Principles from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct

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This course gives participants the opportunity to explore the principles behind NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment and the need for such a document in the early childhood profession. As a result of participating in this course, students should be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct; ways to apply the Code of Ethical Conduct to problem solve ethical early childhood-related issues or dilemmas, and ways to employ the Code of Ethical Conduct to validate professional standards for children, families, staff, community, and themselves.

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79 reviews for Principles from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct

  1. Lisa STOW, OH

    Good content.

  2. Aferdita GOODYEAR, AZ

    It was interesting

  3. Nadine KEAMS CANYON, AZ

    will continue to use code of ethics as a guide.

  4. Shana DALE, TX

    Great Ethics training!

  5. Billye ALBANY, CA

    good classes

  6. Nora ROME, GA

    I really enjoyed this training everything was on point


    Really enjoyed & understood this course.

  8. Pamela PRINCETON, NC

    good course


    Great class

  10. Kari EAST HAVEN, CT

    Thank you for this program

  11. Denise BUCKINGHAM, VA

    I like the coarse

  12. Rebecca DILLWYN, VA

    I learned a lot in this course

  13. Sierra ST. LOUIS, MO

    Thank you!

  14. Carmen ST. PETERS, MO

    It was a good reminder of the code

  15. Diane BALTIMORE, MD

    Great learning.

  16. Khalisha ST LOUIS, MO

    I learned a lot from this course


    great refresher

  18. Doris TULSA, OK

    Thank you for this course

  19. Dana WHITSETT, NC

    I think this session was great and help redefine courses work.

  20. Linda HESPERIA, CA

    This course was amazing!

  21. Teretha RAY CITY, GA

    enjoyed this lesson very informative.

  22. heather WILTON, CT

    Easy and convenient way to learn for course study

  23. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Everything was great


    Great course!

  25. Saffiyah HIGHLAND PARK, MI

    keep up the good work

  26. Bethania BRONX, NY

    refreshing course thank you

  27. Bethmariz BAYAMÓN, PR

    It was good to learn about the Code.

  28. Ramona HOUSTON, TX

    This program provides great information. Very helpful!

  29. Martha ST.PAUL, MN

    Gracias por la capacitacion.

  30. Kayla KUNA, ID

    good course, thank you

  31. Thomasina OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    this is a very valuable learning tool.

  32. Nikole NORTH EAST, MD

    I like this course.

  33. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    Great course!

  34. Terleader FORT WORTH, TX

    Enjoyed this training because we are moving forward for growth in our ELC.

  35. maria NORTH WINDHAM, CT


  36. Cynthia LAREDO, TX

    Very informative

  37. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    I have enjoyed this course very much.

  38. Grace CORALVILLE, IA

    I Love this class!

  39. Treasuree AUSTIN, TX

    Very informative!

  40. Toby LAKE GROVE, NY

    Great course. Very informative

  41. mark BRANFORD, CT

    The video components of these courses, including this one, are very helpful in hearing about firsthand experiences from other early childhood educators.

  42. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was interesting

  43. Claudia EL PASO, TX

    This couse has helped me prepare myself for the next year.

  44. Tamnika DUNDALK, MD

    This was a great course. It was easy to understand the code and our role in early childhood development

  45. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    This course was very informative.

  46. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Great information

  47. iris HARTFORD, CT

    I like the video at the end of the training, it will be helpful if the program I work will provide videos like that.

  48. Joyce SAN ANTONIO, TX

    Great training!

  49. Graceanne NYACK, NY

    As always, very interesting and challenging course material. Thank you.

  50. Wulan GILBERT, AZ

    i learned a lot through CCEI program.

  51. Mailyn MOUNT VERNON, NY


  52. Gisele BRONX, NY

    this course was very hard but informative

  53. Caitlin MANCHESTER, CT

    great course

  54. Carolyn NORTH BRANFORD, CT

    This was the first time i ever used the handouts. That was so much easier to follow the course. I will print out the handouts from now on. I had so much more of a better understanding of the course.

  55. Jearline LIVONIA, MI

    I have a better understanding of Ethics in early childhood

  56. Adilene FRANKLIN, NC

    great course

  57. Jackie FRANKLIN, NC


  58. Briana WIXOM, MI

    This course was very informative

  59. Maria FRANKLIN, NC

    i enjoyed it very much. thank you

  60. Judith BROWNSTOWN, MI

    This was a very thought provoking course. Thank you!

  61. King CHICAGO, IL

    It was great!

  62. Irene SAN ANTONIO, TX

    This is a very good course and so important!


    Very nice

  64. Augustine GREENVILLE, NC

    I learned a lot more about the code in this course.

  65. Zoila METHUEN, MA

    Is really interesting, I like.

  66. Laura PHOENIX, AZ

    This was an important topic for all childcare providers!

  67. Valeria SANFORD, FL

    i love this class

  68. Rebecca WESTLAKE, OH

    I appreciated the format and the user friendly style of doing it.

  69. Karen WESTLAKE, OH

    CCEI courses are an excellent option for professional development…they have a variety of topics that my staff can choose from. Great resources!

  70. maritza DANBURY, CT

    Excellent course.

  71. Yvette DANBURY, CT

    good course

  72. Miriam DANBURY, CT

    Thank you for the great opportunity to grow as a professional Early Childhood Educator.

  73. Miriam DANBURY, CT

    Thanks for give the opportunity to enriched my knowledge as an early childhood educator.

  74. stacyann HARTFORD, CT

    These training does help in motivating one to continue in this field.

  75. stacyann HARTFORD, CT

    These training does help in motivating one to continue in this field.

  76. Sharon FENNVILLE, MI

    Excellent lesson 🙂


    I love that CCEI keeps up with which courses I have taken.

  78. Zixuan ALEXANDRIA, VA

    I have a nice experience of taking this course

  79. Carol COLUMBIA, SC

    Thank you for providing quality training in an easily accessible format!

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