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Acceptance of CCEI coursework varies within each state. Please check with the appropriate regulatory office(s) to ensure the courses you plan to take will satisfy the requirement(s) for which you are taking them.
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Training Level Rubric
(1 Course Hour = .1 CEU)
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  Course ID Course Name Course Level Course Hours
  SPN105 Meeting the Requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act Beginner 2
  SPN104 Making Sense of Sensory Processing Beginner 1
  SPN103 Teaching Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Intermediate 2
  SPN102 Attention Deficit Disorders Beginner 1
  SPN101 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Beginner 1
  SPN100 Inclusive Literacy Lessons Intermediate 2
  SOC108 Establishing Trauma Informed Practices in Early Learning Environments Beginner 2
  SOC107 Building Social and Emotional Competence Beginner 2
  SOC106 The Value of Mindfulness in Early Childhood Settings Beginner 2
  SOC105 Addressing Homelessness: The Role of the Early Childhood Educator Beginner 2
  SOC104 Promoting Empathy and Other Prosocial Behaviors Beginner 1
  SOC103 Gender Bias and Stereotypes Intermediate 1
  SOC102 From Chaotic to Calm: Managing Stress in the Classroom Beginner 1
  SOC101 Healthy Social and Emotional Development vs. Challenging Behavior in Young Children Advanced 2
  SOC100 How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children Beginner 1
  SCH106 Character Education in the School-Age Child Care Environment Intermediate 3
  SCH105 Service-learning for School-Age Children and Older Youth Intermediate 2
  SCH104 Successful Transitions with School-Aged Children Beginner 2
  SCH103 Successful Homework Support for School-Age Children Beginner 3
  SCH102 Stages of Development, Ages 12 to 14 Beginner 3
  SCH101 School-Age Child Development, Ages 8 to 11 Beginner 2
  SCH100 School-Age Development, Ages 5 to 7 Beginner 2
  PROF103 Strategies for Success in Challenging Conversations Beginner 2
  PROF102 Elements of Professionalism Beginner 1
  PROF101 Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors Intermediate 1
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Beginning Training Intermediate Training Advanced Training
The overall goal of the Beginning stage of competency based training is to expose the professional to new information. Beginning level training is most appropriate for those beginning their career or for those who have been in the field for a while but are exposed to new information or concepts. The goal for the Intermediate stage of competency based training is to help the professional expand and apply knowledge to their everyday practice. Intermediate level training is most appropriate for those professionals who have an adequate understanding of basic child development concepts/theory and have begun to make the connection of what they know to their everyday work with children. The Intermediate level training should encourage expanding knowledge and application to demonstrating refining skills. The overall goal for the Advanced stage of competency based training is to challenge the experienced professional to synthesize, form generalization, draw conclusions, apply, and modify acquired knowledge into everyday practice. Advanced level training is most appropriate for professionals who have achieved some formal education.

The focus of this level of training is on guiding the professional to use their knowledge and experience in mindful practice with children and families adapting and changing to new circumstances.