Trouble-Free Transitions that Teach

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This course presents practical and fun methods for reducing the stress of daily classroom transitions. It explores effective transition strategies that ensure smooth progression through the daily schedule. The course also promotes the use of transitions as valuable learning opportunities that exist throughout the day.

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160 reviews for Trouble-Free Transitions that Teach

  1. Bernadine KINGSTON, WA

    I love the fact that CCEI rotates the courses to keep them fresh

  2. Ashley BRONX, NY

    great information

  3. Colynda SNELLVILLE, GA

    I enjoyed the information offered in this course.

  4. Brenda CORINTH, TX

    Great course!


    It was very informative.


    It was very informative.


    It was very informative.

  8. Annika TIMONIUM, MD

    I especially enjoyed this class because if offered useful tools for teachers to use in the classroom.

  9. Annika TIMONIUM, MD

    I especially enjoyed this class because if offered useful tools for teachers to use in the classroom.

  10. Annika TIMONIUM, MD

    I especially enjoyed this class because if offered useful tools for teachers to use in the classroom.

  11. Bonnie DERWOOD, MD

    I liked this class. I got a lot of good ideas for transition activities from this class.

  12. melissa PALM BAY, FL

    Thank you for great helpful information


    enjoyed this course on Transitions!

  14. Helen SOUTH BEND, IN

    I enjoyed this course

  15. Lynda LELAND, NC

    very good ideas

  16. Hope AUSTIN, TX

    Absolutely loved this transitions training! So thorough and helpful! Resources could possibly use some updating, but great regardless.

  17. Jennifer ALEXANDRIA, VA

    I liked the way that examples were given after introducing a transition and assessments are given to clarify each new material.

  18. Blanca HARLINGEN, TX

    Good ideas to implement transition activities in the classroom.

  19. Marisela BROWNSVILLE, TX

    Enjoyed the training.

  20. Maria SAN BENITO, TX

    it was very educational

  21. Emmeline HARLINGEN, TX

    Loved the transition activities,plan to use them in my classroom.



  23. Darlisa BRIGHTON, CO

    I’m loving these courses


    Great course!

  25. Monica GARNETT, KS

    I gained some new ideas to use in my classroom

  26. Jaime INDIAN TRIAL, NC

    Great workshop

  27. Julia WICHITA, KS

    I found this course very interesting and helpful.

  28. Tammy ALVIN, TX

    This course has been very helpful and informative

  29. Arlene TROY, OH

    Awesome training!

  30. Leisa CLAYTON, GA

    I enjoyed the course

  31. Cynthia JACKSONVILLE, FL


  32. Melanie AMARILLO, TX

    Learned some new transitions that I will be trying out with the children in my class.

  33. Melanie AMARILLO, TX

    Learned some new transitions that I will be trying out with the children in my class.

  34. Melanie AMARILLO, TX

    Learned some new transitions that I will be trying out with the children in my class.

  35. Christine MILWAUKEE, WI

    It’s great having these online continuing education courses.

  36. Christine MILWAUKEE, WI

    It’s great having these online continuing education courses.

  37. Christine MILWAUKEE, WI

    It’s great having these online continuing education courses.

  38. Sheri ASHLAND, VA

    This course was excellent because it gave many “try this” examples of tangible activities and songs teachers can do/sing with children to enrich the overall experience

  39. Kelsey REDMOND, WA

    I enjoyed all the examples given in the course.

  40. Dalphine GREENVILLE, SC

    It was great!

  41. Missy LITTLETON, CO

    Love all the songs!

  42. Madeline ALEXANDRIA, VA

    Very helpful course.

  43. Paulette TAMARAC, FL

    The course was very interesring and informative, with lots of useful transition strategies. These strategies if implemented in our rooms can make a big difference to how child response to transition . lAnd can build strong relation and make learn ing more conducive.

  44. Donna CUERO, TX

    Love the trouble free transition handout at the end of the notes.

  45. Nancy DENVER, CO

    A great course with content that can be applied immediately. The video on Teaching Personal Space was great–thanks.

  46. Suzette LAUREL, MD

    Thank you for adding transition fingerplays.

  47. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I feel much more confident with transitions in my classroom after taking this course.

  48. Taylor LAWRENCE, KS

    Good information! Thank you!


    Very Good Course to learn.

  50. Sandradee COVINGTON, GA

    Great course

  51. Robin UNION CITY, PA

    this course was fun

  52. Dawn GLENSIDE, PA

    I really enjoyed the topic “trouble free transitions”

  53. Bretta CHESHIRE, CT

    loved the imagery of what students can pretend to be when transitioning

  54. Lynne ESTERO, FL

    fantastic course


    Informative. Well explained .

  56. Malinda WILMINGTON, DE

    This training was very helpful

  57. Betty ESSEX, NJ

    I really enjoyed learning all the different transitions for the entire day.

  58. Sherita CLINTON, MD

    Great Course. I learned a lot that reinforced what we are doing.

  59. Mildred AVENEL, NJ

    This presented excellent ideas and developmentally appropriate for my age group.

  60. Lisa COLUMBUS, OH

    Really enjoyed the training.

  61. Alma WOODSIDE, NY


  62. Sherita CLINTON, MD

    Very good course that reinforced a lot of what we are doing currently.


    Appreciate the song examples in the lesson


    Thank you! This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. I plan to take more, have purchased the “membership”…can’t think of the right word 🙁 I’ll be back!!

  65. Brandee LAVONIA, GA

    This course was informative and providing many examples of transition activities that I plan to implement in my classroom.

  66. Ariana HARRISBURG, PA

    everything was very informative!

  67. Mary HENDERSON, KY


  68. Sherri PIQUA, OH

    Had lot great ideals from one actives to another

  69. Joyce WATERBURY, CT

    I enjoyed the course and I am excited to plan and implement many of the songs and activities into my curriculum.

  70. Karin ROCHESTER, NY

    This course was very helpful with several techniques that can be applied about transition using imagination.


    This was a very good course, because Daily transitions can be challenging for both children, parents and teachers.

  72. Sandra PERRY, OH

    Great info


    This course was very helpful to my future as a teacher thank you.


    Well done. I love the handouts that I can use in my own classroom to create “ready-to-go” transitions.

  75. Darlene SUWANEE, GA

    Just the right length of time for a course.

  76. Joletha PARKERSBURG, WV

    I sometimes struggle with transitions because of the various ages ofd children in my class …this was a wonderful course.

  77. Rebecca GILBERT, AZ

    This was a fun classes

  78. Lacey EASLEY, SC

    I enjoyed learning about trouble free transitions. This was a great class. I will use them as soon as we return from being shutdown from the coronavirus.

  79. Sarah TORRINGTON, CT

    The course was easy to navigate. Smooth sailing

  80. Evangeline JERSEY CITY, NJ

    Its very informative and i learned a lot.

  81. Kendall LAKE HOPATCONG, NJ

    very informative


    excellent course

  83. Melisa AURORA, CO

    thank you for such great resources

  84. ruth WATERBURY, CT

    I love this site

  85. Carey OWASSO, OK

    great course

  86. Elsa BALTIMORE, MD

    I am so happy doing this courses.


    great class

  88. Carol WEST CONCORD, MN

    Great course!


    Wonderful ideas to promote transitional times. Thanks.

  90. Prophet LAUREL, MD

    Excellent way to get training on your time

  91. Paula MILWAUKEE, WI

    I found this lesson very practical and left me with helpful tips for transitions throughout the day.

  92. Sirmin WOODSIDE, NY

    I learned lots about children . thanks

  93. Rosemary WINDERMERE, FL

    Very informative for me.

  94. Jody TRENTON, NJ

    this was a very informative course


    the class was very fast paced and kept interest based off the way the context was prepared.

  96. Doris FERNLEY, NV

    I really liked all the information provided in this course.

  97. Alexa MARY ESTHER, FL


  98. Marisa LOUISVILLE, KY

    So glad we subscribed to CCEI.

  99. Barbara COLONIA, NJ

    I had gotten some very good ideas to use in my program

  100. Sandradee COVINGTON, GA

    materials were well organized .

  101. Vanessa BLADENSBURG, MD

    Thanks for the resources that this transition course used: Rae Pica is awesome. I met Rae Pica at the NAEYC conference. I will use the transition songs and poems during daily transitions. poems and visual maps are great for teachers as well.

  102. carol SUPPLY, NC

    Enjoy course

  103. Barbara CONYERS, GA

    The courses are so detailed that teachers can use the activities right away in their classrooms.

  104. Paulina PARKLAND, FL

    This course gave me a very complete learning of how to deal with transitions. The variety of songs and ways to do it will be of great help.

  105. Shilpika LUTZ, FL

    course content was good

  106. Sharhonda GEORGETOWN, SC


  107. Cheri XENIA, OH

    I like this program

  108. Margaret TUCSON, AZ

    Good learning experience, however I am not in the classroom.

  109. Susan LOUISVILLE, KY

    More specific directions at the beginning of the course

  110. Ashley ATLANTA, GA

    i enjoyed it.

  111. Debra ADDISON, NY

    all courses are great and very informative thank you

  112. Amber NASHVILLE, AR

    I was impressed with the variety of options when regarding how to transition creatively.

  113. Debapriya ENGLEWOOD, CO

    Like it

  114. Maggie METTER, GA


  115. Melissa CARLTON, GA

    This is SUCH a great module. I learned so much!

  116. Martine BROCKTON, MA

    great course

  117. Susan DENVER, CO

    Great class

  118. Clarissa WINSTON SALEM, NC

    Great course about transition.

  119. Sheryl PARAMUS, NJ

    It was very interesting course…

  120. Kimberly LEESVILLE, LA

    The course was full of information and well used information. i enjoyed it

  121. Carol COLUMBIA, SC

    Thank you for the content of your courses!

  122. Susan HOMER CITY, PA

    I really enjoyed this training. I will be using the songs, fingerplays, etc., with my transitions in the classroom.

  123. morgan SPRING, TX

    this was cool

  124. Kaylee DALLAS, GA

    I appreciate all of the different examples of applicable songs and activities in this course.

  125. Velvet SAN ANGELO, TX

    training was very good It was very helpful

  126. Silvia SAN ANTONIO, TX

    excellence topics

  127. Saundra MOREHEAD, KY

    Great training.

  128. Crystal TALLAHASSEE, FL

    I have learned so much during this coarse.

  129. Crystal TALLAHASSEE, FL

    I have learned so much during this coarse.

  130. Saundra MOREHEAD, KY

    Great training.

  131. Ciera WALTHAM, MA


  132. Barbara MIAMI, OK

    enjoyed this course and learned new ideas – plus it is great to have the pdf filled with ideas to use in my classroom

  133. Tammy LAKE ANN, MI

    This course gave me new ideas and songs to use for transitions and was very helpful!

  134. Tammy LAKE ANN, MI

    This course gave me new ideas and songs to use for transitions and was very helpful!

  135. molly TRION, GA

    Excellent course

  136. molly TRION, GA

    Excellent course


    course provided coverage on all aspects on transitioning

  138. Lourdes RIVERVIEW, FL

    enjoyed subject

  139. Anuradha MARIETTA, GA

    I am impressed with the thoroughness of the course

  140. Aimee BRIDGEVIEW, IL

    there useful tips in this training

  141. Yvonne NEW BRITAIN, CT

    like online training a lot.

  142. Kate MULLICA HILL, NJ

    great and helpful class!

  143. Aileen SAINT LOUIS, MO

    This course was well planned and organized.

  144. Vickie ELLABELL, GA

    Great to be able to do without leaving home

  145. Bernadeen BETHESDA, MD

    I really enjoy the course and learn a lot

  146. christina SEAFORD, DE

    Great training

  147. Belynda CONWAY, AR

    This course is awesome.

  148. Sharon FENNVILLE, MI

    Great lesson, lots learned in this one thank you.

  149. Maria FRAMINGHAM, MA

    Excellent ideas for achieving smoother transitions

  150. Dana WILMINGTON, NC

    Good course gave great information on the child psyche and learning cognitive skills

  151. Kassaundra DESTREHAN, LA

    I enjoy learning theses topics and have completed courses

  152. Tionna LONGMONT, CO

    I enjoyed the songs that were provided!

  153. Alyssa HALETHORPE, MD

    Great content! I learned a lot of useful techniques for transitions!

  154. Stephanie CRANFORD, NJ

    It was very long and hard to retain and process the information all at once, but I am better educated from where I started, thankyou.

  155. Clariece JONESBORO, GA

    The course content was very helpful.

  156. Tanya YANCEYVILLE, NC

    great course

  157. Mary GERMANTOWN, MD

    Very useful information and I am eager to do more whenever I get time.

  158. Tiannicca LEXINGTON, KY

    I think itshe a good course to study


    Loved the addition of printable pages with the suggested songs and poems…. very helpful!

  160. Mary PLAINFIELD, IL

    Great Training!

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