Loose Parts: Incorporating Found Objects and Open-Ended Materials into the Classroom

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We’ve probably all witnessed a child spend hours playing with a box that a toy came in over the actual toy! Children prefer materials that give them the opportunity to be creative, be curious and be independent. One of the most effective ways to encourage this is to incorporate materials in your classroom that support children’s natural curiosity. In this course, participants will explore theory, implementation and ways to include loose parts into their curriculum in developmentally appropriate ways. After this course, participants will have the tools and strategies to embark on their own loose parts journey that will benefit children’s learning on all levels.

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127 reviews for Loose Parts: Incorporating Found Objects and Open-Ended Materials into the Classroom

  1. Grace SANFORD, FL


  2. Maria NORTHVALE, NJ

    This course encourages me to include more materials in my classroom; and teaches me how to use them.

  3. Gloria BUDA, TX

    I enjoyed this one very much. It gave a different insight to adding more “loose part” in our centers.

  4. Lisa RAYMORE, MO

    I didn’t think much of loose parts before I took this class, but I’m sold on it😉


    This class was inspiring. I want to get more info on Loose Play as a result.

  6. Marita WALNUT CREEK, CA

    Now I can understand why it’s important the loose parts in the classrooms. Great Course

  7. Denise KENNEDALE, TX

    Loved this one

  8. Shannan LA HONDA, CA

    lesson was user friendly

  9. Kimberly LAS VEGAS, NV

    This may have been my favorite class. I loved the material and can’t wait to use the ideas especially small world

  10. Rebecca KENNEDALE, TX

    I learned lots of new information from this training.

  11. Amanda PHOENIX, AZ

    Loved the video

  12. Kerry CAVE CREEK, AZ

    Great ideas. Helping me get out of my teaching box.


    I LOVE the loose parts lesson! So fun and I can’t wait to start!

  14. Maureen SAN ANTONIO, TX

    this course was very interesting

  15. Rachel BROOKLYN, NY


  16. Elizabeth SILVER SPRING, MD

    I really liked the reflections from the field and real world examples from classrooms.

  17. Samantha SCOTTSDALE, AZ

    I am so excited to start this in my classroom!

  18. Bettina ELLICOTT CITY, MD

    great glad our center is back with ccei


    Video was interesting and inspiring.

  20. Lisa KATY, TX

    This was my favorite course so far!!

  21. Lyndsay WESTMINSTER, MD

    I really enjoyed this course!

  22. Jan NEW HAVEN, CT

    this course was very interesting and I am going to bring alot of this into my class

  23. Marilyn TOPSHAM, ME

    Loved this training course

  24. Erin SAND LAKE, MI

    I enjoy these courses. They are easy to navigate and that is important to me.

  25. Cordney ATLANTA, GA

    Great information.

  26. Rosemarie FORT MILL, SC

    very inspiring and fun for the teacher as well

  27. Alyssa LOUISVILLE, KY

    more ideas and examples for infants


    Loved the class

  29. deborah PADUCAH, KY

    So much easier than having to travel to trainings.

  30. Nikki LITTLE CHUTE, WI

    Learned a new way or teaching through this course and very useful ideas

  31. Patti CEDAR PARK, TX


  32. Tammy PINELAND, SC

    I do enjoyed this course. All Teachers should take this course. I learned so much.

  33. My Chau ANNANDALE, VA

    Loose part is very useful, excited for children to play with

  34. Taylor LAWRENCE, KS

    I really enjoyed this one and plan to implement in my classroom as soon as possible! Thank you!


    I really enjoyed this course. Lots of good ideas.

  36. Joanna BURTON, MI

    I like the new layout of the courses. .

  37. Martha GREENCASTLE, IN

    This is one of the best online courses I have taken!

  38. Sarah ONTARIO, CA

    the course was well prepared and organized

  39. Stephanie EUGENE, OR

    This was a great class. I learned a great deal. Thank you.

  40. Diana LAKE ARIEL, PA

    This topic was excellent. Maybe webinars on specifics, I.e., science ideas etc can be created. Also from a leadership perspective how can we develop a schoolwide approach. Nicely done.

  41. Karin TORRINGTON, CT


  42. Kristy GLEN ALLEN, VA

    I enjoyed reading personal experiences from other teachers. Thank you for including them in the lesson.

  43. Yavanna ARCATA, CA

    I really liked how this information was presented and I appreciated that it didn’t rely to heavily on videos.

  44. Gale ROCKVILLE, MD

    I finally understand ways I can incorporate loose parts with my students. You made it very step by step and clear on how to do so and consider the ambience and ways to be open ended but still have control.

  45. Brandee LAVONIA, GA

    Course was very well organized and offered many great suggestions for incorporating loose objects into the learning areas of my classroom.

  46. Sandra BRONX, NY

    The course was good, because I learn more about how use Loose Parts in the classroom.

  47. Denise SUN VALLEY, NV

    Our center has begun introducing parts activities. This class has given me so many ideas. I have already passed on the name of this course and will recommend it.


    I really liked this course and the creative suggestions.

  49. Trisha STATESBORO, GA

    I really enjoyed this lesson. I am excited to try these ideas and I loved the video!

  50. Rosemarie MAMARONECK, NY

    this was excellent, I really cant wait to implement these idea in my own classroom

  51. Laticia HARTFORD, CT

    Awesome information

  52. Annamarie ROUND HILL, VA

    By far this has been my favorite course! I cant wait to implement what I have learned.


    Excellent, stimulating and informative course.

  54. april BETHANY, CT

    This course was very interesting and i will definitely have new ideas for my classroom after we go back

  55. Virginia NEW MILFORD, CT

    this was a good course because it made you think of using natural things to be added to the traditional supplies.

  56. barbara WEST HAVEN, CT

    this was a very useful training

  57. Carol ORLANDO, FL

    Thank you very much for including the video of the ‘play pods’.

  58. Mary HENDERSON, KY

    I thoroughly enjoyed the way this was presented and all of the useful information that was shared!

  59. Nadine JEANNETTE, PA

    Truly enjoyed this training. Looking forward to using more of it in my classroom!

  60. Karin ROCHESTER, NY

    This course was very useful with great deal information on this Loose Parts.

  61. Mary HARTFORD, CT

    love ever thing taught in this course and it is very helpful to all in the education field.

  62. Amina BEAVERTON, OR

    I got lots of ideas to play with the children with loose parts

  63. Ashlie CARY, IL

    great course

  64. Tkeya GROVEPORT, OH

    Loved everything about this training. I have always been a fan of the Reggio theory of teaching so this is close to my heart and the way I have raised and taught my son at home

  65. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Great information I learned a lot

  66. Rita FAIRFAX, VA

    I learned a lot about loose parts and I can’t wait to use it in my classroom.

  67. Maria DE WITT, MI

    I really enjoyed this class I believe all preschool classes schould be set up with different items.




    Just so pleased to see validation of children’s innate creativity. Goodbye coloring sheets Please!! Maybe a whole course on the wonders of clay from infancy on.


    Just so pleased to see validation of children’s innate creativity. Goodbye coloring sheets Please!! Maybe a whole course on the wonders of clay from infancy on.

  71. Maria Elena CARRBORO, NC

    I like this trainings and I will recommend them

  72. Shannon FREDERICK, CO

    love loose parts

  73. maria BLOOMFIELD, CT

    Thank you for this well written training on Loose Parts! The teacher scenarios and examples were very unique and helpful!


    Loved all the new ideas for using different found objects.

  75. Elianne SPARKS, NV

    Great class! Thank you!


    Great course

  77. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    I have enjoyed this course very much and look forward to using suggestions in course in my classroom.

  78. Julie COLUMBIA, SC

    Loose Parts was intriguing and encouraging! Thank you!

  79. Denise PASADENA, MD

    Thank you. This course was very informative. Loose Parts has opened up my eyes to the importance of using multi-open ended materials in the classroom. Also how vital loose parts are in all areas of development.


    very well done! Interesting and relevant!

  81. Christina ROCKVILLE, MD

    very interesting. Loved how it expanded my knowledge of lose parts

  82. Tina FREDERICK, MD

    Very happy to learn with the way the course was set up.

  83. Kathleen LISBON, CT

    Enjoyed this course immensely!

  84. zandra NEW BRITAIN, CT

    All the ideas are creative and helpful

  85. Susan GOOSE CREEK, SC

    love this class

  86. Lynda LELAND, NC

    really enjoyed this topic very interesting

  87. jill BLOOMFIELD, CT

    This course really made me start thinking about different ways to use loose parts in my classroom.

  88. Kecia GREAT NECK, NY

    well thought out topic and very interesting. Helps not only the children but the teachers as well think outside the box.


    Well done class

  90. Brittany WAUWATOSA, WI

    I LOVED this loose part course. We are about 95% loose parts, so its so nice to see validation of what we are doing in the classroom. I think this course will help other teachers i work with understand why we are doing it. A lot of times we get a lot of guff for not doing worksheets and cookie cutter art projects.


    Really enjoyed this course

  92. Stephanie LIMERICK, PA

    I really enjoyed learning how to incorporate loose parts into my classroom

  93. Kathrine MILLBURY, MA

    awesome course!

  94. Jeannette BELLE VERNON, PA

    Loose Pats was very informative and laid out well Learned a great deal from the teachers experiences

  95. Fernandez KENDALL, FL

    I am looking forward to taking more of these courses.

  96. King CHICAGO, IL

    I enjoyed the training.

  97. Esther BOARDMAN, OH

    I like that you gave many examples and allow us to print out the information!

  98. Kerry WAUKEHSA, WI

    I learned a lot

  99. Judith BROWNSTOWN, MI

    Very thought provoking course!

  100. Rose GERMANTOWN, MD

    Just started with this website and I am impressed.

  101. Rosemarie FORT MILL, SC


  102. Mercedes BETHESDA, MD

    Excellent class. It provided me with options to use additional options to improve my teaching skills

  103. Marie OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    This was one of my favorite courses and helped me open my news to new ways to incorporate learning .

  104. Denise DENVER, CO

    The course was interesting can use items to incorporate into lessons

  105. Virginia LOUISVILLE, KY

    This class give me lots of new ideas!!

  106. Nadine ATLANTA, GA

    Excellent and valuable information. Great ideas too!

  107. Josie SOUTH EL MONTE, CA

    Thank you for sharing this information! I will definitely apply to my classroom.

  108. Diane DENVER, CO

    I think this training was very useful

  109. Jillian FORT WALTON BEACH, FL

    I really like this course. It was different from the usual STEAM courses that seem to consume a lot of the courses offered. I loved this course.

  110. dionne ELLINGTON, CT

    I thought this course was real informative on how to enhance kids play and learning in and out of the classroom.

  111. lisa CONCORD, MA

    I go alot of wonderful ideas from this course!

  112. Whitney HYATTSVILLE, MD

    Thank you for such an informative course. I can’t help but think that Loose Parts is just a necessary re-imagining of how growing up “used to be” before technology, changing social mores and baseless fear critically infected childhood so many years ago. I cherish my early days, racing leaves as they floated in the gutter and down the street when my neighbor let his sprinklers run too long. Or building a sail with my older brother with leftover wood from my Dad’s pile of scraps and a sheet my mom let me have so I could roller skate down the street against the wind, then turn around and let it effortlessly blow me all the way back up the street at death defying speeds. It’s not just a calling to teach little ones these days, but a duty. We need to set things straight again for children and I will try my best as long as I am able.

  113. Robin FORT BRAGG, NC

    everything was good

  114. Vanessa WEAVERVILLE, NC

    Great class

  115. kim TRION, GA

    I can’t tell you enough how much this course has helped it makes me very eager to learn more.

  116. Roxie FAIRBORN, OH

    This course gave me new ideas to add to my classroom.

  117. Debbie MARIETTA, GA

    This was one of my favorite classes! The information was well thought out and presented and such an important topic.

  118. Marina BETHESDA, MD

    Very interesting course with a lot and good information

  119. Prophet LAUREL, MD

    Very good experience

  120. Sharon BREMERTON, WA

    I really enjoyed this course and look forward to implementing more loose parts into the classroom.

  121. Mckenna MARKLE, IN

    Learning about loose tools was very beneficial

  122. Erin MARIETTA, GA

    This was the best course I’ve taken. I really enjoyed it.

  123. Carmen LELAND, NC

    Thank you for this course help me a lot.

  124. Mary ALTHA, FL

    Great course

  125. Kim VENICE, FL

    I enjoyed the loose parts class and looking forward to getting our area set up for this

  126. Gayle SUMTER, SC

    I really liked this course. Using loose parts in a curriculum is relatively easy and it benefits the whole child. The video was awesome! Watching the children engage in social interactions, imaginative play, gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and so many other activities was wonderful. Loose Parts is a great opportunity for educators to increase learning and fun for children.

  127. Gayle SUMTER, SC

    Wonderful course!

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