Sensational Science

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This course examines age appropriate guidelines and activities for setting up a science center that includes activities that build curiosity. Upon successful completion of this course, student should be able to define science as it relates to preschool children, identify appropriate materials to include in a science center, and identify basic activities for promoting early science skills.

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61 reviews for Sensational Science

  1. Caressa AMERICAN FORK, UT

    Great video on science activities

  2. Mae STANLEY, NC

    love the class

  3. Elizabeth COLUMBIA, SC

    I learned a lot from this course that I will be using in the classroom…inside and out!

  4. Margaret CENTERVILLE, GA

    I enjoyed learning more about science and how to apply it to mt classroom.


    Great and fun information!

  6. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Everything was great

  7. William SALISBURY, MD

    very informative!

  8. Masoumeh BEAVERTON, OR

    I will take more courses to use in my class

  9. Sheila STRATFORD, CT

    Great content and clarity on describing the different aspects of science and its importance in the preschool classroom. Thank You!

  10. Neeta ORLANDO, FL

    I learned a lot.

  11. Rebekah LAGRANGE, KY

    Great course

  12. Cutelyn TORONTO, ON

    I enjoy the course a lot.

  13. Ruth SARASOTA, FL

    enjoyed being able to read content and not listen to someone read the content

  14. Yaneth LAKELAND, FL

    It was a very interesting class!

  15. Kimberly SOUTHINGTON, CT

    this class was very informative

  16. Martha LAS VEGAS, NV

    this one was one of the most interesting I’ve taken

  17. tracey SANDY HOOK, CT

    It was very informative

  18. Silvia GERMANTOWN, MD

    I really enjoyed this course.
    Thank you!

  19. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Very informative


    excellent informations

  21. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I am really looking forward to conducting some of the experiments I learned in this course in my pre-k classroom.

  22. Nykenji BROOKLYN, NY

    I love this course very much

  23. Carmen AUSTIN, TX

    I liked the experiments you suggest for us to do. thanks

  24. Hannah MIDDLETOWN, CT

    It was a great lesson.

  25. Nichelle BALTIMORE, MD

    There are no comments or suggestions I could further make, these courses are amazing and I am grateful to have the opportunity to take them.

  26. King CHICAGO, IL

    Awesome training!


    I like that y’all provided specific examples and experiments.

  28. giovani BOLTON, CT

    The topic was really helpful and give me more insights.

  29. Debbie WOODRUFF, SC

    This was a very valuable course that is easily incorporated in my curriculum.

  30. Sarah LOUISVILLE, KY

    Everything was great!!!

  31. Amber ELLENDALE, ND

    I enjoyed this course. I didn’t know there were “types” of science. I know a lot of science is in everyday activities or projects, however.

  32. Lisa COLUMBUS, OH

    I’m not a science person but I found the training very interesting.

  33. Bessie MARIETTA, GA

    I enjoy it and learning more science experiments

  34. Cynthia SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ

    Lots of good ideas to put in the science center! Enjoyed the video with the simple experiments. The little boy was very engaged!


    I loved the part about nature walks

  36. Georgia EL-MIRAGE, AZ

    Great training! Thanks!

  37. Denise PASADENA, MD

    I liked the video with the 10 Easy Science Experiments. I wrote all of them down.

  38. Karen LEAGUE CITY, TX

    This was very good on science since I am a science teacher and I knew a lot of the material.

  39. Christina SAN MARCOS, TX

    The video was awesome-what a resource to have! Thank you!

  40. Debbie HUNTINGTON, IN

    I enjoyed the course and found it practical and useful.

  41. Brandee LAVONIA, GA

    Enjoyed the course

  42. Monica DANBURY, CT

    Great training , i found it extremely helpful

  43. Elizabeth BARTLETT, TX

    great course


    Very good course.

  45. Gina DANBURY, CT

    great topic. I learned a lot of new science experiences.

  46. Hunter WESTBROOK, ME

    it was fun way to learn using science

  47. Lindsey DOYLESTOWN, OH

    I’ve learned so much I can add to my lesson plans, I didn’t even know there was all these different kinds of sciences.

  48. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    I have enjoyed this course very much and I look forward to implementing these suggestions in my class.

  49. Shayla AUSTELL, GA

    This course helped me to reflect on the variety of approaches to conducting science experiments with my class

  50. Sheila COVINGTON, KY

    This course was very helpful in planning out a better science center. It gave be lots of information to have different types of materials for children to enjoy which learning about science.

  51. Roxie FAIRBORN, OH

    I enjoyed this course, it gave me some new ideas to use.

  52. Alberta ALEXANDRIA, VA


  53. Kathleen PANESVILLE, OH

    loved this course!

  54. Linda FREEPORT, PA

    The coarse gave me some new ideas to try.

  55. Whitney LYNN, MA

    Thank you for an informative course on science! I will incorporate these ideas in my classroom.

  56. Velma CARRBORO, NC

    it was a great course. It will help me in the classroom.

  57. Elaine BEVERLY, MA

    It reminded me to expand my science center

  58. Amanda LOUISVILE, KY

    I really enjoyed all of the ideas you gave, to put in the center.


    It’s an effective way to complete courses on your own time.


    I am glad these classes are available online to be able to take at my convienience.



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