    loved this course. helped when I received my first child with food allergies.

  169. Veronica PHOENIX, AZ

    The course is good

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    class was very good

  171. Robin ISLIP, NY

    enjoyed the course

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    Very educational

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    nice and quick reading with good information

  174. Jan APEX, NC

    It was concise, clear and informative and will help me to keep my kids safe! Thank you!

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    Great course!

  176. Shayna SHOW LOW, AZ


  177. Anab PHOENIX, AZ

    It was an excellent course to be a child care provider.

  178. Ashley GOSHEN, KY

    Great course.

  179. Stephanie TUCSON, AZ

    Great information and easy to understand and always be precaution.

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    Thanks for the informative training!

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    a good and well organized web with useful courses

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    This class was presented very thouroughly. I felt prepared and confident for my exam

  187. Harriet LEXINGTON, KY

    Loved the course. Helpful information and training.

  188. Tiffany SUPPLY, NC

    I loved it thank you

  189. Celita NORCROSS, GA

    it is excellent to learn more about the allergen foods and how can be contaminate in the kitchen by contac

  190. Erma AUSTELL, GA

    good course

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    This was so much easier than i thought. Im easily intimidated by online courses. Such a grea exp.

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    Very good course.

  193. Mercedes GRAND PRAIRIE, TX

    All was good


    Very please with the content of this course and the ease of the layout in general!

  195. Gisele BRONX, NY

    i really learned alot from taking this course and i will recommend this courses to all parents and caretaker .

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    Very informative

  197. Tameka CARRBORO, NC

    Everything was good

  198. Belynda CONWAY, AR

    Great course! Very informative.


    I really liked the food allergy orientation


    I really liked the food allergy orientation

  201. Cindy SLIDELL, LA

    class was good information

  202. Marie SAINT LOUIS, MO

    website was easy to use and is well set up

  203. Destiney PERTH AMBOY, NJ

    Great training

  204. Cohava NAPLES, FL

    I feel better to work with kids after this class.

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    this was a great refresher course


    The class was informative

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    this class broke down the information nicely, making it easy to follow and remember. 🙂


    The course was terrific.


    good course

  217. Patricia ATHENS, GA

    Excellent learning experience using this online training!

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