Medication Administration in the Child Care Environment

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This course provides detailed information on best practices and procedures for the safe, effective, lawful, developmentally appropriate administration of medications in the child care environment.

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191 reviews for Medication Administration in the Child Care Environment


    This training is good for all education staff and parent.

  2. Nora TUCSON, AZ

    this was a great course


    Great experience I am looking forward to other courses.


    Love the at your own pace of these

  5. Marites PHOENIX, AZ

    The training is excellent. This is very helpful for me who is new in this type of work. I really learned a lot!

  6. Taylor HULBERT, OK

    great training


    I loved it

  8. Janet TAHLEQUAH, OK

    Very satisfied with class

  9. Wanda SALINA, OK

    Everything went well

  10. Julie CAVE CREEK, AZ

    Easy to navigate

  11. Carmen SILVER SPRING, MD

    All was great!

  12. Aisha BALTIMORE, MD

    I love that some important information was written on the paper, as good notes to remeber.

  13. Heaven GLENDALE, AZ

    Great Course!

  14. Sanela GLENDALE, AZ

    I had positive first time experience with CCEI course Catalog

  15. Connie PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you for all of these courses. I look forward to more.

  16. Erin RISING SUN, MD

    I enjoyed taking this class.

  17. Wynonna TUCSON, AZ

    Great overall experience

  18. Michelle MESQUITE, TX

    It was a insightful course

  19. Maria Teresa GOLDEN VALLEY, AZ


  20. Rachael GLENDALE, AZ

    I was happy with this course

  21. Amber NEWNAN, GA

    It was a very informative class

  22. Kiuana HILLSIDE, NJ

    very good lesson

  23. Fatima SAHUARITA, AZ

    I learn a lot in this course

  24. Michelle SILVER SPRING, MD

    Very good.

  25. Christine YUMA, AZ

    Thank You! Very grateful.

  26. Mary SALINA, OK

    it’s very accessable

  27. Casey PHOENIX, AZ

    This was very beneficial.

  28. Carrie CHILLICOTHE, IL

    Make test questions easier to comprehend


    the information was very helpful.


    Great Job!

  31. Lisa LAREDO, TX

    great training

  32. Vanessa TUCSON, AZ

    Excellent information about administering medication

  33. Nichole NEW RIVER, AZ

    this was a good course!

  34. Mercedes DEL CITY, OK

    Very well organized

  35. Kathryn DALEVILLE, AL

    I have used this same program in other centers. It works well for the needs of the staff.

  36. Julia C PLANTATION, FL

    This course is very informative.

  37. Mattie WINSTON, GA

    the programs offered are excellent

  38. Leticia SIERRA VISTA, AZ

    all topics of child education are good

  39. amy JACK, AL

    Great course!

  40. Ariyana LAVEEN, AZ

    It was very informative

  41. Amanda PHOENIX, AZ

    i liked the course

  42. Merife CATONSVILLE, MD

    I enjoyed the course. Very well put together that the course can be easily understood!

  43. Finau HONOLULU, HI

    very well-presented course

  44. kristian BESSEMER, AL

    Moving forward I will now know how to administer medication the proper way. I know how important it is to list every detail and to make sure every detail you have is correct

  45. Rta PHOENIX, AZ

    Very good information but I think it was a lot to read.

  46. Rebecca PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you for this information!

  47. LaFrancis HEADLAND, AL

    I really enjoyed the course very helpful

  48. Kristopher LEUPP, AZ

    it was a good course

  49. Alejandrina TUCSON, AZ

    very good information.

  50. Karen HULBERT, OK

    I love the CCEI training topics

  51. Cynthia FAIRVIEW, NC

    Great course and very important to know.

  52. rassem BRIDGEPORT, CT

    This course is really interesting



  54. Sharles MUSKOGEE, OK

    Thank you

  55. Sandra CHANDLER, AZ

    I found this study very informative

  56. Melissa TATE, GA

    Course was great

  57. Rena FLORENCE, AZ

    Very good review on medications

  58. Brandy GENEVA, AL

    training was great.

  59. Maribel PHOENIX, AZ

    Great course.

  60. Melissa KINGMAN, AZ

    enjoyed the course

  61. Anna Marie YUMA, AZ

    very easy to read the information

  62. Olivia PHOENIX, AZ

    The convenience taking this CCEI Courses at home is excellent. Thank you.

  63. Allison SILVER SPRING, MD

    I enjoy having CCEI as an educational resource. Thank you!


    good course

  65. claudia GLENDALE, AZ

    The courses is good I’m learning .

  66. Ester SKIDMORE, TX

    Excellent course

  67. Domonique NICHOLASVILLE, KY

    I liked the course. It provided a lot of helpful tips on how to administer medication to children in a child care facility.

  68. Soledad WASHINGTON, DC

    Keep up the good work!

  69. Natalie ROCK SPRINGS, WY

    Very good

  70. Aimee MESA, AZ

    The courses are well explained

  71. Nicolyn GANADO, AZ

    This course has everything I need to know about medication while working at child care center.

  72. Alexis CHANDLER, AZ

    Great course.

  73. Tina PHOENIX, AZ

    You all are doing a great job helping us find training for us professionals to continue our learning

  74. Margaret LEUPP, AZ

    Good information

  75. Janessa CASA GRANDE, AZ

    This was thorough and appreciated.

  76. Keona PHOENIX, AZ

    I liked this course and I learned important information regarding administering medication to children.


    i enjoyed learning about the topic.

  78. Kylie GLENDALE, AZ

    I think CCEI is an excellent training process for employees working with children.

  79. Madelynn YUMA, AZ

    i think this was a great course

  80. Nakia DEWITT, AR

    It was a great learning experience

  81. Bethmariz BAYAMÓN, PR

    It was great material.

  82. Reyna KATY, TX


  83. Linda GULFPORT, FL

    Very well outlined

  84. Shanique PHOENIX, AZ

    very good course

  85. Lynda LELAND, NC

    good course

  86. Fawn HOTEVILLA, AZ

    was well organized and the handout helped a lot


    thank you, good course

  88. Laurel SECOND MESA, AZ

    thank you it was useful information.

  89. Vickie TRUSSVILLE, AL

    I felt the course was very informative and provided the information needed

  90. Caleb TEMPE, AZ

    Thanks for the training

  91. Deven BUCKEYE, AZ

    great course

  92. Peggy STAFFORD, TX

    informative course.

  93. Tiffany PHOENIX, AZ


  94. Maria RIO RICO, AZ

    very informational class

  95. Imelda RIO RICO, AZ

    excellent class

  96. Veronica RIO RICO, AZ

    learned a lot more about medicine administrations

  97. Ebony TEMPE, AZ

    I like that I was able to take my time and take notes.

  98. Vanessa COLUMBUS, GA

    i enjoyed this lesson

  99. Nicole DOTHAN, AL

    I love the way this is set up.

  100. Julia YUMA, AZ

    I really like the in between quizzes, great idea for practices

  101. Cindy LEAGUE CITY, TX

    Great courses

  102. Vina FRISCO, TX

    Simple yet very easy to understand.

  103. Latoya MARICOPA, AZ

    I enjoyed this course,very imfromative.

  104. Shirley HIGH POINT, NC


  105. Cassondra RAVENNA, MI

    Very easy to use!

  106. Laurie LOUISVILLE, KY

    very informative


    great course

  108. Esperanza RICHMOND, TX

    I love CCEI program.

  109. Tara WINDER, GA

    This is a very important topic and child care providers should take medication administration.

  110. Vienna ELLICOTT CITY, MD

    Courses are educational

  111. Kaelia OKLAHOMA CITY, OK


  112. Betty BYRON CENTER, MI

    good experience

  113. Emerald GAINESVILLE, GA

    Great Training! Great refresher!

  114. Marwa SUGAR LAND, TX

    thank you

  115. Megan BALTIMORE, MD

    it was great!

  116. Letitia CHARLESTON, SC

    excellent institute

  117. Amanda WAXHAW, NC

    it was great info!

  118. Tina ENNIS, TX

    very good stuff

  119. Alize PHOENIX, AZ

    Loved it!

  120. Bethmariz BAYAMÓN, PR

    A really insightful course.

  121. Sharketer WALDORF, MD

    Great course

  122. Vanessa AMARILLO, TX

    course was very helpful

  123. Araceli FORT WORTH, TX

    It was great information.

  124. Kaylee LAWRENCE, KS

    I liked the course an the knowledge was clear and easy to remember

  125. Leatrice PHENIX CITY, AL

    Information was well covered.

  126. Katie POTOSI, MO

    it was educational

  127. Susan HOMER CITY, PA

    Very informative training!

  128. Alberta ALEXANDRIA, VA

    The questions were a little hard but excellent training

  129. Grace AUBURN, AL

    It was a good lesson

  130. Lareda Lavelle BASTROP, TX

    Got a good education on how important it is to administrate and store medicine properly.

  131. Elena BROWNSVILLE, TX

    IIs an excellent course

  132. Jasmine APACHE JUNCTION, AZ

    It was a good course. Learned something new.


    I learned valuable information regarding the administering of medications at the child care center.

  134. Jeanny HOUSTON, TX

    Thank You this course really provided me with new information I didn’t already knew

  135. LIlleth LAS VEGAS, NV

    I really like taking classes at CCEI

  136. LIlleth LAS VEGAS, NV

    I really like taking classes at CCEI

  137. Jeanny HOUSTON, TX

    Thank You this course really provided me with new information I didn’t already knew

  138. LIlleth LAS VEGAS, NV

    I really like taking classes at CCEI

  139. Jeanny HOUSTON, TX

    Thank You this course really provided me with new information I didn’t already knew

  140. Rosalia HOUSTON, TX

    This course helped me to review best practice for children medication.

  141. Pamela WASHINGTON, DC

    Great information provided in this course

  142. Jaiquira ABERDEEN, MD


  143. Harriett JACKSONVILLE, FL

    A very informative class. I am going to do some reviewing of our policies. Thank You.

  144. Cindy GROVE CITY, OH

    this style of training is great for visual learners

  145. Pam GALLOWAY, OH

    Very well organized and easy to use.

  146. Donna SEGUIN, TX

    I like the fact that you can see what you answered wrong and what the correct answer is.

  147. Neysa HOUSTON, TX

    Very helpful and more information than the last website i took a course on.

  148. Penny GALVESTON, TX

    Everything was easy to understand!

  149. Jeanette HUMBLE, TX

    Awesome course.

  150. Martha HOUSTON, TX

    Very good review of the subject.

  151. Kim HOUSTON, TX

    I learned a lot from this course .

  152. Sherita CLINTON, MD

    Great course and I learned some things I did not know about administering medication in the child care facility.

  153. migdaly NEW HAVEN, CT

    I really enjoyed the course very informative

  154. Judith JERSEY CITY, NJ

    I love this training i’m going to take a another ccei course.

  155. Barbara BALTIMORE, MD

    These courses are providing me with a unique opportunity to improve on my skills and gain more knowledge in many areas as it relate to the care of our children.
    Thank you.

  156. Virginia NEW MILFORD, CT

    Like the videos especially the one showing how to pt drops in the eye.

  157. Dixie DALLAS, TX

    I really like these courses, they will help me be a better child care professional

  158. Maria RYE BROOK, NY

    This course it is very helpful for my profession.

  159. Patricia WALDORF, MD


  160. Pamela WASHINGTON, DC

    This course taugt me to be more villigant in administer medication to children. I have written out the seven rights which I will post to my desk at work. This course is a true eyeopener.

  161. Sheri SILVER SPRING, MD

    Well informative course.

  162. Nivin PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you so much for all the important knowledge and information…

  163. Brittany CREEKSIDE, PA

    I really appreciate and like that the CCEI trainings are easy to navigate through and understand. The handouts are a wonderful tool to take notes on to use as a resource later.
    A couple times during this course, the phrase “controlled substances” was used, but it was not clearly defined very well. I think that is something important that could be added to this course information.
    Every time that I am in the process of completing one of these online CCEI trainings, it always takes me WAY longer than the number of hours that they are worth according to this training site. This course was no different, and it definitely took me much longer than 3 hours. I was reading every slide, sometimes re-reading it, and I was trying to take a lot of notes on the handout pages. I wanted to try to learn as much as I could to enhance my knowledge, and I also took time to think about and answer the questions, especially that reflection question at the end of this course.

  164. Martina LAUREL, MD

    Great course

  165. Pamela PHOENIX, AZ

    Very helpful information

  166. Jacqueline LITTLE ELM, TX

    Very happy with the training.

  167. De’Asia BALTIMORE, MD


  168. Kaely AVONMORE, PA

    Great course.

  169. Brandon LAVEEN, AZ

    All great information

  170. Gillian ST MARYS, GA

    Excellent should have used CCEI much earlier than the past couple of years.

  171. Casey TACOMA, WA

    Thank you for the informative training!

  172. Mary AUBURN, WA

    This was very helpful overview.

  173. Autumn TUCSON, AZ

    It was really good

  174. Luisa ORLANDO, FL

    it is ecellent

  175. Debora AUBURN, WA

    I enjoy your courses, thank you!

  176. jocelyn PHOENIX, AZ

    this course is good just as is

  177. Simonina READING, PA

    Very well organized.

  178. Deborah GREENVILLE, SC

    I learned a lot from this course.

  179. Star GILBERT, AZ

    very informational.

  180. Candace DECATUR, GA

    everything was good

  181. Mary PHX, AZ

    I recommend that all teachers in childcare administrations read and get certificates on this information as well

  182. Twanna BINGER, OK

    good information

  183. Ada MARIETTA, GA

    Very helpful information.

  184. Ada MARIETTA, GA

    Very helpful information.

  185. Erlie LAS VEGAS, NV

    I like this topic. It should be a mandatory class especially to all the new hire teachers.

  186. Jennifer FRISCO, TX

    Wonderful class

  187. kaylana KASSON, MN

    Learned lots !!

  188. Coet EL CAMPO, TX


  189. Eleanor BALTIMORE, MD

    the course and information was very clear, I especially appreciated that I could go back to review answers, see my mistakes, and had a chance to correct them.

  190. Liberty LAS VEGAS, NV

    I like the lessons. I would definitely recommend it.

  191. Carla OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    I love taking training courses CCEI.

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