Positive Guidance, Part 4: The Preschool Years

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This course provides information about the use of positive guidance methods in the preschool environment. Course topics include background information on Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development; descriptions of Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Eight Methods for Positive Discipline; and other important methods for promoting self esteem, personal responsibility, and good decision making in young children.

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23 reviews for Positive Guidance, Part 4: The Preschool Years

  1. Anca HONOLULU, HI

    I ‘ve created a ” Negotiation Area ” in my class- maybe it is something that other teachers need to know .Thank you!

  2. Sherry BLUFFTON, SC

    Excellent course!

  3. Crystal BALTIMORE, MD

    I think that this course was especially helpful with reminding me that the children have feelings and to take a more positive approach when talking with them. I have seen sadness in their eyes if I am too dismissive or focused on correcting them and although I know that is not right, it is easy to forget in the height of the moment with the children.

  4. Rosario SAN ANTONIO, TX

    thank you i enjoyed and learned a lot


    I really enjoyed this class, it had so much information I can use in my class.

  6. Daisy ORLANDO, FL

    Very important information.

  7. Paeton GILBERT, AZ

    love this topic thank you

  8. Sally NORWICH, CT

    Another great course, gave me some ideas I will use in my classroom..

  9. Elgina FORT WORTH, TX

    Will utilize the information obtained in this course

  10. Rebecca ATLANTA, GA

    I really appreciate the text being broken up into easily approached small segments. It makes it easier to focus on the text in front of me without being overwhelmed by too much information at once.

  11. shandell ATLANTA, GA

    good topic


    This was reallya wonderful course to take. It would be good for teachers and parents.

  13. Sarah LOUISVILLE, KY

    Everything was great!!!

  14. Xiao Wei HIGHLAND PARK, NJ

    Excellent course, it is very useful for me.

  15. Brittany CHAPEL HILL, NC

    I like it.

  16. Sharhonda GEORGETOWN, SC


  17. desiree HACKENSACK, NJ

    thank you for everything!

  18. Sharai MCDONOUGH, GA

    It was a great course

  19. Andrea FORT COLLINS, CO

    I enjoyed this training

  20. Leslie LONGIVIEW, TX

    The 8 methods for Implementing positive discipline was very helpful.

  21. Kathy GARWOOD, NJ

    The positive guidance Part 4: the preschool years was a very good course to have taken and will definitely recommend it to other teachers.

  22. Ashley ALPHARETTA, GA

    I loved the handouts and how well the slides corresponded, making it easier to retain the information.

  23. Stacie ATLANTA, GA

    I thoroughly enjoy all my lessons, they really come in handy

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