December 2019 Newsletter – Collective Leadership: Collective Leadership with Families

Many programs have some type of mechanism for collecting feedback from families, which is an excellent first step to . Some programs go as far as to have a family committee that meets periodically.  Programs that function as a co-op include families to an even greater degree.

Family members possess a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and cultural perspectives that can be very beneficial to collective leadership efforts. While you may not invite families to participate in all decision-making, there are many contributions that family members can make to your program.

Consider the following opportunities to incorporate collaborative leadership with families:

  • Compose a vision and mission statement for the family committee
  • Develop a family vision for the program
  • Plan teacher appreciation events
  • Design community projects
  • Organize fundraisers
  • Plan a carnival or cultural festival
  • Organize family education events
  • Welcome and orient new families
  • Involve families in efforts to advocate for investments in ECE to state and federal lawmakers

What are some other ideas you have for how you can include families in the collective leadership of your program?  Please share them on our Facebook page here.

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