Stress Management for Child Care Providers

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This course provides an overview of the effects of stress in the lives of child care professionals and to understand coping techniques to manage stress. Participants will be able to define stress, identify four sources of stress, identify four symptoms of stress, and identify techniques for stress management in four categories.

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106 reviews for Stress Management for Child Care Providers

  1. Kimberly DENVER, CO

    I enjoyed learning about the different types df stress. I did not know all the cause and effects of stress.

  2. Erin RISING SUN, MD

    I enjoyed this course.

  3. Doreen TUCSON, AZ

    Very good class.

  4. Bobbie DAVENPORT, IA

    Awesome course

  5. Maria Isabel CHICAGO, IL

    This training is very useful for review any time.

  6. Jessica BEAVERTON, OR

    Real life video examples are great for seeing concepts implemented

  7. Venus CHICAGO, IL

    this was very informative

  8. Valentina BUFORD, GA

    i love the training

  9. Victoria WESTMINSTER, MD

    I am fine with everything


    The course was very helpful.

  11. Beth SWANSEA, IL

    I loved this course and thought it was helpful

  12. Sharon EAST ST. LOUIS, IL

    I have enjoyed each of the sections on how to handle stress and what stress look like.

  13. Jacqueline EAST SAINT LOUIS, IL

    course was good

  14. Loretta COLLINSVILLE, IL

    I enjoyed the program.

  15. Fahmida EAST SAINT LOUIS, IL

    Lots of unknown information I found.

  16. Maureen PLANO, TX

    This was one of the best organized and succinct courses. One of my favorites

  17. Khalisha ST LOUIS, MO

    Everything was good

  18. Gabby LENEXA, KS

    Overall good content for stress management

  19. Coumba STATEN ISLAND, NY

    great program

  20. Jeanne SANDSTON, VA

    the examples after each stress topic were reaslistic and helpful. putting the idea presented in a brief realistic scenerio sums up the topic making it easier to relate to and differientiate for better understanding.


    I have learned a lot in this, and I’m existed to start useing these in my own life

  22. Lisa GILLETT, WI

    Good information

  23. Audra GASTONIA, NC

    Loved it

  24. Luisa NEW YORK, NY

    That was a great course!

  25. Alejandra LEANDER, TX


  26. Geanene GRAND BLANC, MI

    very insightful

  27. Cheryl MESA, AZ

    This was a well presented class. Thank you

  28. Amanda LYNN, MA

    I liked the training!


    loved this course…helped me not to feel guilty about wanting to care for myself

  30. Shirlee GRASONVILLE, MD

    I have a better understanding of how stress works

  31. Kristie PRESCOTT, AZ

    I absolutely loved this course.

  32. William SALISBURY, MD

    It was very informative – I now feel more informed on the different types of stress and some different ways to try to cope with those stresses.

  33. Michele GLENWOOD, MD

    This was very helpful and I will refer back to it again.

  34. Fedinia EAST ORANGE, NJ

    Very informative

  35. Laura BAYONNE, NJ

    thanks to share all the knowledge.

  36. Shayna MARIETTA, GA

    Great job

  37. Brandy KEMMERER, WY

    It was an interesting class

  38. Vernita FT LAUDERDALE, FL

    enjoyed the course


    I really needed some of the information and methods in this course right now.

  40. Shawn HIGH POINT, NC

    Obtained helpful information

  41. Michelle BALTIMORE, MD

    I Really Enjoyed This Course😊

  42. Tabitha CINCINNATI, OH

    I appreciate how relevant and useful the information in this course was.

  43. Samantha VICTORIA, MN

    Easy to follow and learn with slides.

  44. Kaitlan WESTERVILLE, OH

    Very informative

  45. Alexis BRAINERD, MN

    I really liked this course it will help me with my work.

  46. Nilda CHAMPAIGN, IL

    Extremely helpful course!

  47. Norma PHOENIX, AZ

    Very informative

  48. Sherrel WINTER HAVEN, FL

    I’m really enjoying my classes


    It was a good concept to learn.

  50. shanneka POLK CITY, FL


  51. Julia LAKELAND, FL

    Loved the information, thank you.

  52. Eugenie WINTER HAVEN, FL

    Thank you very helpful

  53. Lareda Lavelle BASTROP, TX

    Learned good techniques to reduce stress.

  54. Elizabeth WICHITA FALLS, TX

    I really liked the way they broke down the different types of stress.

  55. Samuel BROOKLYN, NY

    this was a great topic thank you

  56. Elizabeth BRONX, NY

    Your trainings are excellent.


    Great ways of positive mental and physical health!

  58. Arlene TROY, OH

    Great Training!


    Thanks a lot for this course.


    Everything is good to know about this course

  61. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I plan on implementing the ways of reducing stress taught in this course within my own life immediately. It was a great course.

  62. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    I have enjoyed this course very much.


    loved time management analysis

  64. Kim HOUSTON, TX

    This course was an eye opener for me.I got a chance to really understand the triggers and signs of stress.So what I will do is take better care of myself,mentally,emotionally,and physically,and dont be afraid to say I need help.

  65. Mary HUMBLE, TX

    It is very informative and helpful.

  66. Jeanette HUMBLE, TX

    Awesome courses.

  67. Lakshmi MADISON, MS

    This course was very informative.


    Great class much needed

  69. Marcelina IRVINGTON, NJ

    The training was very informative

  70. Georgia EL-MIRAGE, AZ

    Great training!

  71. Jennifer BEAR, DE

    It gave me some great ideas to help me with my stress levels which I will be trying immediately

  72. Kellie WARREN, MI

    Very informative

  73. Francisca ALEXANDRIA, VA

    I love all the information !!

  74. Karen DIX HILLS, NY

    Another great course.

  75. Marilu WASHINGTON, DC

    Thank you for providing very useful information to your students.

  76. Crystal ST. PAUL, VA

    Great training…I really learned a lot. Thanks!!!

  77. Kamesia DECATUR, GA

    Great course for those who dont understand or who are looking for ways to manage stress.

  78. Kimberly RANDALLSTOWN, MD

    For this to be my first time taking a course with you I found it to be very informational and computer friendly.


    A great topic, much needed.

  80. Janice LAS VEGAS, NV

    Was fun and easy to use price reasonable would recommend to a friend

  81. Catherine JACKSONVILLE, FL

    I am mentoring a student who says she is struggling with depression. After taking this course, I think she is simply reacting to stress. We will explore and I plan to share with her therapist. So thank you!

  82. Susan PASADENA, MD

    I thought I could breeze through this course. The 11 questions test and the structure of the questions made me really think. The ability to go back and reread really had me thinking and I did learn a lot. Thank you very much!

  83. Eva LAS VEGAS, NV

    i enjoy this training

  84. Deanna LELAND, NC

    I love taking these courses!


    These courses are very helpful!

  86. valerie LAS VEGAS, NV

    It’s helping a lot with learning new things for child care

  87. Connie GERMANTOWN, MD


  88. Lynne ESTERO, FL

    Love the lists of strategies to help manage stress

  89. Kathryn CANTON, MI

    I’m so glad there was content about meditation, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation!

  90. Leslie ROSWELL, GA

    everything was well input

  91. Shilpika LUTZ, FL

    It was very helpful for managing stress in everyday life

  92. Crystal SAINT LOUIS, MO

    This course was very helpful

  93. Monique OAKLAND, NJ

    very good

  94. Courtney SPARKS, NV

    Very good information on managing stress that I can include into my daily routines.

  95. Lori ORLANDO, FL

    This was very helpful

  96. Maranda LA GRANGE, KY

    great course

  97. Toby LAKE GROVE, NY

    Thought this was a great course


    Great job in this topic. Appreciate the course.

  99. Doris FERNLEY, NV

    Courses are very informative.

  100. Kristen CARY, IL


  101. Della COLUMBIA, SC

    Great class I loved it


    great source of topics

  103. Michelle FREDERICK, MD

    It was very helpful for me

  104. Cathy SHOREHAM, NY

    was informative and helpful

  105. Allison FARMINGDALE, NY

    Enjoyed this course

  106. Janice LAS VEGAS, NV

    Very informative

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