Math Madness

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This course explains how children learn early math skills during the preschool years and provides suggestions for numerous math activities for young children. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to define the activities that help children develop math skills such as classifying, patterning, sequencing, comparing, ordering and one to one correspondence, identify materials that belong in a well-stocked math/manipulative center and activities that strengthen early math skills for children in the preschool classroom.

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57 reviews for Math Madness


    Great course!

  2. Roaa WEST HAVEN, CT

    that was very great

  3. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Everything was great

  4. Laura PHOENIX, AZ

    I enjoy these classes

  5. Rebekah LAGRANGE, KY

    great course

  6. Martha SAN ANTONIO, TX

    Love it!
    Great ideas

  7. Gloria DULUTH, GA

    The course is very interesting.

  8. Bonnie DERWOOD, MD

    I enjoyed this class and gained some new knowledge to implement in the classroom.

  9. Janet DELCO, NC

    I love the classes

  10. Lisa PARKER, CO

    Great course, great reminders and great ideas.

  11. Melissa CHICAGO, IL

    I will implement many new activities and provide more math opportunities in the classroom.

  12. Colynda SNELLVILLE, GA

    The course was informative.

  13. Debbie NICHOLLS, GA

    This is some very helpful information. I will use the info in my classroom.

  14. Sheila AUSTIN, TX

    There were something i learned willl help me in my clasrrom

  15. Zoraida RENO, NV

    This class will help me to prepare better my curriculum with math.

  16. Francene BAY VILLAGE, OH

    Enjoyed this course

  17. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Very informative



  19. Carmen AUSTIN, TX

    I like this course it was very interesting, and I learn more ideas that I can implement in my classroom. thanks.

  20. Jazmin AUSTIN, TX

    excellent training, valuable and useful information and highly sistematized

  21. Hannah MIDDLETOWN, CT

    Thanks, I liked this a lot!

  22. Gisele BRONX, NY

    this course was very helpful to in introducing math to my young learners in my classroom

  23. Loretta WICHITA, KS

    I learned a lot about teaching pre math skills to my kiddos. I will use a lot of these suggestions in my class

  24. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I feel much more knowledgeable now that I have taken this course, “Math Madness.” I have learned a lot regarding the importance of math, as well as how to effectively implement math concepts in the early childhood classroom.

  25. Susan GRISWOLD, CT

    Totally enjoyed this course.

  26. Carrie GILBERT, AZ

    Love the ideas of activities that can be used right away!

  27. Melissa GILBERT, AZ

    I loved the ideas for teaching pre-math skills to children.

  28. Christina SAN MARCOS, TX

    I appreciate all the suggested “Try This!” activities! Thank you! They will be very useful.

  29. Karin ROCHESTER, NY

    This course had great useful information.

  30. Jenny PHOENIX, AZ

    This was a great course!

  31. Monica DANBURY, CT

    Very helpful training

  32. Elda PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you, this is a great course!

  33. Gina DANBURY, CT

    Great training!


    I love all the activities provided at the end of the handout! Thank you!

  35. Stephanie GENEVA, IL

    The video at the beginning of this presentation (CCEI430) was fantastic!!!!!

  36. Sabrina SPRINGFIELD, MO

    You always have good lessons, in easy to understand manners! Thank you.

  37. Sharon GAINESVILLE, GA

    Great course

  38. Emerald GAINESVILLE, GA

    I really liked this training.

  39. Marisa CROOKSTON, MN

    Love the course

  40. Shayla AUSTELL, GA

    This course has further enhanced my knowledge of mathematical concept development for early learners

  41. Rosalind HOUSTON, TX

    This course had a great learning layout. It made things easy to understand.

  42. Sarah LOUISVILLE, KY

    Everything was great!!!

  43. Sheila COVINGTON, KY

    This course was very helpful and had great information to take back to the classroom.

  44. Maureen TUCSON, AZ

    Loved this training

  45. Erika BUFORD, GA

    You guys are great!!

  46. Linda FREEPORT, PA

    I liked this course because it supports what i am doing.

  47. Joseph D WOODBINE, MD

    Great class with a lot of information that I can use in my classroom.

  48. Alyson CENTREVILLE, VA

    Helpful and Reinforcing–thanks!

  49. Belynda CONWAY, AR

    Good course.

  50. Tracey FORNEY, TX, TX

    Very interesting course!


    I like your training courses


    I like your training courses

  53. Karla BROOKFIELD, WI

    I enjoy watching the videos and would have enjoyed more.

  54. Karla BROOKFIELD, WI

    I enjoy watching the videos and would have enjoyed more.


    It was very helpful

  56. Yarborah BALTIMORE, MD

    Tthank you!


    The Job Aide printout was a welcome bonus! Great ideas for a new teacher like me.

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