Music in Early Childhood

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This course is written by well known author and national trainer, Rae Pica. The goal of this course is to provide an understanding of the importance of music in the early childhood years and the ways in which it can become part of the curriculum and of children’s lives. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to define the role of music in a child’s development, the role of both quality and variety in the selection of music for children, the impact of music on children/s moods and behaviors, the musical elements young children can and should experience, and list appropriate musical activities.

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118 reviews for Music in Early Childhood

  1. Dorina BUFORD, GA

    Thank you for offering this class on-line!

  2. Jamiee MILWAUKEE, WI

    Great course

  3. imani ENFIELD, CT

    communicating with parents

  4. Mary Beth BEVERLY, MA

    Great course

  5. Linda PLANO, TX

    I liked that we were provided many resources and examles of music.

  6. Sunanda AURORA, CO

    It is so good

  7. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    this course was very informative

  8. robin WINSTON-SALEM, NC

    Good Course



  10. Jan NEW HAVEN, CT

    I learned a lot about music that i didnt know this class was really intetesting

  11. Howard KINGSTON, NY

    very informative

  12. Gabrielle BRIGHTON, MI

    I love music it was very exciting learning different ways how to teach children music

  13. Ashley HARVEY, IL

    I really enjoy this lesson about Music. It really have you thinking outside of the box.

  14. Shyvonne BATON ROUGE, LA

    Great class

  15. Miguel YUMA, AZ

    Excellent content, perhaps a little more in-depth than I expected.

  16. Malaika MABLETON, GA

    Great job! I enjoyed the course and look forward to enrolling in more soon!

  17. Belinda WARSAW, MO

    The best so far

  18. Maria BRIDGEPORT, CT

    great training

  19. Mary STAMFORD, CT

    The course provides all the forms of music.

  20. Michele AWENDAW, SC

    Course content was very informative.

  21. lurline OAKWOOD, GA

    I really enjoyed the Music class I look forward to doing the Math class.


    Great course!

  23. Annette NEW YORK, NY

    Very Informative

  24. Lauren KATY, TX

    Great course! Thank you for the info!

  25. Traci AMARILLO, TX

    I loved this course

  26. Jennifer TALLAHASEE, FL

    Enjoying your course.

  27. Terena ST JOSEPH, MI

    Overall I think all bases are covered.

  28. Octavia BRONX, NY

    music is amazing in the classroom

  29. Octavia BRONX, NY

    music is amazing in the classroom

  30. Octavia BRONX, NY

    music is amazing in the classroom


    Thanks for all information in this training


    This has been a very extensive and complete training.

  33. Denise PASADENA, MD

    Great course. I love music and learned some new vocabulary. thank you!

  34. Hillary CORBETT, OR

    Excellent and insightful course!


    I have really been enjoying the variety of classes that you CCEI offers. I have found classes that are helpful to me in my position at the preschool that have given me ideas for improving my program!

  36. Kathy BAY VILLAGE, OH

    this has been my favorite course!

  37. Marietta WALDORF, MD

    good learning experience

  38. Elizabeth WHITEFORD, MD

    Enjoyable class wanted to keep going cause it was interesting.

  39. Maritza ROSSVILLE, GA

    I love this kind of course.

  40. Chrstine MARTIN, MI

    This is a good program.

  41. Edwerline JERSEY CITY, NJ

    My favorite presentation thus far.


    This was a very interesting course! Thank you.

  43. Scarlet ATHENS, GA

    I TRULY loved this music class!!!! Thank you!

  44. Lisa RAYMORE, MO

    i love that we can go at our own pace and take our time; stopping and starting when we need to do so.

  45. Celeste RENO, NV

    Loved this training. Received a lot of great ideas to incorporate into my class


    Very fun cLASS that I will enjoy creating.

  47. Beth HOUSTON, TX

    love the ease of these sessions

  48. Taylor LAWRENCE, KS

    Thank you! Very informational and good resources.

  49. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I feel much more comfortable with utilizing music in my pre-k classroom now that I have taken this course.

  50. Janice HARTFORD, CT

    thank you, I enjoyed the course.I will use the information i learned to provide a better experience with music for the children.

  51. Karen OREGON CITY, OR

    Thank you for the new resources.

  52. Djene NEW YORK, NY

    This course was a good experience about music

  53. Diana OAKVILLE, CT

    This course was wonderful! I learned so much that will enhance my teaching and make music exciting for the children!

  54. Glorelia KISSIMMEE, FL

    I liked the opportunity to start where I left and not having to resume from the beginning

  55. Felesha HATTIESBURG, MS

    I enjoyed taking the course myself.

  56. kelley ASHFORD, CT

    i thoroughly enjoyed this training

  57. Donna KATY, TX

    Thanks. Loved all the musical examples and videos to enhance the learning and understanding.

  58. Ingrid ORLANDO, FL

    thanks!!! I love all the new ideas for my classroom

  59. sachi ROCKVILLE, MD

    Thank you for providing an opportunity to take a free course. It is an excellent experience to know what c;asses you provide. It is very good quality of the class! I am impressed.

  60. Brenda ROCHELLE, GE

    Very good course!


    I love music and want to teach with music and let them express themselves through music.

  62. Maricarmen HARRINGTON, DE

    Overall an excellent experience.


    I actually learned a lot. I’m pretty musically inept. Thanks!

  64. Melinda AZUSA, CA

    The course is very educational

  65. Shobana SAN DIEGO, CA

    Easy to understandable and great explanations!

  66. kathy CHILLICOTHE, IL

    I really enjoyed the information presented in this training. I felt like I was inspired.

  67. Mimi EVERETT, MA

    It was a very knowledge packed workshop. I will be using the resources.

  68. Christine VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

    This was a wonderful course and feel like I have learned a lot.



  70. Tina ORLANDO, FL

    I have enjoyed this course and it has opened my eyes to the implementation of more music in my classroom

  71. Marjorie WASHINGTON, DC

    I really enjoyed the course and look forward to future trainings.


    nice introduction to music great ideas for use right in the classroom tomorrow

  73. D’lyse CONROE, TX

    Loved it. Feel like a music expert

  74. Orlene OCALA, FL

    I did not originally set out to do this class as the first one, but it was somehow assigned to me. After I started it, I recognized the tremendous benefit I could achieve from it to impact my life, as also the life of the children in my care. Hence, I say a big thank you to CCEI and to the Dr Elizabeth Fields who forwarded the link to me. I am truly grateful. I enjoyed this course. Thank you.


    Great course and easily accessible/user friendly.

  76. Pamela WASHINGTON, DC

    I love the concept of the mirror for children to observe themselves as thery move to music.

  77. Tena TEMPE, AZ

    I really enjoyed this class.

  78. Chris FALLS CHURCH, VA

    I really appreciated this course for its overview and the playlists were great!

  79. Chantel COLUMBUS, OH

    I really enjoyed this class

  80. Nikki LITTLE CHUTE, WI

    Will play music more in classroom through the day and expand on different types genre too

  81. Samantha NEWPORT NEWS, VA

    I enjoyed that this training provided links and gave me list of music that I could be using.


    This course was very helpful to me, I learn a lot of thing. I will incorporate with my children

  83. Steve LYNNWOOD, WA

    I enjoyed this music class very much. It reminded me of the great fun and enjoyment children and teachers have with music in the classroom.


    The class was very enjoyable.

  85. Debbie HUNTINGTON, IN

    This was a particularly pleasant and enjoyable course. The examples and links were very helpful, but they slowed me down as I sampled them and wrote down the suggested works to use.

  86. Nadine CINCINNATI, OH

    This was a great course. Provided great information and resources in an easily accessible and understanding way.

  87. Micayah SMYRNA, SC

    It was every educational.

  88. Kathy CLARKSBURG, MD

    I enjoyed the course and would recommend to others. I will be updating my musical centers better and I feel more confident to teach music to older children.

  89. Sylvester CHARLOTTE, NC

    I truly learn from taking the classes. Thank you for having these classes available and accessible to me. Look forward to future studies.

  90. Trisha STATESBORO, GA

    I really enjoyed this course. I liked all the links to more information and resources. Thank you

  91. Mylea CHARLOTTE, NC

    This course was very informative

  92. Kerry WAUKEHSA, WI

    I learned a lot and will use the information I learned and use it in my classroom. As well as having a bigger music center.

  93. Susan MEDINA, OH

    This course was very interesting and in my classroom we sing all the time and my Babies always have a smile on their face.


    Thank you for this course. It helpful.

  95. Nievelissa SKOKIE, IL

    The course is full of relevant information and includes enough examples or ideas for teachers to implement in the classroom.


    This was basic and wonderful and hit all the important points.

  97. Ana Marie EDINBURG, TX

    I love the information provided in this course.

  98. Michelle EATON, OH

    I would really enjoy more in depth courses in music in early childhood.

  99. Arlene TROY, OH

    Excellent training!

  100. Stephanie ASHLAND, KY

    all great

  101. Rosalind FRESNO, TX

    Excellent program

  102. Joan AURORA, CO

    enjoyed the course

  103. Sandra DECATUR, GA

    These course are just the bite I need to help me through my career. Thank yiu

  104. Jane BARRINGTON, RI

    Thank you for making my continuing professional development interesting

  105. Mary ALTHA, FL

    Great course

  106. Crystal Taylor FUQUAY VARINA, NC


  107. Linda TOWSON, MD

    this course was challenging and fun

  108. Kara COHOES, NY

    good course

  109. Hassan WALDORF, MD

    I learn importance of music for children

  110. Judy LAGRANGE, GA

    very informative course I will put into use

  111. amy DANVERS, MA

    great course

  112. Kathryn COLTS NECK, NJ

    This was my first course and I found it all very “user friendly” -thank you.

  113. carmen RADCLIFF, KY

    i liked it

  114. Rakhi NOVI, MI


  115. Christina HAVERHILL, MA

    good content

  116. Whitney WINSTON, GA

    This is a great experience

  117. Monserrat ATLANTA, GA

    i loved this lesson i learned about stuff that i didn’t know from kids and the music.

  118. Rajani SILVER SPRING, MD

    great information about music for the child care providers

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