Gender Bias and Stereotypes

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This course explores the development of gender identity and stereotypes. Participants will learn how and why gender stereotypes are formed and the ways in which gender stereotyping can impact a child’s psychological and social development. In addition, participants will learn strategies for promoting gender equity and equal opportunity in the classroom.

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52 reviews for Gender Bias and Stereotypes

  1. Michael NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV

    Love sociology driven courses

  2. Kathleen GARDNER, MA

    enjoying these trainings


    I’m very pleased with the layout and content of the classes I have taken. I will continue to search for and take courses that will help me complete my requested materials and explore topices that interests me.

  4. Pamela MOUNT VERNON, OR

    I like these trainings

  5. Angela MARIETTA, GA

    Thank you for adding the short videos; They were great!

  6. michel ALPHARETTA, GA

    great training, very satisfied

  7. Claire YUMA, AZ

    So good! The videos gave me chills and really made me think about how we may be stereotyping in the classroom

  8. M. Charlene MAMARONECK, NY

    I found this to be an excellent course. It serves as a good reminder of the issues EC teachers must be aware of. I found the section on Eliminating Stereotypes in the classroom very helpful. I will recommend this class to my teachers.

  9. Allison FORT WORTH, TX

    This was really enlightening and I made notes along the way of things I need to add to my classroom!!

  10. Kathy TUCSON, AZ

    I have been impressed with these courses. Well done.

  11. Traci KINGSLAND, GA

    Your courses are very educational for my training for work.

  12. Toni ANNAPOLIS, MD

    Loved this course

  13. Alfonzo LOUISVILLE, KY

    Great learning

  14. davii REYNOLDSBURG, KY

    Great learning

  15. Sherita CLINTON, MD


  16. Lori MOWEAQUA, IL

    Great course

  17. Alicia DALLAS, TX

    great information in these trainings

  18. Donna LANSING, NY

    i loved this

  19. Theresa FREEPORT, NY

    This was a very good course.

  20. Jennahlynn WAHIAWA, HI

    Great course to take to help see they gender stereotypes in everyday life in schools

  21. Geanene GRAND BLANC, MI

    very informative

  22. Ashley DECATUR, IL

    Training was good and helpful

  23. Katrina SAGINAW, MI

    eveything on here is good

  24. Annie CASTLE ROCK, CO

    i really liked the videos that were included in the course.

  25. Michelle LAS VEGAS, NV

    This particular course was great. I was happy to see this topic and learned alot about myself and how I can impove.

  26. Gabriela MUNDELEIN, IL

    Everything is excellent


    I’m glad my place of work provided CCEI as a way to get training.

  28. marisol FORT MYERS, FL

    I learned allot from this class

  29. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Great information very informative.

  30. Kayla KUNA, ID

    Great course, I personally learned a lot, thank you.

  31. Deborah OKLAHOMA, OK

    This was great!

  32. Taylor LAWRENCE, KS

    Good information! The riddle at the beginning really opened my eyes. Thank you.

  33. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoyed this course

  34. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    Very interesting course!

  35. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was interesting

  36. Megan BINGHAMTON, NY

    I loved the video!!

  37. rachelle LISBON, CT

    I’m taking suggestions from this training and going to put them into place in the classrooms, especially when reading books to the children.

  38. Georgia EL-MIRAGE, AZ

    Very much enjoyed this class! I got a little teary eyed with the last clip. I guess it might be because my daughter was in one of those roles, in the military to be exact.

  39. Mercedes ARLINGTON, VA

    This is a great course. Thank you!

  40. Carole EVERGREEN, CO

    Great information

  41. carmen FORT WORTH, TX

    Very learnful course

  42. myrna HARTFORD, CT

    It’s a great way of individualized learning at ones pace.

  43. Allison PORTLAND, OR

    Your topics reflect a wide variety of subjects. Thank you.


    Great course

  45. Bethany NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV

    very interesting

  46. Samantha WINTER HAVEN, FL

    Good class. Riddle at the beginning really made me think.

  47. carmen RADCLIFF, KY

    I like it

  48. Julie MANASSAS, VA

    Easy to use and interact with.

  49. Maranda LA GRANGE, KY

    great course


    These courses are always benefitial!

  51. Leslie LONGIVIEW, TX

    The video content part on gender stereotypes was AWESOME !!!!!!!!

  52. Coet EL CAMPO, TX


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