Protecting Infants: Reducing the Risk of SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome

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This course is designed to increase participants’ knowledge about ways they can protect infants from the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and shaken baby syndrome (SBS). Throughout the course participants will be introduced to risk reducing and preventative strategies designed to keep infants safe. Information provided will also prepare participants to share this life-saving information with families.

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138 reviews for Protecting Infants: Reducing the Risk of SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome


    It was a good course and I learned a lot of new things.

  2. Trisel AVONDALE, AZ

    Very easy and interesting training

  3. Erin ROUND ROCK, TX

    I particularly appreciated the inclusion of long term effects of SBS.

  4. Liliana HOT SPRINGS, AR

    Everything provided is well informed.

  5. Annie MARICOPA, AZ

    I liked it because i had notes in front while taking the exam

  6. Melissa LORETTO, MN

    Great content!

  7. Katie DAYTON, TX


  8. rylee ZIMMERMAN, MN

    it was reaaly easy to understand

  9. Loida GLENDALE, AZ

    I like the way there are quick assessments in between. It helps me reflect and remembers my wrong answers

  10. Aliceson CHAMPAIGN, IL

    Very through

  11. Yolanda CHAMPAIGN, IL

    Great training and packed with information

  12. Karen AUSTIN, MN

    i truly feel i am in the right place working i am very excited ans ready to learn everything to be very successful

  13. Alexa HARLINGEN, TX

    Great training

  14. Anthony PLACERVILLE, CA

    very organized, and informable!

  15. Marcedis ARLINGTON, TX

    I enjoyed this training.

  16. Joann KINGSTON, WA

    Thank you for this course, it is so very important that we all have a refresher on this issue.

  17. Janeth PHOENIX, AZ

    I learned a lot more then what I knew before! Thank you.

  18. Dalia PHOENIX, AZ

    I liked the format of the training, especially the printable notes which made it especially easy to remember everything. The printable note PDF is something I highly appreciated and will use in all the other coursed I take

  19. Josie CROSSLAKE, MN

    Informative, concise, and extremely educating.

  20. Elgina FORT WORTH, TX

    Great training

  21. Sulema SAN ANGELO, TX

    Very educational

  22. Ana AUSTIN, TX

    Excellent resources

  23. Casey TACOMA, WA

    Great, important information! Thank you!

  24. Abigail PORTLAND, TX

    Very clear and straight to the point. Great information to learn.

  25. Sandy GIDDINGS, TX

    great traininig

  26. Saba SKOKIE, IL

    every thing was good and up to the mark.

  27. Shelby FORT WORTH, TX

    Very well organized to help learn the course work to help with the questions.

  28. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Very informative

  29. Gwendolyn DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI


  30. Maria HOUSTON, TX

    I really enjoyed the training

  31. Vanessa LAPORTE, TX

    I learned some new information.

  32. LaMonica BAYTOWN, TX

    This course was extremely informational

  33. Sheila DETROIT, MI

    I am learning more and more how I can protect our children.

  34. Maria BASTROP, TX

    very nformatve

  35. Roxann ODESSA, TX


  36. Itzel MOORE, OK

    I personally liked that the material was repetitive when necessary to remind you of the information being presented. I liked the questions in between the lessons to refresh your memory and the Handout was easy to follow. I personally like in person lectures opposed to online courses but this was easy to follow and kept me engaged with the questions and the handout. Overall I loved my experience with this course.


    Great knowledge from this course!

  38. Michele NOVI, MI

    Thanks for the good examples.

  39. Deanna GEORGETOWN, TX

    Great info!

  40. Angel RINGGOLD, GA

    The course was really educational. Great job.

  41. Loretta MANSFIELD, TX

    i learned alot during the class training


    I have taken many courses for SIDS, SUIDS and SBS. This was the most informative. Well worth taking!

  43. Sandra WASHINGTON, DC

    i found this trainning very helpful and full of good information to pass on to my fellow teacher.


    This was a very helpful and excellent course.

  45. Ellie MILWAUKIE, OR

    Very informative. Thank you

  46. Josephinne BELLVILLE, TX


  47. Erica WASHINGTON, DC

    this course was very informative.

  48. Elizabeth NEW YORK, NY

    all the information was very clear & easy to understand !!

  49. Julia WICHITA, KS

    I thought the course was very informative.

  50. Makenzee EDMOND, OK

    was great

  51. Vidhyamol JACKSON, MI

    The course is very helpful

  52. Joanne GEORGETOWN, TX

    I am really enjoying these courses I am learning things I never knew when I was raising my own children

  53. Ana Marie EDINBURG, TX

    This course provide a hanful information that will help me knowledge about ways that I can help childrens to prevent from SIDS, and to implement practicies to be aware of children behavior an if neccesary help them in a possitive effect.

  54. Jeanette HOUSTON, TX

    Training was very helpful

  55. Jeanette HOUSTON, TX

    I learn a lot from this training

  56. Alexa CHANDLER, AZ


  57. Kendra HEMLOCK, MI

    It was good

  58. Cynthia WESTMINSTER, MD

    Great course!


    It was a very detailed course and very informative. I learned a lot from this course.

  60. Desiree CHANDLER, AZ


  61. Rose MEDINA, OH

    this was a very informative course which I will share with others

  62. Jean DETROIT, MI

    Enjoy the courses a lot!

  63. Pilar PHOENIX, AZ

    Statistics were up to date and informative.

  64. Kimberly HOLLAND, MI

    it gives you really important topics that you have to learn ans keep in mind scenes we are working on a daily basis with a baby.

  65. Karen BEDFORD, OH

    I learned more than I thought I knew.



  67. Andrea KINGSTON, NY

    I learned a lot from this it was good to get refresh on SBS

  68. Olivia PEORIA, AZ

    very informational. Questions during helped keep me focused.

  69. Thomasina BUCKEYE, AZ

    Everything was great

  70. Laurie WYOMING, MI

    Very thorough!


    These courses are very good for me.

  72. Angela CHARLOTTE, NC


  73. Nivin PHOENIX, AZ

    Thank you so much for all the important knowledge….

  74. Lillian KENOSHA, WI

    It was very interested things to learn.

  75. Sandra GALLATIN, TN

    I always learn when I take these courses that CCEI provide.

  76. Hannah BRAINERD, MN

    All was good.

  77. Susan GREEN VALLEY, AZ

    excellent material

  78. Ashley BARNESVILLE, MN

    it was a good challenge

  79. Krishna UNITED STATES, AZ

    To be honest , this was my first online class. I am looking forward to taking more online classes. The experience of this class has being nothing but positive.

  80. Nora AUSTIN, TX

    I learn a lot in this courses

  81. Rosa CEDAR HILL, TX

    thanks again for all the knowledge i have gained in taking this easy to read and understand course am excited about future training

  82. Sharon BUCKEYE, AZ

    Very informative

  83. LaShonda DALLAS, TX

    the course is refreshing and makes you keep remembering things that are very important

  84. Aundrea MCKINNEY, TX

    everything was great

  85. Jessica SCHERTZ, TX

    The training is great.

  86. Edith BUDA, TX

    good information for this course

  87. Giovanna MCKINNEY, TX

    really good

  88. Ariana WATERBURY, CT

    Very easy to follow and made it simple to grasp information in a way that can be practiced in day to day life.


    Very informative with lots of facts and solutions

  90. Anna LINDSAY, OK

    it was good training couses

  91. Nicole OWOSSO, MI

    I learned so much more thank you

  92. Gina PHOENIX, AZ

    This is a great way to learn!

  93. Briaunna GRAHAM, NC

    Very organized

  94. Lisa GLENDALE, AZ

    Very Informative, glad it was a requirement for my place of employment.

  95. Jessica ARCHDALE, NC

    I loved this course and that I was able to go at my own pace, to ensure that I took good notes on the content that I was learning.

  96. Veronica PHOENIX, AZ

    The course is good you learn a lot

  97. Norma PHOENIX, AZ

    Very educational

  98. Marguerite GLENDALE, AZ

    I like that I can take the courses anywhere – – at home, at work, or wherever.

  99. Adela CHANDLER, AZ

    have been waiting for courses like these to help my knowledge of infant and toddlers

  100. Tiffany PINETOP, AZ

    Very thorough information during the training. Thank you!

  101. jocelyn PHOENIX, AZ

    I’m very happy on informative this course was.

  102. Tina IOLA, TX

    I learned a lot on this course

  103. Shayna SHOW LOW, AZ

    Very informative

  104. Stephanie TUCSON, AZ

    Everything well understandable.

  105. Jeny AVONDALE, AZ

    Excellent explanation of the course I take. Glad I got here and learned a lot of things about the SIDS and shaking the baby. Now I’m well aware of how to take care more the babies.

  106. vicki SAVANNAH, GA

    I enjoyed the course

  107. Star GILBERT, AZ

    this was very informational

  108. Meredith KINGMAN, AZ

    It was helpful

  109. Cashundra ALBANY, GA

    Everything was great, and well organized!

  110. Harriet LEXINGTON, KY

    It was a good training.

  111. Mary PHX, AZ

    It’s very helpful to a lot of parents to know a lot of these topics inside this education course

  112. Janneth CHICAGO, IL

    Great Course!

  113. Kenrick ANN ARBOR, MI

    It was nice to see the potential effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome

  114. Karlee STONY POINT, NY

    This training was incredibly informative and important.

  115. joanne DANVERS, MA

    I liked a few new facts to learn

  116. joanne DANVERS, MA

    I liked a few new facts to learn

  117. karen WAUKEE, IA

    Very helpful

  118. karen WAUKEE, IA

    Very helpful

  119. Alana COLUMBIA, MD

    great course

  120. Amiyah HENDERSON, NV

    Easy to follow!! 🙂

  121. Amiyah HENDERSON, NV

    Easy to follow!! 🙂

  122. Mykah GUTHRIE, OK

    I have nothing but I thought this was a good course

  123. Mykah GUTHRIE, OK

    I have nothing but I thought this was a good course

  124. Yessica ELGIN, TX

    very good

  125. Yessica ELGIN, TX

    very good

  126. Anuradha MARIETTA, GA



    Love that if I leave the computer and it times out that I can log in and start right back where I was


    Love that if I leave the computer and it times out that I can log in and start right back where I was

  129. Amy WESTLAND, MI

    Well organized and relevent to my job position.

  130. Lauren MCKINNEY, TX


  131. Jennifer FRISCO, TX

    Very good workshop thank you

  132. Judith BROWNSTOWN, MI

    I enjoyed this course and found it easy to navigate.

  133. Oralia GRANDPRARIE, TX

    loved this course.

  134. Amy SMYRNA, GA

    The courses have good info.

  135. Ashley BELLVILLE, TX

    Great course!

  136. Linda SCARBOROUGH, ME

    This training is the best, most informative, most interesting training on this subject that I have taken yet.

  137. Karen WASHINGTON, DC

    Great Class

  138. Ashley MADRID, IA

    amazing info!

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