Preventing the Spread of Bloodborne Pathogens

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This course covers OSHA standards and other information related to preventing the spread of bloodborne pathogens in the child care setting. Major topics covered include common infectious diseases spread by bloodborne pathogens, standard precautions, and other safety practices.

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97 reviews for Preventing the Spread of Bloodborne Pathogens

  1. Yvonne MICANOPY, FL

    I really enjoyed this course!

  2. Rita BRYAN, TX

    Very informative.

  3. iris HARTFORD, CT

    Very important to practice and the center should provide more training regarding this topic

  4. Marilyn BELOIT, WI

    course was well informative

  5. Melva NEWARK, NJ

    A great training!

  6. Casey TACOMA, WA

    Very helpful information. Thank you!

  7. Casey TACOMA, WA

    Very informative. Thank you!

  8. Saba SKOKIE, IL

    course was very informative .

  9. Tiffany FORT THOMAS, KY

    Learned a lot of great information.

  10. Loretta DETROIT, MI

    Very informative


    I think this training was extremely useful to me personally.

  12. Betty COTTON PLANT, AR

    I learned alot.

  13. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Very informative

  14. Sheila DETROIT, MI

    I learned more through on lined training than I did in a person to person training. Thank you

  15. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoyed this course.

  16. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    Great course, very helpful and thorough!

  17. Deanna GEORGETOWN, TX

    useful info and great videos.

  18. Martha SOMERSET, NJ

    This was a really good course and the information was vital to my job performance thank you.


    It was excellent

  20. Amanda OAK CREEK, WI

    Very pleasant experience in the comfort of my home!

  21. Rachel CHARLESTON, SC

    I enjoy your courses; thank you!

  22. Helen BATESVILLE, AR

    Great information and will apply when coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens

  23. Kevin HOUSTON, TX

    Very well paced and works great with learning and refreshing previous learned material.

  24. Yajaira HARTFORD, CT

    the course was really good.

  25. Lacey EASLEY, SC

    It was great and i enjoyed it. I will make sure i keep bloodbourne pathogens in mind and using the standard precautions.


    i enjoyed the videos

  27. Lisa NUTLEY, NJ

    Very Interesting

  28. Sammi BANGOR, MI

    I really enjoyed this. It was really put to together and not confusing at all.

  29. Gisele BRONX, NY

    very informative to me good training and interested .

  30. cheryl IRONDEQUOIT, NY

    very good materials

  31. Michele DARNESTOWN, MD

    great course!

  32. Rosemarie FORT MILL, SC

    Was a good refresher

  33. Josycln PENSACOLA, FL

    The training was good

  34. Megan KENTWOOD, MI

    The course was very educational and quick, very helpful information!

  35. Kimberly HOLLAND, MI

    each topic has all the right tips and detail in order to understand everything pretty good.

  36. angela EAST HAMPTON, CT

    nothing needs to change, everything was great and easy to follow.

  37. Artyst LEESBURG, VA

    I like this lesson.

  38. Marsha WASHINGTON, DC

    Important information for a childcare professional arranged in a good–not too long way. The last 5+ minute video was redundant.

  39. Deborah ELBURN, IL

    very useful


    Easy to follow and informative courses.

  41. Kyniqua MT PLEASANT, SC

    Wonderful refreshing course

  42. Neshawn MOUNT PLEASANT, SC

    Great course

  43. Nivin PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you so much for all the important knowledge and information…

  44. LaDonna CONWAY, SC

    Great information


    This was very informative.

  46. Christal SIMPSONVILLE, SC

    Great course


    Information was well organized.

  48. Susan GREEN VALLEY, AZ

    Very well laid-out course and easy to take. Thanks!

  49. Laini LEXINGTON, SC

    It was very detailed.

  50. Permelynn GOODYEAR, AZ


  51. Biririana PHOENIX, AZ

    I really enjoy the video because it summarized all the information in just five quick minutes making it easier to understand.

  52. Kenshalene PHOENIX, AZ

    The information was detailed and clear.

  53. Amanda WEST MONROE, LA

    It was very helpful.

  54. Hannah MARQUETTE, MI

    This training was really nice to have and extremely helpful


    Informational course

  56. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    I think it essential that we take this course every year just to make sure we remember how important is is to follow all safety precautions in our classrooms.

  57. Susan LEESBURG, VA

    I thought I knew a lot, but I learned a lot more.

  58. Traci ROUND HILL, VA

    This was a great training.

  59. Waafa ASHBURN, VA

    I Really had i good experience in this training , I learned Allot of new information .

  60. Jessica FOWLER, MI

    I loved this course! It was a great refresher!

  61. LaShonda DALLAS, TX

    the course was detail and straight to the point

  62. Janet NORTH AURORA, IL

    great course

  63. Veronica GRAND RAPIDS, MI

    Excellent and resourceful course.

  64. Brandon LAVEEN, AZ

    Great information.

  65. Casey TACOMA, WA

    Thank you for the informative training!

  66. Allana DETROIT, MI

    The Course is great for all new learners.

  67. Kirsten BARTOW, FL

    I liked it very much. well organized and to the point

  68. Jennifer NORTHBROOK, IL

    Everything was great

  69. Nicole OWOSSO, MI

    I learned and refreshed my prior knowledge thank you

  70. Tobi PEARLAND, TX

    Everything was good.

  71. Kimberly GRANITE CITY, IL

    questions were worded good

  72. Stephanie TUCSON, AZ

    Every type information of this course is so helpful.

  73. Leslie COLUMBIA, SC

    classes are great the way they are

  74. Joann HENDERSON, NV

    good refresher course

  75. Audrey CLARKSTON, MI

    good course!

  76. Mary WEBSTER, NY

    I will use this

  77. Margaret MIDWAY, GA

    I enjoyed the cource

  78. Vanessa MESA, AZ


  79. Brianna LEXINGTON, SC

    great course!

  80. Rashonda DES PLAINES, IL

    Preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens is a very good topic to discuss. I learned that Malaria is common in the United States. I also learned about other information covered in this course. Very well.

  81. Mary PHX, AZ

    I really enjoyed this education course that you guys do it has plenty of information that is needed to know and childcare settings

  82. Alexis QUINCY, MA


  83. carmen RADCLIFF, KY

    i liked it

  84. Samantha HOWELL, MI

    very helpful and eyeopening to take proper precautions

  85. Kenrick ANN ARBOR, MI

    very informative training!

  86. Kenrick ANN ARBOR, MI

    very informative training!

  87. Joan HOOVER, AL

    This course was very informational and helpful for me as a childcare teacher. The material was very well presented.

  88. Joan HOOVER, AL

    This course was very informational and helpful for me as a childcare teacher. The material was very well presented.

  89. Ashley MANNING, SC

    Great Course

  90. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Very informative

  91. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    very informative

  92. Judith BROWNSTOWN, MI

    Very user friendly course.

  93. Haylie ALLEN, TX

    I really enjoyed the CCEI I learned a lot from it

  94. Juan AUSTIN, TX

    Easy to learn and straight forward material

  95. Denise GUILFORD, IN

    First time using program, very easy to understand and I enjoyed the visual training also.

  96. Annie KITTANNING, PA

    I enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it!

  97. Rebecca LANCASTER, SC

    Information was very helpful and educational

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