How Children Learn

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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to define the four domains in which learning and development occur, identify Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, explain how children learn through the observation of models, and identify additional common learning theories and teaching strategies based on research into brain development.

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158 reviews for How Children Learn

  1. miriam BOCA RATON, FL

    The course was very informative.

  2. Pallyayi EDISON, NJ

    I enjoyed the training it was very helpful.

  3. Sharmonique BALTIMORE, MD

    I enjoyed the course topics

  4. Erin RISING SUN, MD

    I really enjoyed taking this class.


    good course i enjoyed it

  6. Kellie WARREN, MI

    very informative

  7. Amber MESA, AZ

    There was a lot of good information.


    The course is excellent very interesting. I have learn a lot


    Extremely Informative cource and theory

  10. Michele ARVERNE, NY

    continue to encourage provide educators with interesting topics

  11. Yolanda TUCSON, AZ

    good information

  12. Malaika MABLETON, GA

    Overall fantastic courses offered!

  13. Teresa LITTLE RIVER, SC

    This was informative .

  14. Jessica LAKE GROVE, NY

    Great course

  15. Mallory ROCK HILL, SC

    Great information!

  16. Daoneshia COLUMBUS, GA

    I learned so much from this course.

  17. Grendelia CASA GRANDE, AZ

    Awesome class very informative and was able to take it at my own pase.

  18. Alejandrina TUCSON, AZ

    everything is educational

  19. Emily CLEVER, MO

    I love CCEI

  20. Gregoria FUQUAY VARINA, NC

    Great training

  21. Nora ROME, GA

    training on point

  22. Nelly CHANDLER, AZ

    Good topics and easy to understand.

  23. Kelley PLANO, TX

    great course

  24. Christina ALVIN, TX

    Great information

  25. Chloe SPARKS, NV

    Great catalog, learned a lot

  26. Alfonzo LOUISVILLE, KY

    Great learning

  27. davii REYNOLDSBURG, KY

    Great learning

  28. Lisa GILLETT, WI

    Good class

  29. Charlene MOXEE, WA

    thank you for letting me get lots of ideas


    Enjoyed this course.

  31. Youlanda REX, GA

    very good course

  32. Tiffany BALTIMORE, MD

    great class

  33. Rosa COBDEN, IL

    Thanks for the course.

  34. Cheryl MESA, AZ

    great class!

  35. Tracey LAS VEGAS, NV

    Very interesting class

  36. Lusandra PITTSBURGH, PA


  37. Wanda TEQUESTA, FL

    good material

  38. Tamara HOOVER, AL

    perfectly done!

  39. Maria YORKTOWN, VA

    Excellent topic.

  40. Nerys KAPOLEI, HI

    The course was good overall.

  41. Nerys KAPOLEI, HI

    The course was understandable and informational.

  42. Valerie HONOLULU, HI

    Just a great experience!

  43. Temmitt MYRTLE BEACH, SC

    This was an interesting course

  44. Samantha EAST ISLIP, NY

    the trainings are very helpful and easy to use.

  45. Maureen RONKONKOMA, NY

    I learned a lot in this course.


    Thank you for making learning this easy

  47. Maria MYRTLE BEACH, SC

    it was very good.

  48. Emerald GAINESVILLE, GA

    Great Training! Learn alot about brain development.

  49. Fedinia EAST ORANGE, NJ

    Great information.

  50. Catherine SUMTER, SC

    Very informative course, a lot of information in just one class😁

  51. roxann WATERBURY, CT

    i have a lot to learn

  52. Shirley PANAMA CITY, FL

    excellent course

  53. Laurie WYOMING, MI

    Emailing my questions was very helpful. Thank you for the prompt responses.

  54. Sharry HOWELL, MI


  55. Joyce ROBERTS, ID

    Great class, very informative!

  56. Stephanie SARASOTA, FL

    thank you for having this available specially throughout this pandemia

  57. Traci AMARILLO, TX

    I loved it

  58. Bonnie TOOELE, UT

    Loved this course! Very informative, thank you


    Great information!

  60. Robin BALTIMORE, MD

    I learned a lot from this course.

  61. Annette NEW YORK, NY

    Great course

  62. Vara PHENIX CITY, GA



    easy way to learn ,CCEI its the best


    CCEI its the best

  65. Laura CAPE CORAL, FL

    This was a terrific course. it reminded me of my previous studies that are relevant today

  66. Jennifer TALLAHASEE, FL

    Very interesting and great course material.

  67. Suzan DALLAS, TX

    Great learning experience.

  68. RaShai LAWRENCE, KS

    thanks i really enjoyed my lesson

  69. Shannon OVERLAND PARK, KS

    Great course, easy to follow and understand.

  70. Emma BANDERA, TX

    It was a great learning experience


    enjoyed the course very educational

  72. Moneisha KENBRIDGE, VA

    CCEI is a good site to learn more information about.

  73. Moneisha KENBRIDGE, VA

    CCEI is a good site to learn more information about.

  74. Moneisha KENBRIDGE, VA

    CCEI is a good site to learn more information about.

  75. Colynda SNELLVILLE, GA

    The class was very inormative.




    I liked the training

  78. Crystal ELK RIVER, MN

    This was a great learning experience for me and I love how I can go at my own pace on my own time. Good job! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  79. Elgina FORT WORTH, TX

    Very informative information

  80. Laura PHOENIX, AZ

    I love online learning!

  81. Patricia WATERBURY, CT

    I gain information that I can used in my class room

  82. Bonnie WATERBURY, CT

    Great course

  83. Jennifer BROOKLYN, NY

    very good training I will consider all these tips when interacting with kids

  84. kalesha LITTLE ROCK, AR

    great material

  85. Tara ALBANY, WI

    It was a good course!

  86. Leidy MIAMI, FL

    Great experience with my course.

  87. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how children learn in this course. It was very well put together.

  88. Deborah TAYLOR, MI

    I think all ECE teachers, who are coming into a head start program should take this course. It would enlighten them on how to prepare an environment for learning.

  89. Joyce ELLIJAY, GA

    I really enjoyed all the helpful information

  90. Lauren SAINT LEONARD, MD

    It is well organized and the examples are very helpful

  91. Brooke ROCKVILLE, MD


  92. Mary STAMFORD, CT

    I really enjoy doing the course. It serves as a refresher for me.

  93. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoy the interactive material and concept of this training

  94. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    The course was great and full of valuable information.

  95. Maria JAMAICA, NY

    Excellent course, very informative and easy to implement.

  96. Bianca WOODHAVEN, NY

    loved the training

  97. Patricia SAYVILLE, NY

    I thought this course was a very important subject and would like to see more courses about how children learn. It’s very important for childcare workers to be knowledgable about this subject.

  98. Adriane TAFTVILLE, CT

    Love the way we can use the handouts. It helps in retaining all information!

  99. Madelin NEW LONDON, CT

    great study

  100. Janet BATESVILLE, AR

    this was an interesting course I enjoyed it. thanks

  101. Tomisha SAINT MARYS, GA

    Love taking training on this site.

  102. Delia HOMESTEAD, FL

    this was organized very well.

  103. Catherine LANSING, MI

    I enjoyed this course, I wouldn’t have chosen it based on the name. My supervisor choose it for everyone. πŸ™‚

  104. Cassandra ATLANTA, GA

    I enjoyed this topic!

  105. Ana NEW HAVEN, CT

    Very well easy to understand course

  106. Maria WEST JORDAN, UT

    It was very very very helpfull

  107. Norma SAN FRANCISCO, CA

    I loved this course it was so informative, I learned new things that I can implement at the school and I remembered things I learned when I was taking Early Childhood classes.

  108. Hunter WESTBROOK, ME

    Very helpful in understanding my kiddos

  109. Andrea MIAMI, FL

    Great course

  110. linda THOMASTON, CT

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue learning new skills as they to relate to the field of education which is ever changing. I look forward to using the information i obtain to have more positive interactions with the children I teach and create a classroom environment which is play based and learning is enjoyable

  111. Trudy HOTCHKISS, CO

    Easy to follow

  112. Ana Marie EDINBURG, TX

    The training course was helpful for my needs as a child care provider to be aware on children’s development. The information provided I will introduce on my daily routines to help children under my care.

  113. Amanda WEST MONROE, LA

    All was helpful

  114. Kelsea SPRINGFIELD, MO

    Really appreciate seeing more infant/toddler geared content, keep it up! Thank you!

  115. Gillian SNELLVILLE, GA

    Everything was presented in an understanding way

  116. JiJi LIVONIA, MI

    I enjoyed the course

  117. Roxie FAIRBORN, OH

    This course was very interesting and enjoyable to take.

  118. Marina BETHESDA, MD

    The course it gave me some strategies that i will incorporated in my job.

  119. Jessica AURORA, OH

    It was a good refresher for the courses I took in College.

  120. Jakia CONROE, TX

    very organized


    Great course

  122. Dee Dee WEST COLUMBIA, SC

    This was an interesting course, it covered a lot of material in a way that was understandable and useful in the classroom.

  123. Arlene TROY, OH

    Excellent course!

  124. Kara COHOES, NY

    Good course

  125. Elsa BALTIMORE, MD

    very good course.

  126. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    I have enjoyed all courses that I have taken.

  127. judith LITTLETON,, CO


  128. Sidra MACON, GA

    I am learning a lot from these courses.

  129. Melna MINNEAPOLIS, MN


  130. Alberta ALEXANDRIA, VA

    Very good

  131. carmen FORT WORTH, TX

    Pretty great course and it’s very alot helpful

  132. Veronica ORLANDO, FL



    Training for Special Education Teachers.

  134. Ashley BATON ROUGE, LA

    I suggest that there be tips for teachers to tell parents regarding these lessons.

  135. Brittany CHAPEL HILL, NC

    I like it.

  136. Brett SELDEN, NY

    Brains are cool

  137. Amber NASHVILLE, AR

    This was very enlightening course

  138. Beth CORAM, NY

    this was a great course

  139. Shanice COLUMBUS, GA

    Yall cover everything

  140. Arleen GLEN BURNIE, MD

    The information was very helpful.

  141. Christine COLONIAL BEACH, VA

    Very informative

  142. Katina WEBSTER, TX

    Love it

  143. Jessica FRANKSVILLE, WI

    Love the slides and the content and easy to learn information

  144. Teresa LAPLATA, MD

    Great course

  145. Kaitlin MILLER PLACE, NY

    I think overall the training online was was great. It provided a lot of great information that i already knew about

  146. Kristina WARMINSTER, PA

    This course was great!

  147. Charlene HOWELL, NJ

    It was a good training but, it may of had too much info to take in. The course outline note pgs, I felt help me take the right notes throughout to help complete the final exam at the end of this!!

  148. Melissa ERDENHEIM, PA

    I learned a lot from this course

  149. Saradambal PISCATAWAY, NJ

    well prepared

  150. Tamika COVINGTON, GA

    I enjoyed taking this course.

  151. Lorri MILWAUKEE, WI

    I enjoyed the Course learned a lot.

  152. Lorri MILWAUKEE, WI

    I enjoyed the Course learned a lot.

  153. Andria MCKINNEY, TX

    I have learned a lot from the courses

  154. norma BELLE ISLE, FL

    a very good course l learn a lot

  155. Evelyn ORLANDO, FL


  156. Jessica HORSHAM, PA

    I enjoyed this course and learned a great deal of new information

  157. Sarah TUCSON, AZ

    Really liked this course! A lot of great information with a great layout.

  158. Denise GUILFORD, IN

    I like the availability of the course.

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