December 2019 Newsletter – Collective Leadership: Collective Leadership with Children

Children are able to participate in certain elements of collective leadership and they benefit from it in many of the same ways that adults do.

Here are a few ways that collective leadership can be used with children in the learning environment:

  • Develop a class vision – work together to create a vision statement that captures the overall goal or purpose of your daily activities
  • Co-create expectations – help children brainstorm the list of expectations for how children and adults will interact and treat one another
  • Plan curriculum projects – gather input from children about different projects they are interested in exploring
  • Plan field trips and class visitors – gather children’s ideas for places to visit in the community and visitors they can invite for a visit
  • Group problem solving – rather than determining the best way to solve a problem, engage children in coming up with possible solutions and choosing the best option for the situation
  • Room organization – sometimes room arrangement can be problematic, work with children to generate solutions to room arrangement issues
  • Class portfolios – while each child should have a learning portfolio that highlights individual accomplishments, children could create a class portfolio that details what they whole group is learning

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