Outdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting

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This course identifies common outdoor injuries and appropriate ways to prevent them. Student will learn about the various components of playground safety and hazards, as well as the steps that must be taken to prevent accidental poisoning. Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to identify common outdoor-related injuries to children and describe appropriate ways to prevent these injuries, list the four basic components of playground safety, identify playground problems and potential hazards and identify the ways children may be exposed to poisons.

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171 reviews for Outdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting

  1. Kaitlin LEXINGTON, SC

    Very informative and easy to follow

  2. Kaitlin LEXINGTON, SC

    Very informative and easy to follow

  3. Kaitlin LEXINGTON, SC

    Very informative and easy to follow

  4. Maria TUCSON, AZ

    It was a great experience

  5. Guadalupe TEMPE, AZ

    I really liked the course it was straight forward.

  6. Elizabeth WICHITA FALLS, TX

    This is very helpful by being so detailed.

  7. Katherine WESTMINSTER, CO

    Thank you for another good course.

  8. Justine KAPOLEI, HI

    I really learned new things from taking this course that im glad I have knowledge of.



  10. Carol NORCROSS, GA

    Great content! I understood with no problems

  11. Shaina MORGANFIELD, KY

    It was very imformative

  12. Norma TUCSON, AZ

    I love the infromation..it is very useful and appropriate.

  13. Carmen BOSTON, MA

    I felt this course really brought out the important outdoor activities that we need to check for . I was aware of many things but his course really made me think about what we do with the children outdoors.

  14. Carmen BOSTON, MA

    I felt this course really brought out the important outdoor activities that we need to check for . I was aware of many things but his course really made me think about what we do with the children outdoors.

  15. Carmen BOSTON, MA

    I felt this course really brought out the important outdoor activities that we need to check for . I was aware of many things but his course really made me think about what we do with the children outdoors.

  16. Shyvonne BATON ROUGE, LA

    I think taking this class was a eye opener for me.

  17. Teri HAINES, OR

    A wonderful course. Thank you!

  18. Marietta WALDORF, MD

    very informative

  19. virginia LITTLE ROCK, AR

    very enjoyable

  20. Bertha HAGERSTOWN, MD

    very detailed and well informed all the slides.

  21. Shay KENNEDALE, TX

    this was informative.

  22. Rita AMARILLO, TX

    Thank you. The lessons are always very informative!

  23. Jeanette OCALA, FL

    The course was very knowledgeable.

  24. Maria BOYDS, MD

    I learn magnificat ideas, thank you

  25. Louise CHAMBERLAIN, SD

    I learned alot about the playground design for all ages

  26. Chelsea CORTEZ, CO

    it was a great course


    Excellent course

  28. Vickie ATL, GA

    great course


    The course was very instructive!

  30. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoyed this course

  31. Nora NEW YORK, NY

    Interesting training

  32. mithlesh SOUTH WINDSOR, CT

    This was so helpful and I understood about the safety for kids.

  33. Anngail AUSTELL, GA

    The course was very educational and a good refresh course.


    Very informative

  35. Martha SOMERSET, NJ

    This was a wonders course and resources


    Enjoyed the training

  37. Marilyn JERSEY CITY, NJ

    Thank you excellent course

  38. Madeline HARTFORD, CT

    I learned a little bit more about the playground safety and I will going to practice those safety tips with my children and share what I learned with my co-worker.

  39. Momtaz HOLLIS, NY

    The course is very effective for everyone specially for those who work with children.


    The class was very informative

  41. Gisele BRONX, NY

    this course was a excellent training i really enjoyed it and it help me to review how important is safety is on the playground.

  42. Amber ELLENDALE, ND

    I learned things I hadn’t known before; I love learning new things every day, especially working in a daycare, where safety is KEY.

  43. Patricia PLAISTOW, NH

    I really enjoyed taken the outdoor safety in the early childhood setting. I can’t wait to add the general maintenance checklist and two to three safety rules for our playground.

  44. Ralphine GLENDALE, AZ

    Interesting course and very challenging.

  45. Carolyn CRANFORD, NJ

    I learned some important important information about outdoor playground safety.

  46. Kimberly ROMEOVILLE, IL

    Should be an required training for all ECE professionals

  47. Barbara BRIDGEPORT, CT

    I will have all staff to take these courses to allow them to reflect how important outdoor safety

  48. Debbie WOODRUFF, SC

    Thank you this course was very informative, practical and helpful.

  49. Sharon LAKE MARY, FL

    worthwhile info!

  50. Lillian BATESVILLE, AR

    Awesome much needed course for my teacher knowledge. Wow the things we don’t think of when it comes to playground equipment.

  51. Kelly BALTIMORE, MD

    I love this site, so navigation friendly!

  52. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was very interesting

  53. Mary NEWNAN, GA

    I learned a lot from this course. thank you.


    Great course!


    Good topic

  56. Sherry ELLIJAY, GA

    good program

  57. Wanda WATERBURY, CT

    Enjoyed this course very much.

  58. Karin ROCHESTER, NY

    this was beneficial course with essential information

  59. Solvanessa OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    I like it


    This was very informative and packed with great information!

  61. Padmaja ACTON, MA

    good information

  62. Brian SCOTTSDALE, AZ

    this course was very informative.

  63. Chantel BALTIMORE, MD


  64. Deanna CHARLOTTE, NC

    love the way the course was set up

  65. Kathy BURLINGTON, CT

    course was helpful


    I learned many things to help me with outdoor supervision

  67. Laura WESTON, MA

    I learned so much from both courses, Indoor and Outdoor Safety.

  68. Dinesha ROUND ROCK, TX

    this course is great

  69. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    I really liked this course.It was very informative.

  70. Julie WEYMOUTH, MA

    Loved it!
    Very informative


    This was an awesome Learning experience

  72. sandra BUFORD, GA



    Very informative and easy to follow along.

  74. Cynthia GILBERT, AZ

    Great information and presented well

  75. Brenda WYLIE, TX

    Love this course it helped me learned new details about playground safety.

  76. Linda AUGUSTA, GA

    the classes are very informative


    Very interesting. Thank you.

  78. Sara LANSING, MI


  79. Kay MONROE, GA

    Thank I learned something I didn’t know

  80. Marina BETHESDA, MD

    Thanks for all the excellent information

  81. Lynne ESTERO, FL

    love the choices of topics you have

  82. Sudha CARY, NC

    Very helpful

  83. sandra STANFORD, CT

    Course was very educational.

  84. Bhavana ATLANTA, GA

    It was a knowledgeable training and the learning outcome was outstanding.

  85. Chantel COLUMBUS, OH

    Information organized well.

  86. Rosemary WINDERMERE, FL

    Enjoy studying

  87. Elgina FORT WORTH, TX

    Good training

  88. Bella WATERBURY, CT

    it was great

  89. Cynthia SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ

    thank you for these training topics its great for refreshing the brain or for the new ece educators they need to know these things.

  90. Amanda WEST MONROE, LA

    All information was very helpful.

  91. Andrea PHOENIX, AZ

    All of this was very important and I learned a lot.

  92. Kenshalene PHOENIX, AZ

    very detailed information

  93. Leah WINSLOW, AZ

    Very informative!

  94. Martha GOODYEAR, AZ

    learned alot in the course

  95. Jenny GLENDALE, AZ

    I liked this course.

  96. Alexa MARY ESTHER, FL


  97. Vasilina PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you for the useful information

  98. Rosalind HOUSTON, TX

    This course was very helpful.

  99. Ishrat DECATUR, GA

    good training

  100. Vickie CAMDEN, SC

    i thought this was a very good course

  101. Xiao Wei HIGHLAND PARK, NJ


  102. rikki BALTIMORE, MD

    It was a good, informative course to take

  103. Kyreen PEACH SPRINGS, AZ

    i learned quite a few things from this “outdoor safety in early childhood setting”

  104. Cheryl MORTON GROVE, IL

    liked the topic and was very informative

  105. Gloria BULLHEAD CITY, AZ

    I thank you for making it easy to understand by explaining each step by step.

  106. Alemteena CUMMING, GA


  107. Jennifer NORTHBROOK, IL

    Everything was great

  108. Laura PALM HARBOR, FL

    Great course!

  109. Mary AUBURN, WA

    Nice Review of information.

  110. Maureen HEBRON, KY

    informative content

  111. Charity KENT, WA

    Informative course

  112. Ashlynne TEMPE, AZ

    I loved the video at the end. The video just recaps what was in the course and was helpful before the test.

  113. Lilibeth STATEN ISLAND, NY

    very good this training.

  114. Veronica PHOENIX, AZ

    The course is good

  115. Jill VENICE, FL

    I truly enjoyed taking this course.

  116. Johanne CASA GRANDE, AZ

    It was good to read this information to learn more about the safety of being outside with the children to get a better understanding of my job.

  117. Yolanda SAN ANTONIO, TX

    Very informative

  118. Debora AUBURN, WA

    thank you! great course

  119. Elizabeth PHOENIX, AZ

    good presentation

  120. Rosa DEER PARK, NY

    Great training!

  121. Shayna SHOW LOW, AZ


  122. Brittany CHAPEL HILL, NC

    This is great.

  123. Ashley GOSHEN, KY


  124. Shamora MABLETON, GA

    wonderful course

  125. Shannon AUSTIN, TX

    love this!



  127. Ladesha ADDISON, TX

    Keep up the good work.

  128. Brett SELDEN, NY

    Liked it

  129. Jullieann KINGSLAND, GA

    This was a great course.


    Very informative

  131. Maggie METTER, GA


  132. Rashonda DES PLAINES, IL

    I thought that the information was very helpful and resourceful.

  133. Haley BRASELTON, GA

    Awesome course! Learned a lot!

  134. Tyler TUCSON, AZ

    It is a great program so far.

  135. Dana TUCSON, AZ

    I love completing these lessons. They are thorough and to the point; very time-effective

  136. Karla BROOKFIELD, WI

    I liked the idea of a safety song. Suggestions.

  137. Erma AUSTELL, GA

    good course

  138. Donna MALDEN, MA

    this was a great one to learn because I always go outside with my children and do my best to keep them safe at all times and do follow these rules and go over the rules with the children at all times when go outside for a walk or to park if we can

  139. Gloria EDMOND, OK

    I have learned so much from this CCEI course.

  140. Djamila ALLEN, TX

    thank you for letting having a lot of knowledge about things i did not learn about them!!!!

  141. Brianna ATLANTA, GA


  142. roseann SELDEN, NY

    Great course with a lot of interesting information

  143. Belynda CONWAY, AR

    Good course.

  144. Dorothy SKOKIE, IL

    Was very informative

  145. Kebrina FORT WORTH, TX

    Course was very helpful and informative

  146. Pamela LEXINGTON, KY

    Loved the course, the questions following each sigment was great

  147. Sheila COVINGTON, KY

    This information was great for all teachers to learn about before outdoor play.

  148. Mackenzie VIRGILINA, VA

    There is so much I didn’t know, but thanks to CCEI, I have a better understanding. Their courses are very helpful and useful! I love it.

  149. marilyn GROTON, CT

    Good Information

  150. marilyn GROTON, CT

    Good Information

  151. Alana COLUMBIA, MD

    great course

  152. Alana COLUMBIA, MD

    great course

  153. Leslie LONGIVIEW, TX

    I really enjoyed this course.Lot’s of great information.





  156. Oralia GRANDPRARIE, TX

    I loved this course.

  157. Lauren MCKINNEY, TX


  158. Tekeshia SALISBURY, NC

    It was very refreshing

  159. Angela NEW MILFORD, CT

    very great site to use for classes

  160. Haylie ALLEN, TX

    I learned a lot keep a close eye on the kids at all times on the playground I already new all of that

  161. Sharon FENNVILLE, MI

    excellent course

  162. Kara COHOES, NY

    good course

  163. Yolanda PHOENIX, AZ

    great topic and important

  164. Lauren CONROE, TX

    everything is perfect

  165. Patricia ATHENS, GA

    I have enjoyed my online training with CCEI.

  166. Marissa BELTON, TX

    Very good

  167. Joyce LAND O LAKES, FL

    really enjoyed course, insightful!

  168. Ashley SNELLVILLE, GA

    This course was excellent.

  169. Nourine COVINGTON, GA

    Course was well presented.

  170. Ivorine WEST HARTFORD, CT

    This was a good course

  171. Nicole UNION, NJ

    I believe this was very beneficial for myself and the safety of the children.

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